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The Tour De France and our friend computrainer

I have been looking at some stats to try and get a better understanding of how good the riders are. If you currently train on our computrainer you can now get a very good glimpse of what these guys do. The computrainer has very many courses, in fact we have a lot of the stages of the tour that you could actually ride and experience for yourself. But before you go and do that let me try and paint the picture of pain that these guys go through. The Alpe D’huez stage is famous for its tortuous finish. It is said to be anywhere between 13.8 and 14 (ish) kilometres straight up, an average grade (depending on who you read) of 6.9% to 7.9%. If you have been on computrainer or know a thing or two about riding this is a serious amount of hurt but especially at the end of a 200 odd kilometre warm up!  The record up Alpe D’huez is 37 mins ish. Can you imagine? One of the numbers to look at next time you are on the computrainer is watts per kg but below is a guage for (guys, sorry girls not available from my source) where you are at compared to ‘fit’ guys and pros! It is pretty interesting if your ride a little. Peak Power for time period Males 2 hours 1 hour 30 mins 5 mins 30 seconds Fit guy 147 – 170 170-172 192-194 206-213 239-452 Category 4 rider 182-209 209 212 237 240 254 266 293 559 Domestic Pro 252 […]

Want to reduce your carbon foot print??

With Julia Gillard’s new carbon tax making the headlines where are the initiatives to promote carbon friendly practices like riding to work? The future and it is coming fast, will need to include strategies to make our environment better to live in and bodies more capable of living in it. There is no better win/win situation than people producing less carbon by walking, running or riding to work and leaving the car at home. People can not only help save the planet but themselves at the same time. Good deal I reckon. When you think that fat is simply stored energy and  65% of Australian men and 58% of Australian women are either overweight or obese (as signified by a Body Mass Index over 30), you can see there is a lot of energy left on the table for most people. When the government really gets serious about the mounting costs of an unhealthy population, look out for compulsory time off from work (paid for) during the day to move/exercise. This won’t be optional because the cost of too many of the population not moving enough is going to be absoultely huge and definitely unaffordable.  But are we really going to get to a stand off between government and individual reserving their right not to be healthy?? Why not make the decision yourself…if you haven’t already done so. Crazy world. In the mean time Best Practice exists to get more people in to the elite 10% (hopefully growing) of the population who exercise enough to get a benefit. Our job […]

Green tea and caffeine

I have been replacing my morning coffee with green tea thinking that I was really kicking caffeine. Well I guess I need to think again. Whilst I was probably consuming about 100mg per coffee before, green tea contains about half this amount according to this interesting article below. I am now aiming for chamomile at night to help sleep and peppermint tea in the morning to help be alert. check it out interesting caffeine information

Have you heard of ‘crossfit’?

This is an exercising methodology that is becoming more and more prominent in the fitness field. I must say there is a lot I like about it. Although, it can look a little intimidating from the outside and it does attract some very serious athletes, which I think the average person may have trouble identifying with. I would like to see more promotion around how the workouts can be scaled down for a grandmother of 70 which I believe they can be. This kind of media will attract more average people who have become disillusioned with the workouts based around machines like the ‘Pec Dec’, ‘Leg extension’ and ‘Leg curl’ as well they should! The bottom line is they push the ‘functional’ concept and this I really like. Why be fit and strong if you can’t or don’t use it for something cool and worthwhile? Read this philosophy by crossfit founder John Glassman to get an idea where they are coming from. “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.  Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J and snatch.  Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds.  Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast.  Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow.  Routine is the enemy.  Keep workouts short and intense.  Regularly learn and play […]

I found an awesome breakfast cereal

This perfect month thing has made me search for ways to be healthy but time efficient. Probably something all of us are looking for. I found a breakfast cereal in a health food store, but it might be available in other places. It is called Protein 1st. Check it out. It is high in protein, the highest I have seen in a cereal, high in fibre, highest I have seen, high in healthy fats and tastes really good. I added about 20 grams of an LSA mix which only added more healthy fats and fibre to it. Throw in some lactose free milk called Zymil and you have what I think is a pretty impressive breakfast. It would be even better with some chopped banana and maybe some blueberries.  This increases the carbohydrate content but don’t be scared of ‘carbs’ like these!

A new healthy eating pyramid

Now this one makes sense!

Perfect month or just a little better?

Okay, there is no such thing as perfect but July is the month and it has arrived. It began on the weekend and I survived my first challenges. I clocked in 5 exercise sessions last week but the challenge started on Friday (snf 6 is the goal this week). So, I have had no coffee the last few days which has been a little tough but peppermint tea is not a bad alternative actually. I had a party on Saturday night and drank about a litre of soda water! I enjoyed some good conversation and woke up feeling on track and full of energy on Sunday. I have started the habit of taking my supplements and haven’t missed yet. I think it really has been an advantage in talking about this and preparing for this about 1 month out so I have been mentally ready for the grief I am getting from some of my more liberal living friends! Things I am going to have to manage: A lower back that has been a little stiff and troublesome over the past 10 months since the last Bridge to Brisbane! Need to factor in Pilates for preventative care and I have regular massage booked and a really good osteopath on stand by. Organisational ability. I have lived a very reactive life at times in the past. I have spoken about routine in previous blogs so training myself to be organised is going to be critical. My immune system. It is traditionally a time of year when colds and flus strike many […]

What the American Medical Association say about supplementing

The reason I take a multi vitamin now is the quote below. As you know I am a sceptic – studying three science degrees has made me that way. Where ever there is money driving something I am suspicious and there is  plenty of money in supplements. But as with all things, the truth or something that satisfies me as ‘the truth’  can be found with a little digging and someone educated (re) assessment. The American Medical Association (AMA) now encourages all adults to supplement daily with a multiple vitamin. Based on a landmark review of 38 years of scientific evidence by Harvard researchers, Dr Robert Fletcher and Dr Kathleen Fairfield, the conservative Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has rewritten its policy guidelines regarding the use of vitamin supplements. In a striking departure from its previous anti-vitamin rhetoric, JAMA (June 19,2002) now recommends that, given our nutrient-poor modern diet, supplementation each day with a multiple vitamin is a prudent preventive measure against chronic disease. 1, 2 The researchers point out that more than 80% of the American population does not consume anywhere near the five to eight servings of fruits and vegetables required each day for optimal health. The American Medical Association (AMA) now encourages all adults to supplement daily with a multiple vitamin. Based on a landmark review of 38years of scientific evidence by Harvard researchers, Dr Robert Fletcher and DrKathleen Fairfield, the conservative Journal of the American Medical Association(JAMA) has rewritten its policy guidelines regarding the use of vitaminsupplements. In a striking departure from its previous […]

A new gym coming to best practice? Sweat.

Someone said to me that a gym is not in keeping with best practice philosophy. This one will be! The mission of our gym is to be one that people join, use and stay joined. We want the best practice gym, which will be appropriately known as, ‘Sweat’ (because we think it is part of any healthy life) is to be an exclusive gym where all members know how to get in, get a great whole body workout done and get out. After all, even though the outlook might be nice, the idea is to get the job done so you can be outdoors and use your cardio fitness and your functional strength for some really worthwhile stuff. To existing clients, don’t be scared small group training will still be happening, just smaller and more focussed and that includes Pilates, boxing and group strength. Sweat will add to your ability to confidently utilise gyms where ever you go as part of your working life. Part of the deal will be weekly lessons on how to do a 20 minute whole body workout. Remember the best work out program in the world… the one you do! More information will be forthcoming (via mail) regarding this because I know you will have many questions. In the mean time, if you like the idea of a best practice gym  log on to facebook and tell us so.