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Eat Well!

People often ask me what is a good breakfast. First things first. You just HAVE to have breakfast. It is the best opportunity to fuel up and have the energy in place to power on for the day. With out breakfast you are in high risk territory to just get anything in when you finally get hungry. When you get your eating cylce right you will want to eat when you first get up so ‘fake it’ till you make it. Don’t think that if you miss breakfast you are saving on the calorie in side of the equation. There is a thing called metabolism that is extremely important and eating early oddly enough kicks it in and fires up your body to start functioning well for the day. Ideal breakfast? Boiled egg, rocket lettuce, cherry tomatoes, smoked salmon, sprinkle of parmesan, drizzled with a spicy tomato chutney and if you are really hungry, a slice of high fibre rye toast. Bring it on. I am hungry just writing about it. Get in to it folks and chow down!


If I told you to aim at a target but you couldn’t see it, you didn’t know how far away it was or even the size of the object…. then how can I expect you to hit it?????? Many people go through life like this, simply living life day to day, having nothing to aim for or targets to hit (maybe the exception of work deadlines or sales targets)  and the years just rush by with not a lot really achieved. People become too afraid to set goals for fear of failure, they simply don’t have the skills to set them properly or it is simply too hard to think about!! Sound familiar??  In case you forgot, this THURSDAY 21st JANUARY at 7:30pmin our small group training room we will be bringing you everything there is to know about getting your year off to the very best start and knowing what to aim for.   Don’t be one of those people you hear time and time again with unrealistic/brash New Years statements of what will be attempted without putting too much thought or into it. Come February/March and generally it’s all but over, the year rushes by you, not much is achieved and the cycle repeats itself.  Anthony will be drawing upon his years of experience in psychology, business and coaching to not only help you set goals for your number one asset. Learn the formula’s and secrets which  will really set you in good stead to achieving some great things this year not only in health and fitness but in family, financial, personal and business/work life. Fill in your details […]

Amazing results in 2009

If you missed this last year than you absolutely need to see this. Click here and preapred to be super  impressed!

Count down for success

I just wanted to share a goal setting methodology I am using this year. I figure that 2 strength training sessions, at least 2 cardio type sessions and a core stability workout (Pilates/yoga) each week for 48 weeks (allowing 4 weeks for holidays which may or may not be active depending on how the year is going) would be a good achievement when I reflect on how the year went come December 31, 2010. That means I am aiming for 240 sessions for the year. I just got off the computrainer bikes so 239 to go! Use your online diary to track it and review monthly or simply count them off a calendar you have up in your room where you will see it daily. Count it down!

Energy up!

I visited my parents in Sydney over Christmas and the New Year and it got me thinking about life and it’s meaning. They are both in their 80’s and you can bet they know first hand how fast life goes by. Now is definitely time to power up! Why I hear you cry??? Why the heck not is my prompt reply. Life is now and tomorrow offers a new chance at achieving great things because you are going to blink and opportunity (and especially opportunity to those with the energy and vitality to take it) will be gone if you aren’t ready. No pressure folks but instead of getting annoyed take advantage of the media bombardment that demands new goals for the new year. Take advantage of it because it there is a real chance of stimulating action otherwise not taken with the power held with in those words you hear. We want 2010 to be a great one for you, your friends and your family. A life of action, joy and fun awaits you. It is, as always your choice. Hope to see you at the goal setting seminar later this month.

ADVENTURE TREK – Milford Sound

If you are a client of Best Practice you would be well aware that we focus on the fact that you have to be able to translate what you do in your workouts into everyday life. Most people use the buzz word “functional fitness” and this is very true to what we aim to achieve here. The fact of the matter is that whether you are trying to lose kg’s or cm around your waist/thighs or whether you train for health and are in more of a maintenance mode this is going to be for you. In a couple of weeks Anthony will be conducting a seminar on goal setting and this the exact purpose of this trek. To set you a functional fitness goal, whilst also seeing some of the best sites the world has to offer. Details of the Trek Where: Milford Sound, New Zealand How Long: 55km Hike over 5 days When: Easter 2010 (Sun Mar 28 – Sat 3 Apr) Cost: $3000 (all inclusive) + Lots of bonuses!! (One will be additional free training) Register your interest below – we can only take 10  Trust me this will really take your training to the next level, provide a lot of focus and you will see some great results! I guarantee it will be worth it… not that hanging out with us for 7 days wouldn’t be 🙂

Welcome to 2010

Well I hope you all had a great break, got a chance to recharge the batteries and you survived the festive season in a little drier place than the so called capital of ‘the sunshine state’.  The Best Practice team is back in action, refreshed and ready to tackle the big year ahead (“twenty ten” from what i was told today is the cool way to say it these days). We said before the holidays that we had grand plans for this year and here are a few things to kick it off. GOAL SETTING SEMINAR – Thursday January 21 at 7:30pm They say if you have no target how do you know what to aim for… and this is so true! Many people set goals but do not actually achieve them simply because they go wrong in a few key areas. Anthony will be shedding his wisdom  from extensive experience with psychology, coaching and business to help you not only set them correctly but also plant the seeds for you to be able to achieve them THIS YEAR! This is sure to be a lot of fun with some really useful, easy to follow information! PILATES- Now has FOUR sessions per week! This will start the week of January 18 and will run the following times Monday 6pm (Beginner) Thursday 6:30am (Intermediate) Saturday 8:00am (Beginner) Saturday 9:00am (Intermediate) Remember there is only a maximum of 10 per class – to keep it personal and last year all spots filled up quickly. Get in touch with us TODAY to find out more details! There are many more exciting things […]

leather no more

It was all a big ruse! Do you think I really wanted to get back in to my leather pants?? I obviously didn’t believe it but it serve a purpose. I am hoping that some of you got something out of the leather pants challenge as well. Personally I dropped over 3 cm and that was probably a minor miracle in itself but more importantly both Craig and Michelle literally transformed themselves so mission accomplished as far as I am concerned. This little challenge was meant to stimulate some interest in the concept of body transformation and remotivating yourself to spice up your training routine. We know it is all about how you feel but it doesn’t hurt to look a bit better either! Check out Craig and Michelle. There will be bigger versions on our website soon. But super cool results I think you will agree! Look out next year for an actual body transformation competition complete with prizes and the whole shabang

leather pants, engagements and an emotional connection

You know one of the most important things about setting a goal is a strong emotional connection with the result. Perhaps I needed to pick a challenge that piqued a stronger response in me. Nevertheless, the last 12 weeks have been an interesting challenge. Have a listen to the you tube video for the final run down. The picture of myself below  is perhaps as good as it gets for the leather pants (I wasn’t sucking it in I promise!) and maybe it is good bye for good to those things of the past, especially those things of questionable taste! Well done to Craig and Michelle who are indeed in the best shape of their life. There will be some great pictures up of their achievements very soon. So look out for those and marvel at what good goal setting can achieve. One final thing on a personal note is that I would like to announce my engagement to one beautiful woman called Jacqui Mayer. Happy times here at Best Practice! Hope your year has been as good as mine! How? Why? (is he still breathing?) Jenny what was the name of that seamstress again? Not quite ready for the body building contest I guess. Maybe next year folks……