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Anthony Gillespie


Hold back the clock with strength training

The beautiful thing about what we do is the constant research that reaffirms it. It gets to the point where you just wanna go, ‘derrr’. Does anyone really doubt that strength training is not necessary for a fully functioning and ageless body. Okay the ‘ageless’ part might be an exaggeration but just about everyone intuitively knows the truth, it is just that the average person still lives in hope that a pill can fix it. Holding back the years!

Whey protein investigated

When I first started the business I had a healthy disregard for supplements. I had seen way too many Americanised infomercial style advertisements to believe anything that was coming out of that industry. But time has passed and more research has come to light on a lot of the supplements on the market. One stands out as a no brainer when it comes to recovery and muscle building. It is whey protein. Check out this high level investigation in to the mechanics of whey protein as a supplement that can help you get better results. Scientific Daily Whey Protein Article

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What do successful business people have in common?

Maybe I am one eyed but after reading the latest BRW and some of the stories of business owners in the fastest growing 100 businesses, I noticed a common thread of some of the top people. It was a theme echoed in another article in the Courier Mail about the mythical ‘Work life balance’ which is indeed another topic. But, quoted in both these were business owners who simply ‘made time’ for their fitness routines by carving out appointments in their diary like any other important meeting. Imagine putting off a really important client on a regular basis? You just wouldn’t do it as part of being professional, so why do most people feel it is okay to do it to themselves? I believe it is because of a skewed set of values or a belief that ‘this is only for a short time’. Sometimes that short time turns in to a lifestyle. If you truly value your health and  your own time,  you will find a way to perform a fitness routine that advances your health and yes your performance which you will find usually rubs off in ALL other areas. As Mr Bouris said to one of the guys in the winning team of a challenge,  in the ridiculous yet watchable  Celebrity Apprentice, “once a champion mate, always a champion”.  You know what they say, excellence is a habit not an act.

The one legged deadlift to upright row and one leg lift

Perform this exercise and develop back strength, balance, glute and hip flexor strength and core stability. Now that is a good return for doing  just one exercise. Check out the video demo.

The best exercise program in the world

You have heard me say this before. It is the one that you do! I read an interesting article about strength training and consistency. So many times throughout my career as a coach, people have asked me to put together a program with all kinds of sophistication which I have obligingly done, but 99 times out of 100, when I asked how that program was going, I was met with a sheepish look that said, ‘I haven’t really got to it yet!’. And they never do! So now, I just don’t do it. I will only work one on one with clients  or in a controlled group programmed by me. This article I read was written by a veteran in the field of exercise prescription and the psychology of how people are and he suggests keeping it real simple and you will give your average person a real shot at doing something worthwhile.  I tend to agree. If you did a 20-30 minute whole body strength session every week, with out fail over the past year, just once per week mind you, do you think you would be stronger and have a better body and faster metabolism? Absolutely. That would be 52 sessions. Now ask yourself how many strength sessions have you done over the past month or three months even.  Most people think that they have to do 3-4 sessions per week or it’s a waste of time. I would like you to rethink that. If you are working with a trainer, then yes you will be programmed to […]

Interesting study proves PT worth

An interesting study on how to help people become more active has basically confirmed the importance of face to face behavioural intervention (read: having a coach or personal trainer). The study and it was a big one, found amongst other things that “…… any method where participants record and track their activity over time, appears to significantly increase awareness and provide motivation for improvement”. This is why I want you to record your activity and why I am looking a better system that brings all of best practice and ‘Sweat’ clients together to feed off each others achievements. This behavioural approach was found to be way more effective than so called cognitive strategies aimed at trying to change peoples attitudes or beliefs via education methods. I can only but agree. I feel like I talk and talk sometimes but the message usually only really gets through when the hand is held if not pulled a little! Clients that hire us intuitively know this and is definitely one of the reasons most gyms don’t work on their own. This is why we strongly encourage you to know when you need that accountability you will get from a trainer. If you want to read more on this study, entitled ‘Focus more on the how and less on the why’, check it out – here. The idea that you should focus on the ‘how’ is interesting and goes a little against common wisdom in this area. But it main tenet agrees with controversial sports psychologist Phil Jauncey’s approach of helping people to  ‘just […]

Can a 50 year old match it with a 20 year old?

I indeed would like to think so as I hurtle head long towards a number that I can hardly believe I will be but that is another story! I have just finished reading a very interesting scientific study. Just before I go in to it, I want you to understand something. The information you get here is going to be good. I don’t say that to brag but just to let you know that having studied three science degrees I respect the research process and what it can tell us. I do understand the argument, that numbers can be twisted to say anything but that argument loses weight when the shear volume of data saying one thing, far out weighs the scant research saying something else entirely. So with that in mind, you should have a look at the recent research done on the importance of cardiovascular fitness and how ‘intensity’ is more important than duration. I want you to think about that a little when you say next time, ‘hey I’m active enough, I play golf’. Check out the study here and I draw your attention to this quote in particular from Professor Wisloff, “Even if you were highly active at a young age, you have to keep being active to get the health benefits from it”. I can still hear one of my lecturers booming, “You can’s store fitness!” This is why we, as fitness coaches will still exist for some time because until you can say fitness is your non-negotiable habit and you know how to push […]

Yeah I exercise, I do wiifit!

I believe the future of exercise will revolve around so called ‘exergaming’, combining exercise with games online. Imagine racing your mate in the US on a virtual 5K cross country running course with you wired up for both heart rate and movement analysis. This sort of thing is possible right now, but let’s have a bit of a look at what a lot of people are  using as a substitute for standard exercise. The wii. I must admit to a raised eyebrow when someone tells me about how much they exercise with the wii. Maybe I am missing something but the few games I played on it don’t really cut it as ‘exercise’ in my book. Here is a pretty in depth look at both the pros and the cons. I really like the last line of this paper because it is one I have heard and agree with. I just think too, that if you are going to do something do it well!