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How to organise your way to healthy nutrition

Let’s face it. We all know what to eat. We just don’t know how to get organised to actually do it. Sure there is lots of confusion out there when it comes to eating well but the overall picture of good healthy eating is pretty clear for most people. You know what I am talking about…. more fruits and vegetables, lean portions of protein, more fibre and healthy fats. That’s kind of it in a nutshell. I know you probably still have lots of questions about nutrition beyond that thanks to the crazy diets in the weekly mags and the ads you see promising rippling abs and shapely booty by taking a tablet or something else just as ‘too good to be true’. All in good time for those questions. Right now I think you just need to get generally organised in your kitchen. If you would like to see how we do it go to this page and get your free Kitchen Rescue Pak. I know there should be a C in there but just run with me on this as you are getting distracted 🙂

How to set up a very affordable home gym

I know this sounds like I am trying to do myself out of a job here but you know what, we can’t help everyone and not certainly not everyone can afford a personal trainer. In addition to this though I would say that everyone, our clients included, should have a home gym set up because it is more about the TOTAL approach that will make the big difference to achieving outstanding results and being able to do stuff at home is convenient and takes out the issue of ‘not having the time’. I was eyeing off an outdoor undercover area of my home the other day and fantasizing about what I could put there if money was no object. I realise this is a little off topic, given the headline but indulge me for a second on this one first. Firstly, I would want to have a nice open area to roll and trigger point in, this open area would certainly have nice gym rubber flooring material with a fleck of ‘best practice’ orange….of course! As you know ‘rolling’ and trigger pointing is the very beginning of every workout we do, so a natural first priority. Next I would have the big gun piece of equipment that every serious gym needs, as the showcase of my poser gym. That piece of equipment would be a serious looking squat rack with all bells and whistles including a ‘torsonator’ attachment, spotting arms and a nice polished timber lifting platform (BP logo in the middle). I want this piece to be super solid […]

The top 5 changes you can expect after your first 90 days of training

When you start exercising you are wanting results! So what can you expect to see, feel and experience? Can you get a 6 pack if you currently have an extra 20kg in 90 days? If you believe the hype that is thrust down our collective throats at the local newstand, then you might be setting your expectations a bit high. This is bad because the exercise gig is a life time sentence and the sooner you accept that and get on board with a sensible approach, the better we will all be! Sorry, but there are no quick fixes here and I KNOW you have heard that one before from me. If it is possible for you to do massive things in 90 days I will wager a pretty penny or two that it won’t last. And again, you have to realise, that for you to really enjoy the benefits of exercise, you have to be a total convert that sticks with it until it is the habit that you can’t live without, never feeling quite normal unless you have a bit – yes that is the definition of a junkie too. But it is ‘A’ okay for this process to evolve slowly over time. If you do really end up going all the way with the health and fitness lifestyle I will boldly state that yes anything is possible, 6 pack and all. Just remember that there is a price to pay for what ever level you end up aiming for. You must know that I am 51 year […]

6 Tips and Tricks for Staying on Track with your Nutrition and Training This Easter

Yes Easter is about celebrating and indulging in many things sweet and while it is very easy to go overboard with the yummy stuff, balance is the key. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you stay on board (somewhat) with your nutrition plan, whilst still enjoying all the perks of the Easter holiday’s. Yes this does mean that you can have your cadbury easter eggs, but these tips will help you from completely falling off your nutrition plan. Remember the word ‘moderation’. This is hard I know because modern day chocolate is literally engineered to make you want more and more. We live in a capitalist world driven by the profit motive. So keep this in mind when you start the indulgences, as the game is stacked in their favour. It is certainly a viable alternative to by-pass it completely….. Just saying. But yes I know, we live in the real world too! Tip 1: Breakfast of Champions! Start your days with a wholesome breaky as you may not be able to control what goes on the table for lunch! This could be something such as a green smoothie, filled with loads of nutrients and fibre. Tip 2: Water, water, water! Drink plenty of water during the day. If you find it difficult to drink lots of water, try adding a wedge of lemon or a couple slices of fruit…..or even cucumber. Tip 3: Eat plenty of veggies! Before you dive into the Easter goodness, fill up on lots of vegetables as they are full of […]

Diastasis Recti. Funny name. Not so funny to have.

