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leather pants, male cougars, embarrassment plus!

You will have to go to the link to see entry 2 on the journey. At the end of all this will be a soundtrack, a short youtube movie capturing the whole 12 weeks in 30 seconds and either jubilation (well maybe just a feeling of relief) or unending shame! I question what I am doing sometimes……

The numbers don’t add up!

This is high quality research you need to read. None of it surprising I guess but the message can’t be emphasised enough in my opinion. “Prior to the study, the researchers assumed that people were in general over-eating by about 100 calories a day, however, the results were far more alarming – it was found that between 350 – 500 extra calories a day more than is needed is being consumed by many. In real terms this means says Rush that children would have to cut their intake by about 350 calories a day – equal to one can of fizzy drink and a small chocolate bar, and adults 500 calories – the equivalent of a large burger. Professor Rush says in today’s society, walking an extra two, to two-and-a-half hours a day to burn off the extra calories, is not really an option and we need to be realistic about what physical activity alone can achieve. Thanks Professor and good work! Now think twice before throwing in that seemingly innocuous and innocent little, teeny chocolate bar. Remember it is no surprise that a guy survived for weeks on a Mars bar in freezing conditions. Nutrient dense, energy sparse is what we are after folks. Not the other way around! Unless you are stuck on a mountain with no help in site for 2 weeks.  Professor Rush says the study shows that in order to influence the underlying drivers of obesity we should be looking more to the ‘energy in’ side than the physical activity side as over-eating or eating highly […]

Glory days and leather pants…

Hi all. Go to this link to find out what I mean by this. Who knows? You might laugh, cry or even be inspired. If I get some reaction I will be pleased! I blame Jimmy for this whole thing. You will be next my friend!

Pilates by Moonlight!

Due to the overwhelming response to our 15 week course on Thursday and Saturday mornings we are adding in a THIRD session for the week and this one is PM, hence the moonlight 🙂 If you are not a morning person and need to start the week on a good note …then this is for you Monday at 6:00pm We will be running a 10 – week course starting October 12 and will run all the way into Christmas-ish (December 14). Like all of our classes there is a maximum of 1o people Upfront payment of $316 (includes 10 week course and a compulsory inital 1/2 hour assessment prior to the start of the course) Direct debit option available So if you want to have that guarenteed better flexibility, improved posture, reduced risk of lower back pain or simply work on the physicals for summer then fill in your details below.     We already have five confimed starters for this course and numbers will fill up fast… so TAKE ACTION as you don’t want to miss out!!

Great Abs, Killer Thighs! You this summer?

Who else wants to blast those thighs, flatten that stomach and get in great shape? Well hopefully we have got your attention from our American style headline 🙂 Nevertheless we know that looking good is a primal driver for a lot of people. If this isnt the thing which you aspire for how ’bout – guarenteed better flexibility, improved posture, reduced risk for lower pain or taking your sport to the next level! If any of the above is you… PILATES is the key for you leading into this Summer! 15 week course taking you all the way through till Christmas! Joseph Pilates motto “After 10 sessions you will feel better, after 20 sessions you will look better and after 30 sessions you will have a whole new body” Two Sessions per week starting September 10 Thursday 6:30am and Saturday 9:00am Maximum Class Size of 10 – So you are never just another number! All classes taken by the one and only Ericka Mira • One Class per week: $375 Upfront (bring a friend and both pay $350) • Two Classes per week: $600 upfront (bring a friend and both pay $550) Auto-debit weekly payments can also be arranged One Session per week – $27 + small admin fees Two Sessions per week – $45 + small admin fees 1 on 1 private training available – contact below if you would like more information on this All new clients receive first session as a free trial You have the chance to do 30 sessions, have a whole new body and […]

Planning – the astonishing new tactic for fitness success!

