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Online systems with Best Practice

In our quest for better service I would like to remind you of  our new heart rate effort monitoring system called My Zone which we have already installed and are upgrading soon [new permanent screens in all 3 rooms which will optionally display your heart rate when you walk in the door]. Technology is one of those things that just keeps coming at us and it is wise not to fight it! Some of it can confuse and some of it is supremely helpful. My Zone falls in to the latter category. Some of you already have the belt and are using it well. It is a great tool for us when we train you, especially in computrainer. Just make sure that you log on regularly and view how you are going, both in terms of sessions achieved each month and the quality [read: intensity] of your sessions. If there is something consistently being preached now in fitness, it is the value of intensity. But remember, I am talking about ‘relative’ intensity for you. You have to listen to your body and not push it beyond it’s means. Ask it some serious questions for sure but remember that post last week about being sensible and recovery is just as important as the stimulus of training. I would like to let you know about another system I have been working on integrating now for some time. It is called Virtuagym. It is very very useful and we are close to opening up to you. Here is a page that tells you […]

Exercise. Be sensible!

There seems to be a growing tendency for the ‘all or none’ principle when it comes to exercise especially amongst the 40 something bloke. It feels like there is a ‘body transformation’ contest at every gym, every other month and whilst these can be good for a kick start, it is the long game that counts if you want to be doing fun stuff in to your latter years. I suggest choosing activities and behaviour patterns that you have every chance of continuing for not just months but decades. After all no one ever got to old age in great shape from one 3 month go hard challenge. They got there from gradual progression, consistent application and enjoyment. Let’s face it, you are not going to stick with something you don’t enjoy. I read an article about reputedly the world’s fittest guy who was an elite soldier and whose identity was a secret and all that. His words about his training regimen were surprising. Now this guy could run a 100km, bench press a small car and sprint a 100m in a spritely time. Basically he is able to do all the things humans are designed to do but rarely achieve in the fields of endurance, strength, power, speed, flexibility and agility. He said that whilst he can do things now that some people would think are extreme he always just trained to moderation and gradually built it up with out taking unnecessary risks to push his own personal limits. It was those risks that brought a lot of the […]

Communication is key

Here is a link to a short article I wrote on the subject in the newsletter of Fitzpatricks, private wealth. There is also some other great information in this publication. Check it out.

When you think something is not possible…..

I have just returned from being ‘hands on’ involved in a life changing event. My mate, Damian King is running from Brisbane to Sydney to raise money for Cambodia Vision and to challenge himself with something huge. I left with him on Thursday morning from the Valley Pool not knowing how long I could stick with him on his first day. As it turned out we did 65km of jogging together before finally arriving thoroughly exhausted but kind of elated at Dreamworld at around 6pm that night. There were a few stops as you might expect along the way and a few wrong turns that added kilometres we didn’t need, but the experience was incredible.   After that first day I couldn’t really move all that well [read, I felt almost dead!] and with a really painful left knee and ankle, I was unfortunately not able to run with him the next morning at 6am. I wondered as we dropped Damian off for the start, how he was ever going to run 1000+ kilometres in 18 days. His itinerary requires around 60km per day on average, if our ‘mapmyrun’ calculations are correct. This, to be honest seemed like too tall an order when Damian turned up the day before departure actually limping himself! He had some seriously good physio work done by a local who I will write about in my next blog but she basically got him to the start line when it looked like his challenge for charity was over before it started. The problem in that knee […]

