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Anthony Gillespie


Why aren’t you massive dude?

I was buying a plant the other day for the new gym and I got talking with the friendly shop assistant whilst trying to decide which plant would have the most chance of surviving the hostile environment of Sweat and a less than green thumbed owner! “So you’re a personal trainer?” mystified look on his face. “why aren’t you massive dude?” said with a good natured vibe. “I mean you look outdoorsy and kind of fit (thanks!) but most personal trainers I see have it virtually tattooed on their forehead if not literally tattooed on their massive guns, you’ve seen what I am talking about”. My reply, pulling out my old favourite, was “well yeah, I do  know what you mean but I am the ‘thinking person’s personal trainer'” …..This was something I blogged about sometime back if any of you recall after another similar type of experience  in Airlie Beach a few years back. “and our clients aren’t the ones who respond well to the over muscled dude with the designer singlet” Maybe I said this a tad too defensively as he quickly back pedalled with, “No, no, no don’t get me wrong, I am sure you are really good at what you do and I it meant more like, ‘yeah, cool someone normal, you know what I mean?” I laughed and thought to myself, that I really do have to get those bicep curls going a bit more or wear a better cut off shirt! But, I guess the point to note is that myself and the trainers […]

Interval treadmill workout

This is appropriate for members of our new gym or those who have access to a treadmill. This can be done in 25 mins and you need a heart rate monitor and an all clear from your doc (of course). 5 min gradual warm up bringing your heart rate up in to a training zone. What is a training zone? Usually 70-80% of your predicted maximum heart rate. A better formula however is 220-your age – your resting heart rate. Multiple this number by .7 (or .8) and add back on your resting heart rate. For 15 minutes you might perform 10 efforts of 60 seconds at 85-90% max heart rate with a 30 second walking (or jogging) recovery. Just on that, you may actually not even have to run to get your heart rate up enough. You could use the elevation on the treadmill to boost the intensity or you could choose to run on the flat or up hills if that is what you need. Just remember, this is about ‘relative intensity’, meaning relative to your current fitness level. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor yet, (I advise you get one asap) then you can use the talk test. You should be able to talk in the recovery phase but not so much in the ‘on’ phase! Experiment with this a little and try to observe, over time your ability to walk faster up hills or tolerate a higher speed or recover quicker. It is amazing to watch (and feel) how the body adapts and becomes […]

A nutritious easy to prepare dinner

This is straight from our nutrition complete program which is our online training tool for optimal nutrition. It’s not that hard to eat well. You just have to be organised! This has everything you need to know. Ingredients, how to prepare and then the breakdown of what is in it. Knowledge is power my friends! Check out this easy to prepare meal – Asian prawn noodle salad

Open day this Sunday

Sweat is finally here. This Sunday, October 16 is our open day. Remember you have to be there to have a chance to win the 12 month gym and swim membership prize. It is also the last day for our very special intro offer of 4 weeks free access and (2 pt sessions – new clients only).  It will be a fun day so let us know you are coming so we can make sure we have enough low fat snags to keep you happy! 10.30am to 12.30pm. Be there! p.s. very special PT pack offer on the day only for new clients. It will be worth being there if you are really thinking hard about getting this fitness, life change gig started!!

Motivation and the 100km ride

Motivation. It is an interesting subject. I can tell you though, that it is something you are going to have to manage well, if you are ever going to achieve to a life long approach to health and fitness. Perhaps if I share what I use,  maybe you can borrow something from that or better still just copy what I do and join me in all the fun? I missed a few of you on the weekend for the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride, which was amazingly good fun and with the training of computrainer under my belt, surprisingly comfortable. I had never ridden more than about 28k on our affectionately named bike session, ‘compudeath’ but the few sessions I have been doing were easily enough preparation. I work on the 1 to 3 principle now. 1 hour of compu is worth 3 hours of outdoor riding. I guarantee a lot of you who thought you would have had trouble would have killed it. Next year I want you there! Look out for the best practice jersey. Three guesses as to what colour it might be. A calendar of events to give focus to my training next year is below.  One of my goals is to get way more of you involved in these types of events. I would like a bit more company in doing this stuff because that is one of the things that makes this whole thing easier, training buddies. This is one of the concepts behind Best Practice and Sweat to try and make fitness just […]

Another classic breakfast

Check out the breakdown of this little breakfast delight! Classic breakfast breakdown

Olympic strength moves

Have you ever wondered how typical Olympic strength moves could be put in to a program for yourself? You will have to have some experience to be able to utilise the information at the link below but it is a pretty high quality resource for understanding the difference between Olympic powerlifting, Olympic weight lifting and sensible program progression.

Some useful apps and websites

I have used mynetdiary to track my food and exercise in the perfect month back in July. It was ultra convenient and quick to know what calorie balance I was at, at any time. It was the key reasons I was able to lose at least 2 kg of body fat. I have recently signed up for mapmyfitness which has some great systems for tracking any exercise but seems particularly good for running. It looks like it has a great nutrition aspect to it as well but I haven’t got in to that yet. Apparently the Nike plus for the Ipod is pretty amazing too for runners or walkers. In short, there are many amazing free tools for tracking, measuring and motivating. If you are not using anything and are having trouble getting results, check these out. We use a system with clients when we are coaching seriously for fat loss. It is called nutrition complete. It is a place to plan your weekly eating, print out your meal plans and shopping list. It is even a place to observe your energy balance (where the rubber meets the road in terms of fat loss results), by calculating energy expended by your weekly exercise and energy in, from the foods consumed. It takes this kind of focus for a lot of people to get on target. Check it out. If you are an existing client, ask about your free 4 week trial of this system. I will even help you get set up with a one on one half hour orientation. […]

Sweat gym, a new website

Okay, the website is up and running. Memberships on sale next Monday, October 3 Open dayon October 16, where we will draw the winner of the 12 month free membership to gym and swim worth over $1000. If you haven’t entered then look out for the box at the pool on the desk. It looks like this – Gym operational from October 17. If you are an existing client then you get a special deal and you will have to call me to find out more. Get ready for convenience, get ready for new equipment, get ready to  fitting in more exercise at your favourite pool and yes, get ready to Sweat!