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Barbecue 27th of September

Seriously I know I need my head read at times. Not once but twice did I get this wrong. But today I am on it. We […]

Useful fitness time….again!

Okay, Bridge to Brisbane done. The ‘what’s next’ is here! I want a stack of Best Practicians in this one. COME ON! (nothing like shouty CAPS […]

Exercise. Once again a valid ‘treatment’ option

It amazes me how much time, effort and money people will spend looking for the pill that fixes their woes. Exercise is the simple answer. I […]

The clock got stuck!

Some of you may have read that I set myself a goal this year to ‘turn the clock back 20 years’ and run a sub 4min […]

Goals and engagement

“We are goal seeking mechanisms. It is how we are made. Don’t fight it. Use it to your advantage”. I am reading a classic early days psych […]

BBQ for clients and those who used to be!

Just a quick one letting you know that we are having a barbecue and would like yawl and any friends interested in your amazing fitness routine […]

He made it!

After 18 days of running on average about 60km per day from Brisbane to Sydney! Damian King (my mate of 40 odd years) crossed the finish […]

Online systems with Best Practice

In our quest for better service I would like to remind you of  our new heart rate effort monitoring system called My Zone which we have […]

Exercise. Be sensible!

There seems to be a growing tendency for the ‘all or none’ principle when it comes to exercise especially amongst the 40 something bloke. It feels […]