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What should I eat post workout?

This is a great question and as usual the answer is not straight forward because it will depend on the type of work out and your health and fitness goals. Let’s say you have just done a great strength workout. What’s next? Do you starve yourself in the hope that your fired up metabolism will hungrily chew up excess body fat or do you rip into a raw steak and an egg combo as you leave the studio because you read that in “Bulk up dude!” monthly. I am very glad you have come to us to verify this one because it is difficult to know what to do with so much conflicting information out there. Trust us to be your fitness and health info filter. We love this stuff and will find the best answer. Believe me there is ALOT of information out there on this topic and much of it conflicting. However the consensus appears to be the following: If you are an endurance performer, i.e. love running marathons, swimming across oceans, cycling across countries etc. then your post work out nutrition should address muscle glycogen (or stored glucose vital for performance) and body water and electrolyte restoration. In regards to muscle glycogen, make sure you ingest a 4:1 carbohydrate:protein mix and do this with in 15 mins of finishing your event/workout. The exact amount you ingest will obviously depend on your body size and the size of the country you just crossed! But a general recommendation is 50-100grams of rapidly absorbed carbohydrate (high GI) and 10-20grams of […]

Hierarchy of fatloss

Before you panic try things in this order: Step 1. Hold food constant and exercise more. Measure. If down keep doing what you are doing. If not move to step 2. Step 2. Reduce calories consumed by 200-350 calories per day and keep new higher level of exercise. Measure. If down keep doing what you are doing. If not move to step 3. Step 3. Increase exercise more and reduce calories a little more. Measure. If down keep doing what you are doing. If not move to next step. Step 4. Estimate Base Metabolic rate using standard equation (find this on the internet easily) and add on estimated calories expended with your exercise routine using widely available calcuators, add up calories consumed on a daily basis. If you are not getting a calorie deficit of about 500 cals per day make that happen and measure. If you are down keep doing what you are doing. If not go to next step. Step 5. Enlist professional help (from suitable qualified personal trainer) where actual BMR is measured. Do another 7 days of recording food intake and submit for further analysis. Often this focus of enlisting help, i.e. investing money makes things a little more accurate! Measure. If down, keep doing what you are doing. If not go to the next step. Step 6. See nutritional medicine practitioner to see if there are food allergies and or likely thyroid issues. This type of issue would normally be identified at this point and appropriate action taken. However, think simple first folks. The solution […]

The chosen few

I was out training with some clients this morning and was chatting about how many people with in this particular client’s workplace (lend lease) take advantage of the company sponsored exercise sessions that are generously put on. It was about 8 people from about 100 he said. I was kind of shocked at first and then realised that that is about average in our society. They say about 10% of people get regular vigorous exercise. Is this exercise gig really such a well protected secret or do we just think there is an easier path to feeling good? I am not sure about the answer to that but the cliche of all cliches springs to mind. Anything worth having is usually worked hard for. One foot in front of the other folks until you don’t have to think about it anymore. Even good things can become habits.

Best Practice in the media

In the paper Check out this one if you missed it in the courier mail.

New system

Firstly let me apologise if you are receiving this and feel you shouldn’t. We have changed over database management systems and are automatically updating our list of clients, exclients and people who have put their hand up as interested in what we do. If this is not you or it is you and you don’t wish to get this update simply unsubscribe and you will have peace in your inbox! Although maybe we might say something useful or provide something interesting. That is indeed our intention. For those of you who physically come to train with us you will be receiving a hardcopy newsletter of latest news and useful information in your actual letter box. Let me know if you didn’t get yours. It is going to come monthly and these updates via email will be the same unless we think too much happens from week to week for you to have to wait the month. This automatic update to you is known as an RSS feed from our end for those technically minded. But remember you can always unsubscribe! If you are an active client you should be signed up to our log in diary. Let me know if that isn’t happening for you. Hope this finds you all well. Posts from now on will be a bit more succinct. Just wanted to let you know what is happening!

Soldier on or pussy out?

There is no doubt it has been a bit cool! You know the one thing I really love to see is the application to a task in less than ideal circumstances. Not everyone has that steely resolve but most of you our clients have more than the average quota for sure. How do I know this? Because you are doing this thing and most of you for some time now. Exercising regularly is not easy, getting up early in the cold weather isn’t easy, investing in something you can’t really see isn’t easy but you guys understand the satisfaction that comes from committing to looking after yourself. It is truly amazing how easy it is to forget just how good you feel after a workout when being under the doona feels pretty damn good too! Keep making the effort folks, you KNOW it is worth it.

Say what you mean…

When it comes to getting results there is one characteristic which stands out. This applies to more than just fitness believe me. To achieve anything in this world you need to be clear about what you want. Let’s use the metaphor of the marksman. If he doesn’t have anything in his sights he does not know what he is going to hit. Please insert ‘she’  and ‘woman’ where appropriate! I have noticed that clients of ours who have achieved great things, say what they mean, mean what they say and then do what they say they will do. This is not easy but it is a habit and absolutely non negotiable to get results. If you think it is okay to be late on a regular basis for any appointments or not deliver what you say you will deliver when you said you will deliver it, then may be it is time to reassess. Little things count. There are many things that need to be done to achieve better health and the key is…..wait for it and this is not going to be mystical……DO IT! Actions speak louder and when you start to do the little things that you say you will do, all the time, you will start to achieve the big things you speak about.

Set in your ways?

I came across this in my readings in relation to coaching and life. It struck me as something that you should know if you are about being interested and/or being interesting in life. “A successful coaching relationship (this could easily just be saying ‘relationship with yourself and have the same meaning.  AG) is always a story of transformation, not just of higher levels of performance. It’s a story that takes people beyond their immediate passion and pride and helps them come to grips with the fact that to reach what is really possible and achievable for they must be willing to fundamentally question who they are, what they do, and why they do it” Robert Hargrove, Masterful Coaching – 2003 Bottom line? A healthy dose of self examination is a pre requisite for a continually evolving life even if you don’t have a coach.

Journal your fitness

As you know we have always strongly encouraged recording what you do. We even had a back end built for the purpose on our old website. I have mentioned before that we are looking for our new online fitness and nutrition diary and we are in the negotiation process still. But in the mean time we are going to put our old site back up under or something similar. But the purpose of this entry is tell you of a very cool US website which is free for you to track your foods, body measurements and your activities. As with all these things there is some set up and some fiddling to get it sorted but it is worth it, if only for the exercise tracking section. We like to say that if it is written down it didn’t happen! (meaning it is so easy to forget). Okay the site to check out is Let me know if you like it and stay tuned for the launch of our new back end which should have something similar but Australian. We will have a barbecue and online demo for you as soon as we are ready to go with it.