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Routines, rituals and roles – the perfect month beckons

I have prided myself on being Mr ‘Ad-lib’. You know, the guy that can’t be nailed down in to a routine because routine is boring. I guess this is why I started my own business. The unknown had great appeal and of course I was probably a pretty bad employee, as I always knew better!  But I have started to look at things a little differently over the past few years and/or perhaps I am just growing up. As a young kid trying to be a professional tennis player I knew the value of rituals to performance. I used to watch Jimmy Connors  bounce the ball 21 times every time before he served and John McEnroe make sure he never walked on the lines when changing ends. I was playing a match one time against another kid I had never beaten and I got in to this habit of scraping the grip of my racquet on the net every time I went past the net post. I won the match and the habit stuck because I associated something kind of crazy with winning. And, if something works I am not going to question it too much.  Of course this behaviour is basically superstitious but the power of relying on something repeatable and predictable gives a great sense of  security in a pretty insecure situation. This ritual thing is part of most professional performer’s repertoire the world over because it is kind of a high powered version of a routine which of course is critical to becoming good at what they do in […]

A great hybrid exercise – Lunge overhead press

It usually makes no sense to focus on one body part unless you are focussed on looking good whilst lying down and moving only your bicep whilst you show someone where the door is! Visualise that one. So if you are not a body builder and are interested in a great exercise that utilises the upper and lower body along with a core requirement for balance and stability, then look no further than the lunge overhead press that Eoin is demonstrating  below. Email us for sure if you have any questions about other great 3 for 1 exercises.

The confusing world of supplements

I have been doing some research in this area again lately. Wow is it complex! The bottom line from any respected professional medical people is that you most likely can get everything you need from the right diet approach. I can tell you though that it is not possible to hit everything you need 100% of the time. The supplement thing makes sense to me as I know I miss out something important each and every day. I know this because I have been tracking my diet using a really useful I phone app called mynetdiary. The point is that my diet isn’t bad but I do often not hit 30g of dietary fibre or over shoot the recommended 2400mg of sodium recommended or come up a bit short on zinc or magnesium. Sure I can choose a diet that ensures enough calcium and satisfies some other suggested targets but not all of them all of the time. So long story short, supplementing is something of interest. You may have heard of Dr Mercola, if not you should check his stuff out. Yes he looks like he is a businessman as well as a doctor (aren’t we all?) but if you watch enough of his material ( a lot of it is on youtube) you will get a sense of ‘integrity’ in my opinion. His top 5 supplements are a Probiotic for a balanced digestive system, krill oil for its optimal delivery of omega 3 fatty acids in the right proportions, Ubiquinol,  an anti-oxidant which helps all the other anti-oxidants […]

The ‘perfect’ month is coming…

I am gearing up for an intense July. I am aiming to personally do everything as right as is humanly possible. This includes the ultimate fitness program, the ultimate eating program, the ultimate supplement approach and the ultimate record keeping of my starting point, my journey and my results. Who would like to join me? You have some time to think about it. But be warned it is NOT for the faint hearted. It is for those who really want to see what they are capable of. I am not just talking exercise intensity. I am talking about planning, documenting, assessing and in the end organisational ability and behaviour change. Interested? Fill in this form and I will make sure you hear more about how this is going to work. You can either join me or just watch the results with interest. Whichever you have to tick the box below to be included in the next instalment regarding this.

A great workout

Read this with the usual medical disclaimer in mind. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program blah blah. I am serious though by the way! You’ve got 30 minutes and you NEED  a workout. Here it is. I am assuming some pretty basic equipment, all of which you could get hold of and put in your own home for under $350. Voila – a home gym! 5 minute whole body warm up – marching on the spot getting progressively faster and bringing arms more in to the movement over 1-2 minutes. Then break in to the following 4 moves for 20seconds each (use your I phone with a timer on it – I know you are hip and happening enough in this modern world to have either an Android or an I phone. If not, just judge it for yourself). Body weight squat – push up- lunge on each leg – crunch. Increase range of motion of each exercise with each circuit through. Do it 3 times and you are ready to go. I have chosen 6 exercises using upper and lower body movements (where possible) to maximise use of time and efficiency of workout! Exercise number 1. Squat overhead press (alternate) followed immediately by push up. Do these two exercises 3 times for 45 s each and then rest for 2 minutes. Lunge with bicep curl (at bottom or top of movement). Split the time in half for each leg. Pair this exercise with a simple abdominal crunch. Perform with the same time as above Finish this […]

“You can’t make me exercise!”

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. She owns a business and we were talking about how to ‘look after’ staff. I mentioned an article I read in a business magazine about an innovative company in Melbourne, who were providing time and resources for their staff to exercise each day. It was part of the idea that  ‘a fit person – is a happy person- is a productive worker’ . This company figured that one of the biggest challenges for staff is not the access to fitness options (although this is often used as an excuse) but the lack of time and this is indeed a real issue in this crazy world we live. I would always say though that you simply need to set your values right and with personal health and well being as the foundation on which everything else depends it is kind of simple and therefore will always prioritised and fit in somewhere. But being that is it may, this company provided the trainer and the time with in normal work hours. What a great thing to do. It got us talking though about some of her employees who wouldn’t see this as an incentive but more something that would likely prompt a reply a long the lines of ‘well you can’t MAKE us exercise!’. Wow! It just made me think that no matter what kind of incentive and support a business puts in, if you haven’t hired right in the first place then you are probably in big trouble. So I […]

Huge Success for Push ups!

  If you have been living under a rock or don’t read my stuff 🙂 you probably won’t know that we had our inaugural push ups for charity event on Saturday. It was awesome! You know what it’s like when you try and organise a party or something and you have a nagging feeling that no one will show. Hence I have been a little edgy. You know the kind of thoughts I mean. Here I was trying to organise something promoting two no brainers – raising awareness of the importance of  exercise and donating to charity. If I couldn’t pull a crowd with those two trump cards what did it say about my crowd pulling ability??? There is definitely a psych thesis somewhere in that! But as it turned out we had a great roll up of clients, friends and family (over 35 peeps in the end, thank you so much for being there!), beautiful weather, a fantastic amount of pushups performed by 27 people and a whole bunch of generous people donating online. Congratulations to Martina for pushing out the biggest female number of 56 and for Jonathon doing an incredible 120! If you were kind enough to sponsor somebody on the day make sure you ask them about their number and multiply whatever you agreed upon – .50c, $1, $2 or $10 per push up. You can fulfil that right here, right now! You can use it if you just haven’t got round to donating. Your support is very much appreciated. Here is a link to some […]

Nutrition – The fat loss ‘X’ factor

If you haven’t got your nutrition squared away you are going to pushing the ‘fat loss’ wagon up hill. We have a great system for helping you plan precisely what quantities you need and what types of foods you should be eating to lose fat and build muscle. It is called – Nutrition Complete Check out this link to see what it is all about. Fill in this form if you would like to road test it for 1 month for no cost.

Anatomy of the push up

If you are going to be involved in the big event on May the 14th. You better know how to do a good push up! This video shows an example of great form. See this video for a great dem