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One of the most important exercises. Period.

This video on deadlift will clear up a lot of confusion around this super important move. If you haven’t heard of Gray Cook then you will […]

Always in a hurry in the morning

Most of us are! Here are some good ideas to eliminate this as an excuse for no breakfast or one that doesn’t help you achieve your […]

Sweet Potato or Regular Potato. An expose.

The PN guys know how to really examine a subject. So if you ever wondered about the virtues and evils of the different types of ‘taitties’ […]

Why runners DON’T get arthritis

Now this one surprised me a little. This is an article shared from the American College of Sports Medicine. Now these guys, in the realm of […]


Don’t believe just me about the benefits if high intensity interval training, have a look at someone else’s opinion. Check out this explanation!

BBQ reminder

Hi just a quick reminder that we are having a BBQ this Friday night, Sept 27 6pm here at the pool on the deck. 2 reasons […]

Psycho cybernetics

Interesting name for a book don’t you think? The power of the mind has always fascinated me. I might have mentioned this book once before but […]

I love understanding the body better…

Some of you will know I have been doing some running this year. It was interesting using My Zone (our new heart rate tracking and automatic […]

Gut health is critical

There are some US sources I really like when it comes to reliable information in the health and fitness field. I  really like Tom Venuto of […]