Redefining what it is to be Best Practice

Some of you will be aware that Best Practice Personal Training has been a business since April 2005. In that time I have learned a lot about what it means to deliver a service like this and the responsibility involved in such an undertaking. It is a never ending learning process which is why I have invested heavily over this time in both personal and business development because there are people out there who know plenty more than I do and are prepared to teach it. I was on a whole day business coaching course on the weekend with some fitness professional from around Queensland and we spent some time redefining my CORE VALUES for the business. I have been through this before and fortunately they haven’t really changed too much from when I first did them about 5 years back. I say ‘fortunately’ because I think it is important to be consistent and I see core values as enduring principles that you live your entire life by. It was a worthwhile exercise though because this re-examination and more detailed definition has helped reinforce and fine tune the direction and intention of what I want Best Practice to be and do. Thanks Ric Isaac for the help. It is my goal to bring a strong awareness of these values to the business over the coming months such that you, our existing clients and potential clients experience these in all your interaction with us. Here are the words that define Best Practice. Down to earth -we are approachable and easy to […]

The long road starts this Thursday….

I have mentioned it a couple of times over the past months. A good mate of mine (of 40+ years) is jogging from Brisbane to Sydney to raise money for Cambodia Vision. He leaves on this epic journey from the Valley Pool on Thursday August 1. We are aiming to have media coverage and as much fan fare as possible (wait for an update on our departure time) but regardless of all that, his story and that of the people he is supporting needs to be told. Check it out here. I will be aiming to jog with him for the first day and then may be get on my bike for the next few days after and ride with him. We have another great mate of the same vintage driving a car provided kindly by sponsors and he is meeting us in Coolangatta. But check out more of the story here! If you have any media contacts who would be interested in a story like this one please give me a call. The more focus we can bring to this the more people we help. Thanks very much for your help. p.s. An interesting aside is that the happy by product of taking on such a task is that Damian has lost close to 25 kg since December last year and is the healthiest and happiest he has been for over 20 years. It’s amazing what can be achieved when one can get outside of themselves and attach to a bigger cause.

How to improve one of the most important movements you can make

This article describes how to get the squat right if you have any of the common problems that limit the quality of this important movement and also a very useful guide on how to warm up and get mobile before any workout. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Healthy fats, bad fats and evil fats

I have been doing a bit of reading on this controversial area. Saturated fat has been painted as the bad guy for a long time, even saturated fat that comes from super natural foods like coconuts and avocado. My initial reaction is, ‘how could mother nature have given us something bad?’ I have always liked the very simplistic, ‘eat as close to nature as possible’ advice which would seemingly cause some problems due to the aforementioned ‘bad guy’ status of saturated fat. So, what to do? I think in the search for the right answer we like to look for a blanket statement that covers what we should do so we don’t have to think so hard anymore! Unfortunately lazy thinking usually leads to gaps in knowledge, some of which may be critical to health. This article from the Harvard School of Public Health looks at this subject in great detail and with some pretty solid references too. Although having read it I still have some reservations about what to do. Let me know what you think. p.s. My gut feeling is that trans fat truly is the evil one, with saturated fat still having a few questions marks hanging over it’s head. I would say good old unsaturated (poly and mono) fat untouched by heat or any chemically altering process, is perhaps the pure and chosen one!

Managing back pain

It can be one of the most debilitating things. When your back is giving you grief there is not a lot of ‘training around it’ you can do. You have to address it for there to be any progress in any part of your life. Sounds melodramatic but I know because I have experienced being flat out on my back a number of times over the years and when you endured that more than once, you suddenly get really motivated to fix it! Why did I have my problem? Well it was combination of things, including years of playing one sided sport which led to muscle imbalances of a chronic nature and an attitude of ‘head in the sand’ that led to regular re-injuring, i.e. not acknowledging the fact that I was de-trained and asking bigger questions than my body could answer. So how have I dealt with? I saw multiple specialists until I got one who knew how to treat me and that happened to be a myofascial expert in Sydney. He was able to get me out of pain with some basic but extremely effective hands-on treatment,  but the only way that I have been able to stay out of pain is implementing smart progressive overload strength training (i.e. knowing my limitations!), implementing a preventative maintenance plan including regular massage and chiropractic or osteopathic care and I would also say eating a better diet. Getting inflammation out of the body is a critical part of the equation. The above links are all people I have used, referred to […]