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Is it better to be fit, flexible, fast or strong?

My answer? It’s better to be a Jack of all trades! I believe that an extreme of anything is unhealthy and that when it comes to […]

A Strong Core is Vital!

This photo captures the importance of core strength when it comes to excellence in performance. Imagine how hard it is to sprint at maximum speed across […]

Interval training

I don’t want to sound repetitive but sometimes you have to be in order to cut through. If I see another person reading a book whilst […]

Ditch the cereal!

Here is a great breakfast eating option alternative to our  cultural favourite – highly refined rubbish with athletes on the packet  (yes it does taste good, […]

Eyes wide open

It is funny how we can see what we want to see or even forget critical elements of a particular set of events or even our […]

I have a dream

Sometimes I have a dream. I am up on a pulpit preaching health and fitness to the masses….. fist coming down for emphasis and spirits soaring […]

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels?

You workout. Great. You are in the minority of the population so already you are pretty special. How many of you in this elite group feel […]

How to warm up for your work out

Have you ever watched tennis players before the game starts? What you probably don’t see before they get on the court is their general warm up […]

5 healthy eating habits that will guarantee a healthier you

Habit 1: Eat slowly and stop eating at 80% full Habit 2: Eat protein dense foods with each meal Habit 3: Eat vegetables with each meal […]