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The good ol’ US of A

I came across these little beauties on That is a pretty cool website by the way for giving support to those on a fat loss program. I can tell you with meals like this in the States, a lot of support is needed! It is breathtaking just how many calories and artery choking trans fats are in these meals. Needless to say – Avoid like the plague unless you have just survived 2 months in the freezing alps with out food! They kind of understate below the straight out craziness of these meals. But read for yourself. Quizno’s Large Tuna Melt – While tuna is a good protein source, when it is mixed with high fat dressings the negatives far outweigh the positives. Add to that a large portion size and you manage to create a 1,700-calorie sandwich that provides 133 grams of fat including 26 grams of saturated fat along with more than 2100 mg of sodium. Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing – Obviously when it takes more than a line to write the title there are too many items in the sandwich for it to be low calorie. This sandwich includes items from a variety of food groups but for most people watching their weight, it also includes more calories than they should have for the entire day with about 1900 calories as well as 138 grams of fat and a whopping 4,201mg of sodium. On the Border Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos with Chili con Queso – If you are sharing this appetizer with […]

It’s just not fair!

One of the truly unfair aspects of life is that you cannot ‘store’ fitness. You can train hard for a long period of time and make some great gains only to see it all disappear at a distressingly faster pace than it took to get! But, at the same time one of the ultimate truisms of life is that it is the journey and not the destination that counts. That is also a hard one to get your head around when goals are what drive us. I was thinking about all this today when we were out on the kickbike in the cold and the relative dark with a few best practice diehards sweating up a storm around me. It is funny what goes through your head at 6am in the morning! Consistent exercise is one of those things that has the rare quality of having physical, mental, social and it could be argued financial benefits. I suppose it is easy to understand the first three but financial? I can hear you saying, “but hang on I am ‘paying’ for this”. Well yes you are but I can tell you that those who aren’t exercising are paying far more for not. The investment in one’s self is the best that can be made because everything else literally emanates from that base. A highly functioning body.   A great mental outlook.  Many active friends to go on adventures with. These are the spoils for you my friends,  if you can to consistently quieten that innervoice which screams for the doona or argues for that […]

What is your engine size?

Have you ever wondered about the size of your own engine? You know the engine (heart, lungs and circulatory system) that drives your body?? VO2 max stands for the maximum rate that your body can consume oxygen whilst exercising. The larger the amount of oxygen that you can present and utilise at the working muscle, the fitter you are. It is like comparing a 4 cylinder engine with a V8. The latter engine has way more power and consumes way more fuel because it has a bigger capacity to deliver output. Now combine a big engine with a light body and you have the best of both worlds, case in point formula 1 race cars, which have huge engine power and a very light weight yet super strong chassis. Now let’s put some numbers and real life examples to you. Lance Armstrong, light body, huge engine and therefore an amazing VO2 max. He has one of the biggest VO2 max scores in the world. He has been tested at around 88ml of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute. The average person has about one third of that ability. Obviously there is a certain amount of natural endowment with this particular element of fitness. Lance was standing near the top of the queue when this ability was being handed out. The thing that he also brought to the table was an incredible amount of determination and a tolerance level to withstand some serious discomfort. So what about us mere mortals? It has been said that your absolute VO2 max can be […]

Oils aint oils….

I was going to write something on this but the link below tells it all better than I could. If you are wondering about saturated fat, olive oil, transfats and the amazing health benefits of coconut oil you should go to this site to listen, read and take note. This guy may plug a product or two but it seems to be very genuine and he certainly appears to be in full agreement with other credible sources.  But before you leave this page to go to the link ponder this – I was thinking the other day about how to make decisions on ‘stuff’ in general  This is how I do it. I read from a wide variety of sources and the higher quality the beter, e.g. The journal of clinical nutrition is likely to be more trustworthy than New Idea! Secondly I defer to what most research believes to be the ‘truth’ and then lastly I keep an open mind. Just remember that the prevailing thought of the day when Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile was that a humans legs would shatter at that pace! The guys in the white coats aren’t always right! oils aint oils, Dr Mercola

