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Quick and dirty thoughts about nutrition…..

I guess that is an interesting headline. It is likely to get some interesting clicks. It is just those key words, ‘dirty’ and ‘thoughts’. Anyhoo. Down to the subject at hand. What is my view on nutrition? Well hows this? If you are not overweight, haven’t been sick for years, sleep like a baby, are low stressed and you have plenty of energy, then don’t change a thing my friend! If however you are: not losing body fat and you are trying to lack energy or have digestive issues regularly have reactions after eating can’t seem to sleep well no matter what you do aren’t building muscle and you are trying to then perhaps it is time to do something different to what you are doing. I often hear people say,  ‘I eat quite well’. That may or may not be true as a statement but the bottom line is that if don’t have the body you want or it is not performing the way you would like it to or you know that it is capable of, then again something has got to change and it is going to be diet related. I am not going to tell you there is only one way to do this. If that was true then you wouldn’t never see healthy people in different cultures around the world. Some countries have a carb heavy diet and the people are healthy, some have a very high fat diet and the people are healthy. So much of this depends on how your individual body responds […]

I’m trying to lose weight, I NEED to do more cardio!

If you have ever said this I think you might be missing the point a little. I don’t blame you by the way because it is a confusing world out there when it comes to information about what to do when trying to get healthy and maybe lose a few kg’s or a lot. There is this impression that weight loss comes from sweating hard in an aerobic workout of some kind, weight training and mobility work won’t help at all. Now I am not going to tell you that it is a waste of time like some crazy people are asserting. There are statements out there that drive me a little crazy. “Cardiovascular training will make you fat!” Great headline for sure but is it true? Here is what I think and what science is telling us, as well as a bit of common sense. Don’t ever discount what your gut tells you. So is it a simple equation of burn more energy to create a deficit in relation to what goes in versus what goes out? I would say yes to that. The qualifier however, is in what mechanism in your body allows this to happen? I see it as a very complicated process depending on how your personal metabolism works, so here is what I think is the smartest and most scientific approach. Simply start moving more and eating better….. That can’t be it surely? Scientific you said? The scientific approach is based around testing a hypothesis and if the variables you test lead to the result […]

Are you up for a challenge?

In the fitness industry there is a method to fire up the troops and it falls under the general heading of the ‘Challenge’. Now I am a big fan of anything that inspires action. After all, nothing happens with out it, but one needs to go in with eyes open and at least some thoughts about what comes after, from the very beginning of it. The danger with the ‘Challenge’, is the focussed or even any effort, that can all but disappear one day after the celebrations of the great things achieved in the 21 day or 6 week or 8 week festivities. The other thing to consider when taking part in a challenge is the tendency for participants to go in with ridiculously unrealistic goals. The purpose of any challenge as far as we are concerned is to help get everyone in to the habit of exercise or put some fun variation in to an already good habit. Sure it is great to fast track results and see things happen quickly, but it is not so important where you are at in 6 weeks in regards to exercise and body composition but more so where you are at in 6 years or even 60 years (depending on how old you might be). Just on this point, even if you are 40, the latter question is still relevant because who doesn’t want to make it 100 and have a good quality of life until then? You may or may not have recently seen the surge of the special challenges at […]
Concerned about belly fat

Concerned About Belly Fat?

Belly fat is a stubborn addition that diminishes health and reduces life expectancy. See Best Practice PT before it’s too late to reverse. As one of our members said, “I didn’t want to be your typical guy with a beer gut in his 40’s”. “I started because 12 months ago I was conscious of my belly fat, high cholesterol at 6.2, high blood pressure and my doctor said to start exercise. Amazing results with BPPT lost 10cm on my waist by training 5 times a week and giving up the booze.” Craig Craig’s results can be yours with a lot of commitment, regular training, diet changes and a decision to avoid the middle age spread.
Get Fit Slow at Best Practice Persoanl Training

Get Fit Slow

Charles Atlas may have been onto something! Small disciplines repeated daily can really pay off. That’s why we preach Get Fit Slow… because turning around bad habits is not an overnight thing. Follow the 7 step process and we’ll make a new man or woman of you… in time.
BPPT are the Thinking Persons PT

Thinking person’s PT

When I first decided to start a personal training business after almost 20 years of personally being pretty active and 7 years of formal university study I got laughed at. It was because I didn’t present as the archetype this person was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, I was fit but not buff or huge. I also didn’t have a crew cut or any visible tattoos. I protested somewhat defensively that perhaps not everyone wanted Arnold to train them and that some people were looking for an intelligent and thoughtful approach to simply getting healthy. I figured my 7 years of study counted for something! This experience led to my university qualified coaches only approach when hiring and the idea that we just could fit a niche and be known as the ‘thinking person’s PT’ by delivering a smart training experience.
Muscles Burn Fat

Think of muscles as a machine and your fat as the fuel

The fact that your muscles can virtually ‘eat’ your fat is a fun fact of fitness training. Think of muscles as a machine and your fat as the fuel. This is pretty darn close to the perfect metaphor. If you have no or minimal ‘machinery’ in your body then you have no requirement for fuel, which means any fuel you have lying around (and most of us have plenty!) will simply stay there. Not cool! Remember also that muscles are the reason you can move well. No muscles equals no movement which equals no life. This is why you must maintain muscle mass as you age because your quality of life is directly tied to it.
You Decide- Results or Excuses

You can have results or excuses; not both.

You can have results or excuses; not both. If you’re not happy with your results, look at your fitness equation and see if you need to add or (more likely) subtract something.
What you do outside the gym

What you do outside the gym

What you do outside the gym is as important, if not more important than what you do at the gym. There are 168 hours in a week and even if you workout for 3 hours per week you still have another 165 hours that will either help or hinder you. So, if you are serious about getting great results you will adjust your lifestyle to support the exercise you are doing in that gym. You need to make sure you are staying active in general, eating well and recovering well to ensure that you get a great return on your time, energy and financial investment in the gym.