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Anthony Gillespie


You can’t store fitness…..

The perfect fitness program is……the one you do! You have probably heard me say that before but I would like to add something to that. “……only if it is getting you the results you want.” There is no point in doing the same old thing if it is actually not getting you where you want to be. When it comes to these matters it is true that indeed everyone is different. One person’s healthy and fit, is another person’s lazy and fat. Decide how you want to be and then set about making it happen, but you should keep in mind that looking at yourself through rose coloured glasses isn’t doing you any favours. And yes I am speaking to you mate! Guys are the worst at this. “Hey look I am really okay, I used to play football. I trained 4 times a week I used to be able to do 50 push ups…. and not stop!” That is all great but in the words of Janet Jackson and I paraphrase, “What have you done lately???” Case in point the featured photo of this article. This was taken from the Bridge to Brisbane 3 years back. Yep that is right, the past! I can only look to now and the future, which is why I am training now for the 2016 B2B to create another memory and then yes, reset. Who is going to join me? So yes, the one true fact is that you can’t ‘store fitness’. It is the continuously renewable resource. I know that is tough […]

10000 steps. Enough? Or Not Realistic?

I was generously given a step counting device (Neo Health) and a body composition analyser (Onyx) aka body fat% scales from the founder of Virtuagym, Hugo Braam, which is now in the Energy Zone here at Best Practice. The scales link with our client’s personal profile on the Virtuagym App and automatically updates to their profile when connected via Bluetooth, as does the pedometer for me. Fit bit currently does this too for anyone of our clients who have one. This is very cool indeed as anything that buys us time and gives value feedback about what is getting done and the results produced from doing it, is much appreciated these days in the crazy busy lives that we all seem to lead. I thought I would road test the step counter/pedometer, as I have never actually used one before, not even a Fit Bit! I know that makes me a bit uncool according to my boy but better late than never right? But I have always encouraged more activity for our clients and the tracking of steps is a simple yet very effective motivational tool for achieving that. I have to say though that I was a little dismayed the other day. Admittedly I can’t expect to accumulate much activity sitting behind the computer for most of the day (ironically encouraging others to move more!) but you know I am up and down the stairs here at the studio a bit…… but apparently not that much in terms of steps! Anyway on this particular day I decided to up […]

Tao Nutrition interview with founder Michael talking ‘super foods’

We recently caught up with Tao Nutrition Co-founder Michael Perry to give us the low-down on superfoods. Let’s start at the beginning – what is a superfood? Great question, superfoods are certain types of food that are nutrient dense. The easiest way to look at it is how concentrated the nutrients are within that food. Or if you want to get technical, this means that by weight or calorie this is the amount of nutrients within that portion e.g. x grams of nutrient/g of food. Why is that important? Nutrients are essential to the trillions of reactions that occur in your body every day and even more important when you are putting yourself through the rigours of training. So getting all of the nutrients we need is pretty important but also, how bioavailable those nutrients are. I’ll give you an example: I get some kale, lock it in a box and give it you- but because the box is locked you can’t use it. So it’s really important that if I give you nutrients they are available for use and not locked up. Superfoods in general are nutrient rich and bioavailable. So why is this important? Let’s say you need x amount of nutrient ‘A’ every day so that your body can complete a certain reaction effectively. If I can get the same amount of nutrient A from eating ¼ gram of kale as a kilogram of sugar then you are putting much less digestive load on your body. Now let’s multiply that one nutrient by the 100 000s of […]
Bike riding on the river

Do something different to keep things interesting

We think it is important to mix things up a bit when it comes to this fitness gig. There are not many of us who can plough along with “health” as our number one driver with every workout. We all know that sometimes doing an exercise session can be hard and we don’t always feel like it. With this in mind I would like to introduce you to the kickbike that we do in a small group format. If you remember what it was like to be a kid scooting a long on two wheels with your alternating legs as the motor and the feeling of freedom it created, then you should check this out. We may have full numbers for this course and the upcoming Brissie to Bay ride now on the kickbike but you can always jump on a bike and join us. There is something about being a little different to keep things interesting though, so if you have a uni cycle handy……

Why ‘bootcamp’ is dead! Long live smart group training….

I was driving past the local park the other day and saw a bunch of people doing a ‘bootcamp’. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to see people burning up some energy and getting in to it but the world of fitness is changing and I thought you might like to know a few things about this. I believe fitness training or coaching as it perhaps should be known is getting smarter. You know, just because you are training in a big group doesn’t mean you should all be doing the exact same exercises for the simple fact that everyone has different capabilities. The reason I call it coaching is because our job is not just to ‘train’ but to coach movement and help people move better before they move often. I have ‘stolen’ that little phrase from Gray Cook a US based physiotherapist who has done some amazing things in our field to improve what is offered to the general public who are keen to turn their health and fitness around and do it safely. This desire to start doing some regular exercise is great but the biggest de-railer is getting hurt. This is why I believe the bootcamp as it  has been delivered for perhaps the last 10 years is dead or should be. This is unfortunate because it is often the entry point because of the low cost, for people who need it most. A lot of the time in this world, you get what you pay for. But that’s another conversation. Large group fitness training […]

It all starts with a feeling – healthy or hot? What is your driver?

