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Why I bang on about ‘Holistic Health’

Life is about doing stuff in my book, but inherent to the ‘risk’ of that approach is niggles, occasional discomfort and even injury. But before you say “well there you go, that exercise thing is bad!”… in response to that, I see the two choices we have illustrated well by the following quote from someone wise: “if you live your life right the chances are you’ll end up in an orthopedist’s office, or if you live your life wrong, a cardiologist’s.” I think that may be a little alarmist, however I have had and continue to have musculo-skeletal ‘challenges’ shall we say. I accept it as part of the journey. But yes, I am confident my heart is likely to be in pretty good shape! No one is perfect including me, and it is an ongoing battle to smooth out the ups and downs of an active life. I want to share a story about my body and what I aim to fine tune each year as I head towards 50 in April this year. So… tennis was my sport growing up, and a big part of the demands, was speed, agility, power, dynamic core stability, hand eye coordination and other elements of performance to a greater or lesser degree, as well as speed endurance, aerobic capacity and mobility. All this movement was great but the one sided nature of it led to imbalances. Although my competitive days of tennis are many years in my rear view mirror (I don’t rule out making a geriatric comeback at some point), I […]

Why we sometimes use a band above the knees when teaching the squat

There is a little trick which can help get the brain working to our advantage. It is called Reactive Neuromuscular Training or RNT. The band around the leg or legs in a squat for example, forces the brain to react to the pressure and push outwards against it. What this does is fire up the muscles that we really want to see activate well in a squat. It’s not magic, just a clever little tool to help improve technique that someone far smarter than us came up with. Here’s a simple video from a colleague who does a good brief coverage of the concept. It can be used to help many different movements that need re patterning.

Breakfast, how important is it?

I read an interesting article from the boys at I really love their rigor in how they look at things. There are no throw away lines, no sensationalism, just balanced thinking. I know, I know that’s kind of novel these days with the likes of the Kardashians and other ‘reality tv shows’ espousing ‘wisdom’ of dubious quality. Anyway back to breaky. I shot a video on ‘Breakfast with Jimmy’ a while back when I was at the Valley Pool. Warning: You may have a chuckle. It’s amazing how views can change. After all my study with Precision Nutrition I now see things a little differently and yes whilst I now believe ‘cereal’ for breakfast is far from optimal sometimes you gotta make do. I subscribe now to the 70-90% ‘compliancy’ rule. That is, aim to get your nutrition right (more on what ‘right’ might be) about 70-90% of the time. So, to drill down even more, if you eat 4 times a day, 7 days a week, aim to make 20-25 of these 28 eating opportunities tick the boxes of healthy parameters you have set (they can vary a little depending on how ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ you want to be. Unfortunately, the more stubborn your metabolism is, the higher that percentage needs to be (and the higher grade of ‘right’ needs to be too) if you are looking to achieve significant results. Just remember, you don’t have to be perfect here with your nutrition though – no one is. Set the goal to improve your ‘approach’ and if body […]
Best practice energy zone

Why computrainer cycling at Best Practice Personal Training could save your life!

Firstly, you are wondering what is a ‘computrainer’? Great question! This video should clear that part up… Next you are wondering how it might save your life? According to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) “healthy adults aged 18-65 years old should participate in aerobic physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, 5 days per week or vigorous intensity, aerobic activity for a minimum of 20 minutes, 3 days per week. A well-directed indoor cycling class will steadily keep your heart rate well within a likely vigorous range for approximately 45-60 minutes. Over time, continuous cardiovascular activity (including interval training often practiced in indoor cycling) can help lower your risk of coronary artery disease, can help lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, and can help lower your overall resting heart rate.” For other benefits other than cardiovascular – go here for the rest of the interesting article from the ACSM. If you would like to try out the computrainer class on a Monday night at 6.15pm or a Friday morning 6am, you can call me direct on 0416 116 682, email me on [email protected] or call the office on 3854 0386 and I will book you in for a no obligation free ride to see if this is a good first step to cardiovascular fitness, de-stressing and yes may be even sexy legs if ‘saving your life’ didn’t get you interested, then maybe this last benefit resonates more! We are not above suggesting physical change that might lead to being happier with your body, but from my experience, […]

The power of pulling the trigger

No. I haven’t joined the National Rifle Association! There are enough gun toting….. ‘enthusiasts’ shall we say in the old US of A, without me adding to the numbers. What I am referring to is the magic that happens when you commit to something. I am a trainer, a coach, and motivator of others but  I also feel the elation when having made a decision and an overt action that binds me to do it. I had been asked by a couple of clients/friends a little while back to do the Mooloolaba Triathlon in March next year (2017) and it is an event and a distance I haven’t done before. I only just pulled the trigger on it today (see attached screen shot)   and an immediate feeling of “Okay, let’s do this!” hit me. I know I am going to have be fit to do this, fitter than I am now for sure. We as a business usually do the Gold Coast Corporate Triathlon each year which is a kind of taster triathlon event around late April. That event makes me and those I talk in to it, do some training that otherwise wouldn’t normally be done and the happy ‘side effect’ of improved fitness is the result. On a personal level, it ‘makes’ me do things too because let’s face it, no one likes a trainer who says ‘do this and do that’ and doesn’t do it him or herself.  I know it also pleases my wife and gives her the feeling that I might actually survive this […]

The Old Year’s Resolution…..