Firstly, apologies about the photo. We are guessing, she hasn’t had babies yet! But we wanted to focus on the female abdominal region and it is the only appropriate (ish) photo I could find that I am allowed to use! Now i’m guessing if you’re not female or not even pregnant, this may be of no interest to you unless your wife said “Hey darl, look this ‘diastasis wotsy’ one up”. Whilst it is true that men can suffer an abdominal muscle separation, it is not super common and not the focus of this article. Sorry blokes. Diastasis recti is a condition that can occur during and or after pregnancy where a woman’s inter-recti abdominal muscles (you could say between your ab’s) distance increases. An increase of >2-2.7cm is considered a pathological diastasis (separation) of the rectus abdominis muscle (DRAM). Diastasis recti is a frequent occurrence with a prevalence of 30-70%. This condition is due to the thinning and stretching of the linea alba (the bit that separates the left abdominals from the right). These alterations occur due to hormonal elastic changes of the connective tissue, mechanical stress placed on the abdominal wall by the growing foetus and the displacement of the abdominal organs. The abdominal wall is key in many functions including, posture, trunk and pelvic stability, respiration, trunk movement and support of the abdominal viscera. This increase in the inter-recti abdominal muscles can potentially put these functions at risk and weaken the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. These changes then increase the vulnerability to injury of the lumbar […]

A novice’s diary of the Mooloolaba Triathlon 2017

You know, it is usually me talking clients in to doing events. I believe events bring focus to your training which isn’t always easy to….well focus on! And just because we are trainers/coaches with an extensive background in sport and being active in general, a consistent exercise gig doesn’t always come easy. I personally have to use tricks just like I teach my clients. So back in October 2016, a couple of mates who also happen to be former clients suggested to me, that I might like to join them in the Mooloolaba Triathlon in March of 2017, which involves a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run. I like this kind of thing, you know former clients hassling me to do something. It means I brought up the kids the right way! Up until that point the longest triathlon I had done was the Corporate triathlon on the Gold Coast, which requires a 400m swim, 10km bike ride and 4km run. I have done that with clients at least 4, maybe 5 times over the past 12 years, but that is it for my triathlon experience and the last one I did was 2015. When the email came in, I promptly did what most of my clients do after being asked to commit to something and ignored it a bit and not exactly hoping it would go away but more sat on it for a while. A good while actually waiting for inspiration or more cajoling. Then one day I really thought about it and the old ‘bucket […]

Why I bang on about ‘Holistic Health’

Life is about doing stuff in my book, but inherent to the ‘risk’ of that approach is niggles, occasional discomfort and even injury. But before you say “well there you go, that exercise thing is bad!”… in response to that, I see the two choices we have illustrated well by the following quote from someone wise: “if you live your life right the chances are you’ll end up in an orthopedist’s office, or if you live your life wrong, a cardiologist’s.” I think that may be a little alarmist, however I have had and continue to have musculo-skeletal ‘challenges’ shall we say. I accept it as part of the journey. But yes, I am confident my heart is likely to be in pretty good shape! No one is perfect including me, and it is an ongoing battle to smooth out the ups and downs of an active life. I want to share a story about my body and what I aim to fine tune each year as I head towards 50 in April this year. So… tennis was my sport growing up, and a big part of the demands, was speed, agility, power, dynamic core stability, hand eye coordination and other elements of performance to a greater or lesser degree, as well as speed endurance, aerobic capacity and mobility. All this movement was great but the one sided nature of it led to imbalances. Although my competitive days of tennis are many years in my rear view mirror (I don’t rule out making a geriatric comeback at some point), I […]

Why we sometimes use a band above the knees when teaching the squat

There is a little trick which can help get the brain working to our advantage. It is called Reactive Neuromuscular Training or RNT. The band around the leg or legs in a squat for example, forces the brain to react to the pressure and push outwards against it. What this does is fire up the muscles that we really want to see activate well in a squat. It’s not magic, just a clever little tool to help improve technique that someone far smarter than us came up with. Here’s a simple video from a colleague who does a good brief coverage of the concept. It can be used to help many different movements that need re patterning.

Breakfast, how important is it?

I read an interesting article from the boys at I really love their rigor in how they look at things. There are no throw away lines, no sensationalism, just balanced thinking. I know, I know that’s kind of novel these days with the likes of the Kardashians and other ‘reality tv shows’ espousing ‘wisdom’ of dubious quality. Anyway back to breaky. I shot a video on ‘Breakfast with Jimmy’ a while back when I was at the Valley Pool. Warning: You may have a chuckle. It’s amazing how views can change. After all my study with Precision Nutrition I now see things a little differently and yes whilst I now believe ‘cereal’ for breakfast is far from optimal sometimes you gotta make do. I subscribe now to the 70-90% ‘compliancy’ rule. That is, aim to get your nutrition right (more on what ‘right’ might be) about 70-90% of the time. So, to drill down even more, if you eat 4 times a day, 7 days a week, aim to make 20-25 of these 28 eating opportunities tick the boxes of healthy parameters you have set (they can vary a little depending on how ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ you want to be. Unfortunately, the more stubborn your metabolism is, the higher that percentage needs to be (and the higher grade of ‘right’ needs to be too) if you are looking to achieve significant results. Just remember, you don’t have to be perfect here with your nutrition though – no one is. Set the goal to improve your ‘approach’ and if body […]