At Best Practice Personal Training here in Bowen hills, we see ourselves as the front line of healthcare and the future of ‘fitness or health coaching’ – this is what I and more and more professionals are calling, ‘personal training’ these days. There is a lot of talk in the fitness industry right now of where everything is headed. I don’t want to sound like a ‘know it all’, but it is something that I suspected from the day I started this journey all the way back in 1990, when I completed my Fitness Leader’s Certificate (equivalent to Cert 3 today). I could see that the future was more than just aerobics and leotards, and believe me there were plenty around in those early days.  I saw it as being about the whole process of going from sedentary to active or unhealthy to healthy or fat to fit. This by definition incorporated – think, eat and move better elements and is incidentally the philosophy behind Best Practice Personal Training at Bowen Hills, arguably Brisbane’s Best Personal Trainers! I had a thirst for knowledge about all things performance related and was very motivated to become an expert in this field. After all, when my dreams of being one of the best tennis players in the world didn’t come to fruition, there was a considerable vacuum that needed to be filled. The thing about sporting ‘performance’ is that it entails so many elements including motor learning, nutrition, psychology, biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, just to name a few. This fact guaranteed that I […]
Aerobic training

Aerobic training – what is it? And why should you do it?

Whenever I hear the word ‘Aerobics’ I get a picture of Jane Fonda in leg warmers. I remember studying Sports Science back in 1995 in Sydney and it was a very competitive course to get into. 4000 people applying for 90 places. It was seen as a great thing to do at the time and a super fun and promising career. The only problem was that most people who applied thought they would be kicking a footy around or doing aerobics all day long. The reality was a pretty serious science degree including physics, chemistry, biomechanics, physiology and anatomy. This saw about 40 people out of the original 90 who got in actually make it to graduation. That being said, there was one course we had to do later in the degree, and that was teaching an aerobics class. We all thought this was pretty stupid in light of all the other mind bending stuff they had got us to do to that point, but it was a prerequisite for reasons that remain unknown. Maybe it was comic relief for the lecturers in seeing science nerds jump around like Richard Simmons. Now, I saw myself as aerobically fit, and when I had last done aerobics in the 80’s, it was a million repetitions of the same thing, which any idiot could do if they were persistent and crazy enough to keep pushing… I was that idiot. I decided that I should get myself ready for my compulsory teaching of the class (with or without leg warmers) and do a few […]

The power of the orange men

At Best Practice, we are big on behaviour change and we like to use every little psychological trick in the book to achieve it. When it comes to the best tricks, I look at how games are designed and then use the addictive nature of such ingenious methodology to mould the action of clients towards the ‘good’ habits, as opposed to the numerous bad ones we form, seemingly without even trying. And you know what, I think that last point is key – ‘without even trying’. When I finish a workout now, I almost can’t wait to tick the box in our systems that says, in graphical form, “hey you got something done pal”. My little calendar, which is easily accessible on my smart phone displays a little orange man on the day when ever I have completed a workout. As simple as that is, the accumulation of little men means I know at a glance that I am active in that week, and I will do almost anything to make sure I can tick the box that means I get a little icon to show up. I guess another big reason this works is because ‘being active’ is one of my KPI’s for a good life and like anyone, I want a good life. We use this method with our clients and members because it is easier to drive new behaviour with the simple rather than the complex. You should give it a go. Even a simple walk get’s you a tick and an orange man. Our two group […]
The deliciousness of possibility

The deliciousness of possibility….

It’s the time of year for the ra ra. Same old, same old goal setting blah blah! If that is how you see it, I want you to stop what you are doing and go to take a good hard and long look at yourself in the mirror. If you can maintain the wonder of a child you will live an awesome life. Do you want an awesome life? Come on, don’t be an oxygen thief! There’s not that much room on the planet. Participate, contribute and understand that unless you can play the violin like fiddler on the roof and impact people’s emotions, sing like an opera singer in a concert hall, swing a racket like Roger Federer, make chess moves like the Bobby Fischer, make business moves like Warren Buffett, present like Steve Jobs did, act like Robert Deniro…….and so many other things that I can’t even think of, then you have no business being cynical about setting goals and shooting for stuff because the job will never be done. I don’t know about you, but that makes this life exciting and motivating. It is the process that matters too – engagement in the activity and just plain old ‘taking action’. The best people I like to hang out with are always creating, thinking, doing, laughing, planning and aiming for new things. Now, if you have stared in that mirror long enough and thought about all the things worth chasing or trying, then there is no time to be bored, cynical or tired. Get to it! Shimmering eyes, […]