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You’re kidding me!

I was reading BRW recently and had the above reaction! “Sawell was not overweight and his friends considered him the least likely person to have a heart attack. But his doctors were not surprised that his hectic schedule at work combined with a poor diet, smoking and levels of inactivity had led to a heart attack at such a young age”. HELLLLLLLOOOOO! If this guys friends saw him as least likely (smoking, couch potato and stress victim) then I would hate to see their other friends! Is this what it has come to? Smoking, inactivity and stress are normal???? Needless to say the object of this article did have the wake up call and at 40 years of age is redressing the imbalance. Good for him! “I realised I had two beautiful young daughters that might have had all the latest toys when I had the very successful business, but at the end of the day nobody lies in on their deathbed wishing they had spent more time in the office” So true. Don’t leave the action part of your change till your doctor says, “you better do something about that gut” or worse still, your partner has to pick up the pieces after you are gone…..

Anatomy of a Big Mac

Just so you know……. Nutrition (and I use that word, very loosely!) Facts Serving Size 1 sandwich (215.0 g) Amount Per Serving 576 Calories which equals about 30-60 minutes of moderate to solid computrainer workout (depending on age, size and gender) So is a Big Mac really worth the suffering on compudeath????? Calories from Fat 292 % Daily Value* Total Fat 32.5g50% Saturated Fat 12.0g60% Polyunsaturated Fat 2.8g Monounsaturated Fat 14.1g Cholesterol 103mg34% Sodium 742mg31% Total Carbohydrates 38.7g13% Protein 31.8g Vitamin A 1% • Vitamin C 2% Calcium 9% • Iron 31% * Based on a 2000 calorie diet It’s not going to kill you but if you have enough of them I can’t see it doing you much good!

Mould your brain

Are you tired of self help gurus like Anthony Robbins shouting at you to awaken the giant within or guys like the ever happy Martin Seligman telling you about his authentic happiness? I say don’t get tired, I say start listening because your brain really can be shaped by you like a piece of clay and the object you end up with could be a masterpiece of breathtaking beauty open to all posibilities or a dull looking inanimate rock set in its ways. The choice is literally yours. Did you know that brain injury victims, who have had the speech centre of their brain destroyed can often ‘fire up’ other parts of the brain to take over that role. Researchers are now discovering just how ‘plastic’ the brain is, that new connections are constantly being formed depending on experiences of the brain owner! Thanks to the science of the functional MRI thoughts can now be ‘seen’ in the brain proving that you literally are what you think. The advances in technology have allowed scientists for the first time to see just how alive the brain is and how so much of the old school positive thinking movement is being confirmed now by hard science. ‘Nothing is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so’ ‘fake it till you make it’, ‘will yourself to success’. These aren’t just philosophical laments of wishful thinkers or philosophical fools. They are literal instructions to shape the brain. Everyone knows somebody who can turn around seemingly negative events and really make the most of […]

What should I eat post workout?

This is a great question and as usual the answer is not straight forward because it will depend on the type of work out and your health and fitness goals. Let’s say you have just done a great strength workout. What’s next? Do you starve yourself in the hope that your fired up metabolism will hungrily chew up excess body fat or do you rip into a raw steak and an egg combo as you leave the studio because you read that in “Bulk up dude!” monthly. I am very glad you have come to us to verify this one because it is difficult to know what to do with so much conflicting information out there. Trust us to be your fitness and health info filter. We love this stuff and will find the best answer. Believe me there is ALOT of information out there on this topic and much of it conflicting. However the consensus appears to be the following: If you are an endurance performer, i.e. love running marathons, swimming across oceans, cycling across countries etc. then your post work out nutrition should address muscle glycogen (or stored glucose vital for performance) and body water and electrolyte restoration. In regards to muscle glycogen, make sure you ingest a 4:1 carbohydrate:protein mix and do this with in 15 mins of finishing your event/workout. The exact amount you ingest will obviously depend on your body size and the size of the country you just crossed! But a general recommendation is 50-100grams of rapidly absorbed carbohydrate (high GI) and 10-20grams of […]

Hierarchy of fatloss

Before you panic try things in this order: Step 1. Hold food constant and exercise more. Measure. If down keep doing what you are doing. If not move to step 2. Step 2. Reduce calories consumed by 200-350 calories per day and keep new higher level of exercise. Measure. If down keep doing what you are doing. If not move to step 3. Step 3. Increase exercise more and reduce calories a little more. Measure. If down keep doing what you are doing. If not move to next step. Step 4. Estimate Base Metabolic rate using standard equation (find this on the internet easily) and add on estimated calories expended with your exercise routine using widely available calcuators, add up calories consumed on a daily basis. If you are not getting a calorie deficit of about 500 cals per day make that happen and measure. If you are down keep doing what you are doing. If not go to next step. Step 5. Enlist professional help (from suitable qualified personal trainer) where actual BMR is measured. Do another 7 days of recording food intake and submit for further analysis. Often this focus of enlisting help, i.e. investing money makes things a little more accurate! Measure. If down, keep doing what you are doing. If not go to the next step. Step 6. See nutritional medicine practitioner to see if there are food allergies and or likely thyroid issues. This type of issue would normally be identified at this point and appropriate action taken. However, think simple first folks. The solution […]

The chosen few

I was out training with some clients this morning and was chatting about how many people with in this particular client’s workplace (lend lease) take advantage of the company sponsored exercise sessions that are generously put on. It was about 8 people from about 100 he said. I was kind of shocked at first and then realised that that is about average in our society. They say about 10% of people get regular vigorous exercise. Is this exercise gig really such a well protected secret or do we just think there is an easier path to feeling good? I am not sure about the answer to that but the cliche of all cliches springs to mind. Anything worth having is usually worked hard for. One foot in front of the other folks until you don’t have to think about it anymore. Even good things can become habits.

Best Practice in the media

In the paper Check out this one if you missed it in the courier mail.

New system

Firstly let me apologise if you are receiving this and feel you shouldn’t. We have changed over database management systems and are automatically updating our list of clients, exclients and people who have put their hand up as interested in what we do. If this is not you or it is you and you don’t wish to get this update simply unsubscribe and you will have peace in your inbox! Although maybe we might say something useful or provide something interesting. That is indeed our intention. For those of you who physically come to train with us you will be receiving a hardcopy newsletter of latest news and useful information in your actual letter box. Let me know if you didn’t get yours. It is going to come monthly and these updates via email will be the same unless we think too much happens from week to week for you to have to wait the month. This automatic update to you is known as an RSS feed from our end for those technically minded. But remember you can always unsubscribe! If you are an active client you should be signed up to our log in diary. Let me know if that isn’t happening for you. Hope this finds you all well. Posts from now on will be a bit more succinct. Just wanted to let you know what is happening!

Soldier on or pussy out?

There is no doubt it has been a bit cool! You know the one thing I really love to see is the application to a task in less than ideal circumstances. Not everyone has that steely resolve but most of you our clients have more than the average quota for sure. How do I know this? Because you are doing this thing and most of you for some time now. Exercising regularly is not easy, getting up early in the cold weather isn’t easy, investing in something you can’t really see isn’t easy but you guys understand the satisfaction that comes from committing to looking after yourself. It is truly amazing how easy it is to forget just how good you feel after a workout when being under the doona feels pretty damn good too! Keep making the effort folks, you KNOW it is worth it.