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Hi just a quick reminder that we are having a BBQ this Friday night, Sept 27 6pm here at the pool on the deck.

2 reasons for the barby folks. Farewell to Eoin and Katrina (if she hadn’t left on Thursday already, good luck dancing on the ceiling on the prestigious cruise liners of the US!). And second reason…A welcome to Spring and more activity for all.

Clients and friends of Best Practice welcome and if you are getting this that is you! Just RSVP right here and I will make sure we have enough. Can’t promise the dancing girls anymore as previously mentioned because she will be gone and not sure Jacqui will dance on her own. But fun is still on the table!

Let me know if you can make. A few cool refreshments by the lovely blue water of the Valley Pool and barbecued piece of something yummy. Sounds good?

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