Who are we again?

our core values –   ·         Down to earth (friendly & non-intimidating) We will be down to earth by being friendly to all our clients and by asking the difficult questions with compassion and by holding all clients accountable in a non intimidating way.   ·         Inquisitive (life-long dedication to learning, both theoretical and practical) We will be inquisitive by always asking if there is a better way that we can help clients achieve their goals. We are committed to researching and implementing new improved techniques through a scientific approach and then with on-going evaluation refine what we do.   ·         FUN (lots of fun) We all have a sense of fun and a desire to use improved fitness and health for a more adventurous life, at least in some way. We don’t sweat the small stuff and figure laughter is the best form of ‘treatment’.     OUR PURPOSE –   “Is to help our clients become ‘usefully’ fit so they can do more and do it better, both in work and at play. We believe this will lead to a happier existence for them personally and as a natural consequence – those around them. join us for the brissie to bay bike ride on the 27th of June will ya? Let’s do something useful with all this fitness! Also let us know if you are coming to our barby on the 25th, the Friday before.

Upcoming Events

We have three very cool events coming up all which we would love you to get involved with. BRISSIE TO BAY RIDE is coming up on Sunday June 27. Best Practice is putting in a team. After all, this fitness training gig is meant to allow you to do things like this because they are fun and to state the obvious good for you! We are putting in a cycling team and a kickbike team. We already have 14 participants raring to go. It is for a great cause and will be a great day so get on board. Injury Prevention SEMINAR followed by BBQ – Friday 25th June at 7:30pm. We have specialist physio Mary-Anne Litchfield coming along to speak to us about old injuries, current injuries and how to prevent them in the future. Many of us get a niggle here and there at times so this is an EXCELLENT way to learn more about it! HIP HOP CLASS – We told you at the beginning of the year that we would be doing fun things and this is one of them. 5 week class every Tuesday at 6pm starting 22nd June! If you think Ericka is good at Pilates wait until you see her in her element! Get on board because you are sure to have a laugh and enjoy the ability to move…. even if it is out time with the beat 🙂 Register your interest to any of the three here!


Next time you’re doing your grocery shopping, stop for a second and have a look at the label at the back. Whilst it may look like a confusing set of numbers here is what you need to know to be able to determine the quality of the product. Look at the column which has 100g. This will be on every product. Do not look at the serving size column as this will vary with each item of food. Fat 20g or more per 100g is HIGH 3g or less per 100g is LOW Females should consume no more than 70g per day Males should consume no more than 90g per day Saturated Fat (Bad Fat) 3g or more is HIGH 1g and less is LOW Females should consume less than 20g per day Males should consume less than 30g per day Sugar 15g is considered HIGH 2g or less is considered LOW Females should consume no more than 40 – 50g per day (8 – 10 teaspoons) Males should consume no more than 50 – 60g per day (10 – 12 teaspoons) More info that was handed out from the night can be downloaded here shopping-tour-take-home-message

I just need a bit more time……

Attention all ‘successful’ executives and career climbing types who may be not telling themselves the entire truth. I strongly recommend you go to this link and watch the video. This is as serious as it gets. Forward it on if you think it might help someone. I am not trying to tell you that work and providing a good living is not important but you know that it has taken over when you have not exercised properly for 3 months or more, have the same argument as Adam Sandlers character (in the video you are about to watch) or feel that your body has become a dumping ground. Check it out!          

Shopping Tour

As apart of our monthly services, this month we are taking you outside the seminar room of best practice and down to the local shops at New Farm. It is an essential part to our life but with so many choices to make, what really is the best one? Find out – What is the best bread to buy? Low fat milk, full fat milk, no fat milk? 97% fat free…. is it all it is cracked up to be? What to take to a bbq How to understand the nutrition labels and what to look for! Plus LOADS more…….. Details Where: Coles New Farm When: 27th May Time: 7 – 8pm Cost:  Zero dollars Feel free to bring a friend/family member as this will benefit everyone. You MUST register,  so please fill in the box below and lock your spot in!