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Subway versus Mcdonalds

It is a fast and frenetic world we live in and no matter how focussed you are, there are times when you will be virtually forced in to buying a fast food option that may not be anything like the tuna and bean salad you usually have prepared. Okay, at the risk of being defamed let’s have a look at the iconic Big Mac from the golden arches against a 6 inch turkey sub from the sandwich boys. Nutrient Big Mac 6 inch Turkey Sub Fat 29g 3.5g Sugar 9g 6g Calories 480 280 Fibre 3g 6g Saturated Fat 10g 1g Protein 25g 18g Sodium 1040 910 Carbohydrate 47g 45g Cholesterol 75mg 20mg   You tell me what you think you should have when you get desperate?

Tricks for being alcohol free

There is a lot of pressure to drink. I heard someone say the other day, “I haven’t had a drink since Australia day”.  Even though the response I heard was in jest it highlighted what we already know. The alcohol culture is pervasive here in Aussie land. Here is a tactic from another client to get that feeling he was having a drink after a long hot day which would usually call for a beer. Let’s face it, the psych component of drinking (as with everything – my psychology study permeates my view of virtually everything) is huge. His trick? Pour a little lemonade, stacks of ice, crushed fresh lime or lemon, filled to the top with iced water, put in a swizzle stick and make sure you use a common cocktail glass to anchor in that feeling. Sit on the back deck and imagine you are on a Southern Thai island sipping a refresshing cockatail. Nice one! How is the energy of my alcohol free comrades?

The ‘perfect client’ and managing your weaknesses

I have a client (a few actually but this one is standing out) at the moment. She is quite simply doing the job better than I have seen for awhile. She was explaining to me how her new behaviour was having the happy effect of impacting her slightly reluctant husband, reluctant in terms of health and fitness things. She told me how he is in the process of giving up smoking, as she has done since she started with us and also how healthy food choices are becoming more and more natural for both of them. It made me think of our purpose in business, which is stated in our core values up on our wall…….“Is to help our clients become ‘usefully’ fit so they can do more and do it better, both in work and at play. We believe this will lead to a happier existence for them personally and as a natural consequence – those around them”.  Those around them! Cool. It feels like we are doing something very good when I hear this kind of thing. This client (Ursula you are star btw!) also told me how hard it was in the beginning, i.e. the first 3 months. The qualities she is displaying are the ones that lead to permanent change. They say ‘seek and ye shall find’ and that is what she had done. In this health and fitness journey, sometimes there is a bit of digging required to overcome the weak point. We all have them and they can derail the best of intentions no matter how good the […]

Do you ‘like’ us?

Okay let’s face it (no pun intended..honest), you either are in to facebook or you are not. This is just quick post. If you are, look for us on facebook and like us! Apparently if I get over 25 to like us we can get a facebook/bestpracticept address. That would be nice and would help get more people to like us, apparently. Okay who really cares if you like us, you might however, ‘like’ the information that we put out which, will help you in someway get fitter, develop strength or simply feel better in your day to day life. We think we are in the best business there is. Helping others get the most out of what can be a short time on this planet. Thanks for ‘liking’ us. p.s. when I get 25 people or more to like us, I could put a link right here that would take you direct to our page. p.p. s.s. Also before you think there must be a reason we currently have less than 25, well it’s because I have been a bit of a social media ignoramus. When you start to play with it a little, there can be some great things come out of it. But as with all things, moderation and intelligent usage is the key.

