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Useful fitness?

You have heard me rant about doing something useful with your burgeoning fitness levels. Last weekend was goal 2 for the year for me personally and […]

What is this intermittent fasting thing?

There is a buzz around intermittent fasting if you haven’t already noticed. This video is a first in the series explain the science behind this controversial […]

Changing habits, changing lives.

I attended a ‘weight loss’ conference last Friday. There were some industry experts there including the author of a fantastic book on nutrition of this blog’s […]

Grass roots change

I attended the Business Summit for Fitness industry professionals in Sydney last week at what is known as the Filex Convention.  There were some great speakers […]

Brain body connection

This is a subject I love which is why I studied both sports science and psychology. If you have any interest in the importance of how […]

Another year….

The odometer on the old body recently clicked over another year. It is times like these that you tend to reappraise and cast your eye over […]

Nutrition for your kids

This is a very emotive subject and one that is super important for the future of our society. Read this post from precision nutrition to understand […]

Super shakes

If you can get past any hang ups you have with a guy talking with what seems like an American accent (he’s Canadian if that helps) […]

Just in case you were getting confused…

I posted last week about the Biggest Loser. The myths and misconceptions continue unabated and yeah I’m still watching….. But just so we are clear. Don’t […]