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Anthony Gillespie


Food Hierarchy!

With SO much information out there on nutrition it is hard to know where to start and what to eat. Some say avoid carbs, some say avoid fat, some say eat everything in moderation but what is the best way to eat. When you think of putting together a meal at ANY time of the day use the following order and you cant go wrong. Start every meal with some form of Protein (Lean steak, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and lentils). Sure to help building the all important muscle and have you feeling fuller for longer! Fibrous Carbs– Think Vegetables and lots of different colours. High in nutrient value and low in calories Good Healthy Fats – Omega’s found in fish Fruit – at least two every day Starch Carbs  – natural starches and grains (breads, pastas, rice etc).  Plan your meals rather than reacting when you are hungry and make sure this process is followed. You cant go wrong. Remember if you are on track to losing weight nutrient dense, high satiety foods (makes you feel fuller quicker and for longer) and  calorie sparse is your aim!

Exercise of the month

There are some exercises that are a waste of time. Just go to any gym and see someone sitting on a pec dec machine and you will see a classic example of wasted time. Why is it wasted time? Well it has two things wrong with it, it puts the shoulder joint in to a vulnerable position under load and unnecessarily increases risk of injury.  It also targets a muscle group in a decidedly non- functional way, which means it engages nothing that will lead to useful strength in the real world unless you are trying to improve your hugging strength in a seated position……not likely I am guessing, unless you are feeling very loving! So the exercise of the month to replace that one is the chest press on a swiss ball. Check the link about below for a demo of this done well. Remember this exercise only makes sense in a balanced program because, chest strengthening is not as important as back strengthening in the average person. Always email us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

Body fat solution

There is a solution and whilst we will always tell you it is simple, you will agree it is certainly not easy at times. There is a brillant book that we recommend every fat loss client of ours read. It is called the Body fat solution by Tom Venuto. It is clearly written by someone who has both the theory and the practical absolutely down pat. He starts the book by dealing with the importance of goals and the mental approach required, smart man. We will harp on about that ad infinitum because verbal reinforcement can lead to implementation which leads to the holy grail, behaviour change and it all starts in the head. Here is a link to the book, go to it and get hold of it any way you can. If I could get reselling writes I could be a rich man because it is the last word on the solution to body fat and you don’t need me to tell you there is a high need for the right information in this area of health.   It is no quick fix but it will, if followed properly lead 100% to the result, guaranteed. Trust me, I know that he knows what he is talking about! 🙂

The brain that changes itself

If you ever thought that the postive thinking fraternity and Anthony Robbin’s style teachings were bogus get prepared for some serious science to back most of it up. Read this and stop doubting!

The ultimate functional exercise

The humble chin up is probably the greatest measure and challenge of someone’s relative strength. When I say relative I mean ability to move one’s self. I guess when it comes to useful fitness, being able to move yourself well is the ultimate goal. Sure it might be nice to be able to lift a car but I mean how often will you need to be able to do this? But when it comes to getting your own body weight up a set of stairs or getting up off the floor or pulling yourself up on to a rock when you are bushwalking, now that is no so uncommon. So how do you get to be able to do a chin up? The best way to start is with the lat pulldown. That exercise uses predominantly the same muscle group. Progress this up by doing a weight that allows you to do 12 reps only and then build it from there to a weight what you can do maybe only 4 or 5. (hey quick disclaimer here: only do this if you have doctor’s clearance and have seen a health professional first! Hopefully that is enough to keep the lawyers at bay!). Lat pulldowns Negative chins (that is lower yourself with control) Do jump chin ups (use your body weight with the momentum of the jump to get up there) Attempt to pull yourself up (use underhand grip) Do full proper pull up. (from full hang position, slowly pull yourself up to get your chin over the bar, lower yourself […]

Fat burning myth?

It is amazing how new information can change how we think and ultimately what we do. There used to be this idea in the fitness industry that it was better to exercise at a low intensity if you wanted to burn body fat, low intensity being a heart rate of 120-130bpm. Depending on your fitness level this is probably a walk. New research of late suggests that greater amounts of fat are burnt post exercise for longer if you do higher intensity bouts of exercise. So who is right? Will it all change again? The way I look at these things is to do weigh up where most research is and then serve up a combination of methods that are likely to first: do no harm and secondly give the client the most chance of achieving the goal they are after. The bottom (not trying to be funny!) line as usual for optimal fat loss is to simply use up more energy than you consume on a daily basis and the only way to track this is by regular measuring and a good understanding of the energy densities of the foods that you eat and the energy output of the activities that you do. You old school teacher was right, mathematics does make the world go around!


This is a bandwagon you should jump on. There is no downside, only endless good news for your body. I really like to see patterns broken because they are usually associated with lazy thinking and boring repetitive behaviour. It is human nature to battle change so why not change something this month that could be holding you back at best and damaging your brain big time at worst?  If nothing else you will have exercised some valuable self discipline which has the major benefit of reminding you that you can do something you set your mind to and this belief is vital for true success. I am talking about not drinking alcohol at all in February, the shortest month by the way! Below are a few snippets taken off their website. Participating in FebFast delivers real health benefits: 60% of past participants said they felt healthier after completing the month, and one in five reported losing weight. (Based on 2008 survey). FebFast provides an opportunity to feel better about yourself, reflect on past consumption behaviours, reduce your waistline and save some money! That all sounds like it fits in with what we all are trying to achieve this year. I am about to register and would like to have a best practice team. Email me if you are in and I will tell you what we need to do or do it by yourself. Go to and see what it is all about. I would love to hear from you!

Downlow on Detox?

It is now February and after a crazy two months of the festive season, which always seems to drag out into January, the talk about town in the diet world is “detox”. All the trashy magazine’s love this stuff, because either celebrities swear by it or they tag it with dropping kg’s quickly. They frame it with being oh so good for your body after it has just been run through the ringer copping a hiding with toxins. BUT is the whole detox thing really good for you?? Lets have a look. The theory behind detox is to cleanse your body, including  liver, bowels, kidneys of the built up toxins, waste and chemical by-products from cigarettes, alcohol, food pestercides, caffeine  etc. all in an effort of improving health and wellbeing. The problem is some of the prescribed detox diets out there end up being quite harmful to not only the body but also the all important metabolism. Cutting calories from 2500 per day down to 1000 may see you jumping for joy on the scales initially, however, long term it will give you no help in speeding up your metabolism, nor will cutting macro-nutrients out of your eating (which alot of detox diets do) which make you lose muscle! All in all these quick fix fad diets look to have you regaining the shortfall in no time. With your body being one of the best detoxification machines going around, here are some tips to rework your nutritional intake this year. Tips to clean up your eating and De-Junk it Definitely give up the smokes […]

Move better!

Can there be any argument that we were built to move? The human body in it’s finest form can do amazing things. We can climb, jump, spin, turn, push, pull, run, swim, flip, cycle, dance, wrestle, throw, swing etc etc. Or……. at our most average, we can just sit, watch and deftly manoevre the remote control. What do you want to do with your life? How do you want to live your life? We work out in a gym, a park or a best practice personal training studio (even!) so we are functionally better and can do more. Think about why you are working out. I believe it is to have more options and as a consequence a better life. In the words of the ill fated ( I say ill fated because it clearly didn’t work with 65% of men and 55% of  women either overweight or obese) 80’s government  campaign, Life Be in it!