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Pilates and back pain

As someone who has suffered some back pain in my time, the article found at the following link was very interesting and informative for those who are bit unsure about this unique form of training. We have 2 group mat classes at Best Practice and one on one training is available by appointment. Phone 3854 0386 to enquire or book

Nutrition – the key to fat loss

Okay, you’ve got a great fitness plan for 2011. You understand cardio fitness and how you need to do large muscle group activity like swimming, cycling or jogging, getting your heart rate in a training zone and doing this 2-3 times per week. You know you need to build muscle because a greater amount of lean tissue (muscle) equals a higher metabolism and therefore greater energy (read: ‘fat’) consumption at rest, i.e. for the to other 23 to 23 and a half hours you are not exercising. Great! So what is next? Two things actually. Sorry to state the obvious but number is 1….. Start! Plans are good but action is better. Number 2 is your nutrition. You can’t out train the bad diet. Period. So what is good nutrition?. Here is a quick and dirty summary and an example. You must have breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day because it kickstarts your metabolism and prevents you from eating that muffin or birthday cake  at work for ‘Kate’ from Accounting’s birthday. Try a boiled egg on the grainiest bread you can find. Throw in some smoked salmon and chopped tomatoes and rocket lettuce. If you are in a hurry, a high quality whey protein and low fat milk will do when you are in pinch. Add some berries for a great hit of anitioxidants. Don’t leave it too long between meals. Again, if you don’t eat regularly you will end up grabbing something very average, e..g vending machine ‘food’! So have a tub of low fat yoghurt or a […]

‘Useful fitness’

Went for a ride with some clients today. Wow, what a fraternity of active people out there resplendant in their lycra in the early hours of the morning! We did the river loop which is about 35km’s. We took it pretty easy led by a serious cyclist, Dan from Jack Van Riet’s firm. We were joined by clients, David Heath and Michelle Leversedge along with another work colleague of Jack, Greg. Well done to all. You know this kind of thing is the reason we do what we do on the computrainer. You got get out there and do real stuff in the real world. Useful fitness is one of our drivers here at Best Practice. It’s great to look good in the gym, but what do you do with it?  

Exercise and the fountain of youth…

Look. I am not a huge fan of the Sunday Mail but my wife wanted me to get it yesterday because there was an Elmo CD of Christmas Carols for Indi (our 5 year old). Anyway long story short I found a great article about a new study which found that endurance exercise (exercise like you might do on computrainer) stimulates the number of stem cells in our muscles which helps rejuvenate them and here’s the quote from eminent Professor Dafna Benayahu that I like, “For the first time our findings can explain why older people, who have exercised throughout their lives age more gracefully”. Bingo! Tell us something we the converted don’t already know!! In an age where there is a pill for everything why oh why don’t we use the best medicine of all thats one main side effect…. is feeling good and looking better??? Click here for our Pre Christmas ‘get off the fitness fence’ special.

The importance of fats!

I know this heading will confuse you a little. But read this article to find out why some fats, particularly Omega 3’s are so important to health and yes fat loss. This article has come from spark people, a brilliant US web site for people trying lose fat and reclaim their health. I highly recommend it.

Don’t forget to stretch!

Many clients (hopefully not too many…) don’t fully understand the importance of stretching before and after training, and as part of post training recovery i.e. at home! I’m sure there are some of you out there that stretch religiously (or am I kidding myself?), but for those of you that aren’t quite in that category, read on…   Why is stretching so important? Because it plays a vital role in keeping muscles and joints strong and pliable so they are less susceptible to injury. In its most basic form, stretching is a natural and instinctive activity. People often stretch instinctively after waking from sleep or after long periods of inactivity. But stretching pre and post exercise is something that should be done 100% of the time. Just 5-10 mins devoted to stretching could mean the difference between keeping your muscles strong and in working order, or spending days or weeks on the “sideline” nursing an injury.   When done correctly stretching helps strengthen muscles, and in turn strong muscles are important to stretching safely and effectively.   However, stretching can be hazardous when done incorrectly. There are many techniques for stretching in general, but depending on which muscle group is being stretched, some techniques may be better or more effective than others. See below for a list of pointers to follow when stretching to make sure you are performing them safely and to achieve maximal benefit and reduced risk of injury:   Breathe slowly, deeply and evenly – if breathing is strained, you’ve gone too far Stretching should never be painful Stretch […]

Strength vs Cardio… Which is best?

The question most people want answered when they decide to to get fit and healthy, is how do I burn up those excess calories as quickly and effectively as possible… with strength or cardio training? The answer, my exercise-loving friends, is you need to do both! Wonderful, isn’t it 🙂 There are many facets to this debate, and the calorie thing should not be the only consideration. Improving general health and fitness is a combination of many things, not being limited to weight control. What about flexibility, heart health, functional strength to perform daily tasks and postural correction, just to name a few. There is no argument cardiovascular training will burn more calories in a session. However, it is worth keeping in mind that when you are actually lifting weights you are burning more calories, it is the rest time needed in strength training that limits the total calories burned in a session.  Worth noting is that higher total calories burned doesn’t necessarily translate to greater body shape transformation. A well designed strength training routine is likely to have a greater impact on body composition and shape than cardiovascular training on a session for session basis.  This is because while it will be burning less total fat content it is simultaneously increasing lean muscle mass (helps out those before and after photos). The crucial point above is ‘on a session for session basis’ a drawback with strength training is that your muscles need time to repair themselves.  So you need longer recovery time between sessions. This is where cardiovascular training takes the reins and is able to ensure your calorie […]

Let’s talk about the perfect eating day..

How do you satisfy all the demands? You know, enough fibre, not too much saturated fat, the right amout of zinc, folate and magnesium , not too much sugar, Well I don’t know if I can make claims on satsifying everything with this plan but I have put together an example of a pretty darn good eating day that satisfies some of the big ones. Let’s assume a 2200 calorie eating day which is probably about right for a 75 kg person who is active who wants to trim up a little. There are so many variables that go in to whether this is the actual right amount of calories  because yes everybody is different. Different metabolic rates, different activity levels, different fitness goals etc etc.. But the attached PDFfound here  (printed out from our Diet master pro software to be used in our body balance challenge  is a good example of an Australian Dietitians Association recommended ratio of carbohydrate/protein/fats for general health. You should know they recommend 50-60% Carb, 15-20% protein and 25-30% fats, 30g of fibre and no more than 10% of your energy coming from saturated fat, i.e. get a good amount of omega 3 and omega 6 fats with a concerted effort in the omega 3 direction. I have also attached a report on metabolism matters 36_Master_Metabolism_Report_FFPbpversion which everyone should read. We are bringing in the big guns next Monday and Tueday and are doing direct resting metabolic rate measures which if you got last week’s email some very valuable information for those interested in losing body fat. You should call us on […]

The Lunge explained…..

Let’s face it, no one really ‘likes’ likes these but what an exercise! It is important to have really good form. Check out this video demo against your form. Gotta watch your knee position and upper torso. This is a ‘glute’ exercise remember. If you feel tightness in the back leg hip flexor (top of leg at front) then you may need to look at some foam roller work, stretching and or massage. You just have to have this exercise as part of your do anywhere arsenal of exercises. The Lunge