Alcohol free for February

It is amazing how much we Aussies rely on alcohol for a good time. Recruiting for an alcohol free month was like asking someone (devout!) to change their religion. Reactions varying from indignant to riotous laughter were the order of the day. Now seriously, if wanting a drink becomes this intense then I would suggest there is a problem. And hey February is the shortest month so…. it is not too late to join us. So what if you had a few already, start now and roll till the end of the month. And for those of you who started with good intentions and hit a hurdle, get back on the wagon. This little exercise is about self discipline, delaying gratification and interupting a potentially damaging habit. There a good things a foot from this. I was chatting with a client who is committed to the challenge, even to the point of not putting beer on the onions for his weekend barby. Our weekly measures revealed 1 cm off the waist and 1.5 kg of weight down. The body sometimes needs a little jolt of something different. Don’t get stale. Mix it up and questions that voice inside that seems to command and not consider the consquences of being on ‘autopilot’.

Analysis of a can of salmon

It’s amazing how words can influence. The can I ate for lunch said confidently, “SOURCE OF OMEGA 3’S!” Sounded impressive, but was it really? At closer inspection, and I do mean closer inspection. –I had to put my glasses on which my wife had got me from a saturday market stall because I have been living in denial. At age 45 my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I can tell you that not being able to read a map in the car at nightime has become very annoying and made me think two things. 1. I should have a GPS thingy in the car and 2. I need glasses! Okay back to the salmon……0.9 grams in the can. Is that significant? It is actually. Healthy adults are recommended to have at least 220 mg per day. 0.9 sounded like a joke but as if turned out it was a pretty good food choice. It was low in sugar, less than 3 g (a teaspoon is 4g). It wasn’t exactly low in sodium having about 20% of the total amount I should aim for per say (492 mg) but it wasn’t bad when compared to a big mac (1000+). It was 106 calories in total and when put on some whole grain crackers with some fresh tomato and a sprinkle of fresh basil, pretty darn tasty actually. I guess the sentiment behind this entry is, just be  careful of the words you respond to when it comes to advertising. It reminds me of a dodgy friend of mine when I […]

The Gabriel Method book review

I have started reading a book by a guy who lost a serious amount of weight. His name is Jon Gabriel. It is an interesting story. He topped the scales at over 186kg and now is normal weight and very healthy. He had tried every diet and even spent to time with Dr Atkins of Atkins diet fame. He only ended up yelling at him for being so fat! For some reason I found that funny. The main message of the book is that your mind will control what weight you are no matter what you eat. His idea is that the body will put on fat if it thinks that being fat  will make it safe. The trick is to get your body to know it is safe being lean. It is a different approach than any other weight loss book I have read and does make a lot of sense from a science angle. It really brings in to focus the importance of metabolism and the hormones that control it. He suggests that if you have more than 10kg to lose then there is likely to be a strong emotional element to the problem that is holding you  back. This book is worth a read if you are looking for an answer to major fat loss. I strongly encourage an approach that promotes the use of mind power. It is more influential in our lives than I think we  give it credit for.

Exercise tips for busy parents

Another great little article for helping those under pressure to look after the kids and the home and still fit exercise in. Check it out!

Celebrate your victories and the Feb fast

Hi to all. Myself, Jeames and Ericka had the good fortune to celebrate with one of our star clients on Friday. We sat up the top of the stands and looked down at the pool and reminisced about the journey that this client (and friend) had been on for the past 3 years. I am not sure what was the biggest achievement, losing over 55kg, maintaining that loss for the past 12 months or having the champagne (that we were celebrating with) in her fridge for the last 3 years and not once touching it! I figure Michelle was so focussed, for so long it was like that champagne wasn’t even there because it didn’t fit with the discipline required to achieve what she was aiming for. I can only say, well done again on what I liken to an Olympic level achievement because the turn around required was so big and the single mindedness needed, so intense. It was a pleasure to celebrate that victory. I did over hear Michelle say it was one of the better sessions she had had with the trainers! Okay, December and January have possibly been very challenging for a lot of us. We live in Australia after all where everything seems to be celebrated or commiserated with alcohol. Us included above! So, myself and some clients have pledged an alcohol free February. Are you in? Of course it may not be realistic to never drink alcohol for the rest of your life but as for interupting a potentially bad habit or negative  behaviour pattern, abstaining […]