Okay so a bit of tongue in cheek to start the ball rolling with this one. It is not earth shattering news to know that planning your training and nutrition is the key to success. But I wanted to share with you some valuable information I gleaned from a seminar run by trainer to the stars Joe Fournier on Friday of last week at Shirlaws Coaching. This was a very simple approach but one that has has helped keep his clients motivated through out the year. He sits with them and draws on a yearly calendar a training schedule that ‘fits’ with how their particular year runs dropping training load when work load is high and increasing it for maximum gains to be realised when energy needs to be at it’s peak. Every one of his client’s calendar looks different but the principle behind it is something called ‘periodisation’, which we have been talking about for a while and makes perfect sense. No one can just train at a high intensity everyday of everyweek of every year. Besides being extremely boring, it would be impossible to do. You must give your body (and your mind probably more) time to recover and reorganise itself to be at a higher level for the next phase. The take home on this one is that we all need to cycle our training intensity and load so that we have a chance at keeping fresh. We are working on your yearly training calendar for group training with different themes each month moving in the direction […]

Leaving no stone unturned

Jeames and myself just got back from a conference for fitness professionals in Melbourne on the weekend and I wanted to share with you some of the exciting things that we learnt and the new things that are coming to you because of this trip (but just a quick aside: damn that place is cold and man I love Queensland!). We heard some great stories of success from some of our colleagues in the fitness industry and the many lives that they are changing all over Australia as a result of the things that they have been doing with in their businesses. Listening to all their stories reminded me again why we do what we do. Besides being a fun way to live, I don’t have to tell you how much better life is when you are fit and healthy, it is definitely a feel good game we are in. There are not many professions out there where you get the chance to profoundly affect so many people for the better and seeing all the stories of people changing and living fantastic lives reminded me that I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. We got hold of a great system that is really going to improve our ability to support you nutritionally. As specialists in the area of sports science and exercise physiology we have information about so many elements of health and fitness. Good nutrition is amazingly important and I have been searching for ways to help you more in this area besides just giving you the standard […]

Aerobic versus anaerobic training?

These are two words you would have almost certainly come across in fitness and health vernacular. But what does it mean? When I hear the word ‘aerobic’, the first image that jumps in to my head is leg warmers, headphones (for some reason) and Olivia Newton John…..But that is just me. Of course ‘aerobics’ were big in the 80’s and as most of us would remember was a group training class full of incredibly repetitive moves, bad music and usually big hair, but again I digress. The word ‘aerobic’ literally means ‘with air’ and is the type of training that has been recommended for everything from weightloss to tight buns. It is actually the type of training everyone should do for a healthy strong heart. It is also a very effective way to burn extra calories that would otherwise end up on your thighs or stomach. So by all means aerobic on! Aerobic activities are any of those that utilise large muscle groups in a rhythmic way at an intensity that you could keep up for at least 20 minutes. The purest definition of aerobic energy though is that it is the predominant energy source for activities lasting longer than approximately 2 minutes. Anything power type activity lasting less than that falls under the ‘anaerobic’ heading. So does ‘anaerobic’ mean ‘without air’ then? Well yeah kind of. A pure aerobic activity does not require you to breathe as the energy comes from stored sources. Any explosive activity like jumping, throwing a punch or lifting a heavy weight quickly gets it’s […]

Don’t break the chain!

I was reading an article from a business associate of mine and came across a little article about Jerry Seinfeld of all people and the key to his success. I reckon the lesson applies to anything worth achieving in life, but especially changes to your health and fitness. Seinfeld was asked by an up and coming comedian how he got to be so successful. His answer. “Write one joke a day, every single day. Then once you get the roll on, don’t break the chain!” The idea was to put an X on your calendar (displayed in a conspicuous location) for each day that you achieve your task and then watch the visual grow. This is what I recommend you do for your exercise and health program. Every day you do something that takes you towards your goal; a formal exercise session, a new incidental activity, a good food or drink choice (when otherwise you wouldn’t) mark it down as a tick then make that happen everyday. Simple huh? Easy??? Well may be not. This approach is what we are working hard to encourage.