I thought I would pre-empt or post-empt the inevitable, both the New Year’s promises coming up and the New Year’s promises that didn’t happen. But in the spirit of decisiveness, why don’t we just forget the lamenting of time that can’t be gotten back and then also, the usual nonsense of January and the new beginnings talk etc etc blah blah and simply start now! Even if you made some promises at the beginning of 2016 and didn’t quite deliver, it doesn’t matter. We all have the advantage of the clean slate (each day is in fact a new day and a new chance), so why don’t you clean that slate now, rather than waiting for the slate to get even dirtier by the time late January comes? After all the job just get’s bigger and harder. And starting, contrary to popular thought can be as simple as getting up and going for a walk on a regular basis. It is the consistency and the incremental building that will lead to better things. It doesn’t have to be painful! I really believe in the science of improvement and in a world of mis-information and false (and damaging) beliefs, let’s shed a bit of light on the whole ‘weight loss’ thing, which I can assure you is going to come at you thick and fast  in the very near future on multiple fronts from the media. I would love to have written this article I am about to link you to but since it has already been done and just simply […]

Exercise and Christmas cheer can co-exist happily!

Here at Best Practice we get it. We understand that it is a crazy time of year with multiple events pulling at you every week. Often times, these events seem to conspire to drag down your health. If it isn’t bad enough just ‘having’ to be there, it is the mass produced trans-fat laden snacks and alcohol drowned nature of the whole thing. The food and the drink serving the seemingly useful purpose of distracting you from the boredom of attending something you really don’t want to be at….the classic lose lose! Well not so the Best Practice Christmas workout and healthy breakfast of 2016 held on this past Saturday morning at 6.30am! We had a great turn out  of Best Practicians who obviously had the well founded desire to combat the dark side of Christmas celebrations by getting themselves there at 6.30am on a Saturday, to the tentatively newly named “Yin & Yang Club 49 on Allison”. Why the suggested new name I hear you cry? Well if  you hadn’t heard we have a burgeoning veritable health hub forming (finally) here at the home of Best Practice Personal Training at 49 Allison St, Bowen Hills. Over the past couple of months and particularly the last couple of weeks we have had Leisa Feez Collins of Shockwave Therapy, Michele Martinek of Michele Martinek Yoga & Consulting and Jana Jones of Zen Yoga & Pilates join the ‘club’ here as welcome new residents. I have always wanted to be able to provide a more holistic service in what we do. As […]

Self determination. The holy grail…..

I watched a great video from an expert in the health and fitness field and he describes the behavioural journey from just starting out in fitness to becoming someone who the government doesn’t need to worry about. How is this achieved? Check out the video. That last part about the government ‘not worrying’ are my words. The boom in the health and fitness industry is partly because the government are seriously worried. They are quite happy to see lots of new people out there getting qualified then trying to help the vast majority of our population who are on a fast track to ill health and quite frankly, a massive and probably unsustainable tax on the system. The cost of preventable disease is huge and the government want people to act now and prevent a future that could send them broke. I don’t think they are actually worried about the people suffering mind you, it is, as usual all about the money. Now we can sit around and debate or moan about them not caring and why don’t they help us etc? But the best thing we can all do is aim to look after ourselves as best we can. I am going to make a bold statement here: “If you are not in the habit of exercising regularly as part of your life, including cardiovascular, strength, balance, core and coordination training you are, at best headed for a very unexceptional and low quality life or at worst, chronic illness and early death. These are the facts. What are you […]

Lifting weights. It’s for everyone!

We lose 2-3kg of muscle mass per decade if we don’t perform progressive resistance training. This has deleterious and profoundly negative effects on health and function. We aren’t the only ones talking sense about this kind of stuff. Check out this great article on a website that I highly recommend you visit for quality information that will make your life better – I see the gym as a necessary evil because it really is the only place to be able to do the required lifting of weights for a better and healthier future. I get it. No-one really wants to be spending time in a gym moving heavy-ish things around. What they really want is to be outside sailing, swimming, playing tennis, throwing the kids around, snow skiing, jumping up and down a ladder building stuff, rowing a boat on a beautiful lake etc etc. But you get what I am talking about, yeah? It is what the gym work can do for you, that makes it a smart way to invest some of your time consistently. There are some inescapable truths and one of those is if you don’t use it, you lose it and if you don’t challenge yourself ever, you get soft. The body will slowly but surely downgrade once we get past our glorious 20’s and early 30’s….if you were lucky. I am sure there are more eloquent ways to describe it but quite simply if you aren’t lifting weights, I am sorry, but you are getting weaker, less functional and inheriting a slower metabolism by […]