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Killing the carb myth

If you are after the truth then you will know that we are almost fanatically driven to provide it. There is so much misinformation out there it is frightening how easily even a relatively educated person in fitness can get it so wrong. I have been mentioning ‘metabolic precision’ and the system that I will be studying over the coming months. It provides more support for what I studied at university and what I have learned in the real world since. Here is a link to QUALITY information. In a world where personal trainers are popping up all over the place after an 8 week course you can depend on what we do. Check this article out and let me know what you think.

Indoor sessions

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Just 2% of your week and the other 23 and a half hours

This is awesome. If you like overwhelming, slap you in the face, drop your jaw type evidence before you believe you should do something then look at this!

A green light on your food choices?

There is a new app that was brought to my attention by one time employee and still good mate, Jimmy Gillett. Look out for him this year for a big one with the Mayne Tigers but I digress! Any way back to the news at hand. As I understand it, this new app allows you to scan your food whilst shopping and the food label is assessed for how healthy the food is. If it is a red light you are given other choices  that are considered healthier. My fist reaction to this was, ‘if it has a label, chances are it is no good anyway’. Remember the closer you can eat to nature the better. So until they put bar codes on trees you should be right to make good decisions yourself with out an app. But I live in the real world like you and sometimes foods we eat, do in fact come out of a pack so this is a pretty good innovation. Anyway check out this link to find out more information. Also apologies for last week’s link. It should work now.

Personal workout trainers

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Exercise the cure all?

Pretty soon I am studying some information that will add dramatically to the service I am building here at Best Practice. It is about major body transformation, using up to date science based principles  that are being utilised for amazing results right now all around Australia. It is called Metabolic Precision and you will want to know more if losing 10+kg’s is on your radar this year. But just to remind you what we currently have – we have a new gym (for those who know what they are doing and like the convenience of our location and the addition of the pool), bootcamp (new in 2012 for those who like the motivation of working with others) and of course personal training (for those who have identified ‘change’ or indeed for our PT members, ‘maintenance’ as their theme for 2012). The link to the article I want you to read today is below. I won’t use the word they use because a million spam blockers will go off but it is an interesting read because it adds weight to the assertion that exercise is indeed the best prescription of them all. exercise the cure all!

Know your numbers

This is a recurrent theme in the field of achieving goals. It all starts with awareness of where you are at. If you are training with us you will know what it was that finally triggered you in to action. It may have been a worrying milligrams of mercury reading for your  blood pressure result at a work ‘health day’. It may have been high numbers of  ‘cholesterol’  at an annual blood test A waist hip ratio that flags concern As personal trainers we deal in numbers and it is our job to get you to understand yours. But first you have to measure them. If fat loss is your goal it might be calories versus calories out or getting your body fat percentage in to a safe range. What I wanted to mention to you today is the multitude of apps and systems available to you to see where you are at. I have used a lot over the years and I want you to check out what works for you. If you have an I phone then check out the following: My net diary, Mapmyfitness, Myfitnesspal, Nike+GPS, Hundred Push ups, wateryourbody….. The list goes on and on but find something that resonates with you. The ease of use and the information it gives you could be a great strategy for getting your numbers in the right direction.

See what you want to see

The article I will give you a link to today later in this post reminded me of a story I had read from an AA meeting. The story goes that in an attempt to show the dramatic effects of alcohol, a learned man presenting to the group performed an experiment which had a surprising response from one attendee. Standing on the stage the man held up two clear vials of fluid for all to see. Picking up a worm with some tongs he dropped the worm in to the first vial. The worm happily swims around in the fluid. The man says simply, “this vial is water”. He then picks the worm up out of the first vial and drops it in the second only to see it instantly vaporise. “This”, he said “is pure alcohol”. Pausing for effect, he then says to the mostly speechless group, “What do we make of this?”. One man in the back pipes up and says drily, “I see if I drink alcohol I won’t have worms”. This is a classic example of seeing what you want to see from a situation which may not be the most valuable part. People often come to us looking for the answer to their fitness and health woes. We are only part of the solution. We are more the “catalyst” which when you look at the scientific definition of that word will find that it means “A substance (an entity) that increases the rate of a chemical reaction (rate of change) without itself undergoing any permanent chemical […]

Tracking change this year

I am super keen to have records of client progress this year. Even if you don’t train with us, this is something you should do. In the pipeline, is a purpose build best practice ‘wall’ calendar on which you can mark weekly sessions completed. The reason I like a wall calendar is that it is normally put somewhere you can see it daily. Online records and written diary’s are good but they can be ignored simply by not logging on or opening them up. Behaviour awareness comes from consistent and ‘in your face’ exposure to what is ACTUALLY happening on a DAILY basis. There is nothing like up to the minute feedback to affect your actions. So, in the time period between now and when we get our calendar, complete with inspirational photos (and probably stupid pictures of me on there somewhere too! Perhaps you got my Christmas card?), use one you already have or print one out off the internet. Then, what I want you to do, is simply mark with a red marker or pen each time you do an exercise session. Add up your number for the week and then the month. Add a cumulative total to each month and start tallying up the points. Here is how we will calculate your exercise points this year at Best Practice. 3 points for a strength training session (30-45 minutes is optimal), 2 points for a short intense (interval style) cardio sessions and half a point for a low intensity activity like golf or easy swimming for example. The […]