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Say what you mean…

When it comes to getting results there is one characteristic which stands out. This applies to more than just fitness believe me. To achieve anything in this world you need to be clear about what you want. Let’s use the metaphor of the marksman. If he doesn’t have anything in his sights he does not know what he is going to hit. Please insert ‘she’  and ‘woman’ where appropriate! I have noticed that clients of ours who have achieved great things, say what they mean, mean what they say and then do what they say they will do. This is not easy but it is a habit and absolutely non negotiable to get results. If you think it is okay to be late on a regular basis for any appointments or not deliver what you say you will deliver when you said you will deliver it, then may be it is time to reassess. Little things count. There are many things that need to be done to achieve better health and the key is…..wait for it and this is not going to be mystical……DO IT! Actions speak louder and when you start to do the little things that you say you will do, all the time, you will start to achieve the big things you speak about.

Set in your ways?

I came across this in my readings in relation to coaching and life. It struck me as something that you should know if you are about being interested and/or being interesting in life. “A successful coaching relationship (this could easily just be saying ‘relationship with yourself and have the same meaning.  AG) is always a story of transformation, not just of higher levels of performance. It’s a story that takes people beyond their immediate passion and pride and helps them come to grips with the fact that to reach what is really possible and achievable for they must be willing to fundamentally question who they are, what they do, and why they do it” Robert Hargrove, Masterful Coaching – 2003 Bottom line? A healthy dose of self examination is a pre requisite for a continually evolving life even if you don’t have a coach.

Journal your fitness

As you know we have always strongly encouraged recording what you do. We even had a back end built for the purpose on our old website. I have mentioned before that we are looking for our new online fitness and nutrition diary and we are in the negotiation process still. But in the mean time we are going to put our old site back up under or something similar. But the purpose of this entry is tell you of a very cool US website which is free for you to track your foods, body measurements and your activities. As with all these things there is some set up and some fiddling to get it sorted but it is worth it, if only for the exercise tracking section. We like to say that if it is written down it didn’t happen! (meaning it is so easy to forget). Okay the site to check out is Let me know if you like it and stay tuned for the launch of our new back end which should have something similar but Australian. We will have a barbecue and online demo for you as soon as we are ready to go with it.

What’s it going to take?

Life just goes and goes! I remember seeing a cartoon showing a normal looking young woman sitting in front of the t.v. with the remote in her hand saying “I’ll watch just one more show and I’ll start the exercise program tomorrow”. The second cartoon showed the same woman, but older and decidedly less healthy looking saying the same thing with the remote poised “Just one more show and I’ll……” What is it going to take to get you moving NOW! Tomorrow never comes. What rocket do you need lit under you before action? Sorry for the brutality but I hate it when someone comes in after 20 years of neglect and abuse and expects all the years of unhealthy eating and drinking to be reversed with a 12 week quick fix boot camp.  Just two things on that. There are no quick fixes and prevention is WAY easier than cure. Believe me.

AG’s May 09 newsletter (minor) rant

Hey folks, bit of reverse this time. Only for the truly dedicated to read my stuff here at the end.  So If any of you get to this section after the others I am truly flattered and surprised. We are just so busy busy busy  these days. I feel rushed even writing that. I need to slow down and and and and just…..breathe. Perhaps you do too? Here’s a suggestion. Why not try to be less efficient this week? What??? I hear you scream. What are you saying??? What do you mean??? Are you crazy???? Time is running out we have to hurry hurry HURRY! I know it sounds mad in this world of time management, time chunking and go hard, but sometimes, the slow way is the fast way. If you find yourself answering emails, whilst you have someone on hold on your mobile and MSN messenger is pinging an alert of an incoming message and your boss is giving you the hurry-on to the next seemingly endless meeting then perhaps you are hearing what I am saying. Why not try doing just one thing well and completing it, then take a deep breath and SLOOOOOW down and pat yourself on the back. Smell the roses and remember that sometimes the step back and the taking in of the big view can reveal vital things you have been missing all along. P.S. Please stay patient on the log on website portal. It is coming. I think the guys I am dealing with have read my slow down mantra above. Just gotta breathe I […]

Don’t know your numbers at your own peril…

How many calories you need to maintain your weight? If your weight hasn’t changed and you have been doing both cardiovascular training and strength work then I am guessing you most certainly do know although you mightn’t be able to put an actual number to it. If you are not so fortunate here is the plan. Buy the following items and do the following things because this exercise will have a huge impact on your results: Buy a calorie counter book or register on a website the Buy a set of food scales and a note book (or use an excel spreadsheet). Start recording everything you eat, both type, size, quantity or information direct from the packet (hopefully not too many of these!). Add up what you are currently consuming over 7 days and divide by 7 for a daily figure. E.g. 2200 calories Then you must determine your Base Metabolic Rate which is the amount of energy your body requires just to exist at bed rest. This can be done two ways: Using the Harris Benedict equation or have it measured directly (we can now do this and will tell you more about this in due course). Unfortunately the estimate for the HB equation can be ‘out’ significantly but it is better than not knowing it all. To this figure which may be 1200 calories for an average size person you must add the estimate of all your daily activity. If the BMR and the daily activity figure are below your daily intake you are in weight gain mode […]

Why we what we do

Mystery woman still impresses…… There is no doubt we respect our clients because investing hard earned money in something which hurts (at times only!) both physically and financially takes high level thinking. Once in a while though one comes along who  really really really ‘get’s it’. I have mentioned this cleint before before but she just keeps impressing us. Make no mistake that big results are going to take big consistent action. This client I am referring too has done just that. Even from the very start with a significant number of challenges this client has taken the required action, e.g. an injured ankle was holding her back from doing weight bearing exercise. So this client saw our recommended physio and dealt with it. Then she needed some serious assistance with nutrition and so she saw our nutritional medicine practitioner and was diagnosed coeliac. Whilst this seemed like bad news at the time the diagnosis was the first necessary step forward. She has been going at it now for 18 months and has achieved some serious results. Try this. 40kg gone! She has been weight training all the time so you can be pretty confident that this is mostly body fat. Wow, what an achievement. If you spoke to her she would tell you that it hasn’t been easy, far from it but satisfying? Yes. Life changing? A big yes to that. Recently she injured her hip when she came off her bike. Her response: “I’m swimming”  That folks is the right stuff. We have nothing but respect! And THAT is why we do what we […]

Best Practice in a sentence

Best practice living provides proven health, fitness and performance coaching programs to local people and businesses that change lives for the better within 12 months….guaranteed!

Welcome to Gattaca folks

How are your genes fitting?   In an increasingly fitness and health conscious society the desire to fit well in to that old pair of jeans can now be fine-tuned and individualised right down to your DNA. We’ve come a long way from the one size fits all routines of the past and have to come accept the sense of investing in hiring an expert to mould a program to our specific needs. When your body is not responding the way it ‘should’ then maybe it is time go one step further and ask specific questions about your own body that science can answer and your local health professional can use intelligently.   It seems that it was some time ago that the human genome project was completed and now finally practical information is starting to filter through. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your body metabolises fat and therefore how successful a standard cardio program might be in helping you achieve the result you are looking for. Or, wouldn’t it be good to know what, if any, supplements are likely to be helping you or are in fact might be a waste of money based on your very own genetic make-up.   A new simple cheek swab test can reveal the ‘hard wired’ functions of your body at the cellular level, thus arming your trainer with a blue print on how to deal specifically with you and give you the best chance of success. The excelgene test, by gene-elite reveals information on 16 different genes in […]