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Anti-oxidants. Heard of them. Yes. But how important are they?

I am now tapped in to an awesome resource. I want to share this with you. This is, information you can trust. Let’s face it, that is more than half the battle these days with this amazing thing we call the internet! Regards, Anthony –  See below: MP Advisory Board Member and resident antioxidant expert, Dr Matt Cooke is back home in Australia after a six year stint at Baylor University in the United States. Matt is a walking encyclopedia on antioxidant research. I was keen to catch up with him to get the latest on what can be a controversial topic. So I dropped by his new laboratory at Melbourne’s Victoria University, to say hi to an old mate and “chew the antioxidant fat”. You can get the latest research on antioxidants and recovery from exercise, here. (this one is quite heavy but interesting for the science minded person!) We post great new stuff virtually every day. Here’s some of the recent posts at A Guide Over 40’s Transformation with Garry McPherson (seriously impressive results from someone who was a little skeptical too) 3 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally! An in-depth look at Creatine: The Mechanisms of a Powerful Supplement with Dr Willoughby, PhD. 10 Delicious Ways with Quinoa with 2x Ms Olympia Shar Sault Exercise and hypertension medication High-impact sports and joint degeneration Enjoy! Paul Dr. Paul Cribb

Omega 3 is ABSOLUTELY critical to your health & performance…….

The omega-3 discovery The omega-3 essential fats help building muscle, reduce inflammation, improve insulin metabolism, promote brain health and protect against cardiovascular disease. They are becoming the health miracle of the 21st Century. However, the omega-3 phenomenon all started over 30 years ago with a few young Danes dog-sledding their way to Greenland to check out some Eskimos. Danish scientist Dr. Jörn Dyerberg, then, a young researcher, set off with a couple of colleagues via dog sled over the ice and snow to check out the lifestyle of the Greenland Eskimos, or Inuit as they prefer to be called. This was back in 1970 and Dr. Dyerberg was curious how the Inuit’s could eat an extremely high-fat diet and still have one of the lowest death rates from cardiovascular disease on the planet. The scientists analyzed blood samples from the natives and identified high levels of two long-chain fatty acids, now called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The researchers published this landmark paper in The Lancet in 1971 and the omega-3 phenomenon began. Now, some 14,000 papers on the omega-3s have been published, including close to 8,000 human studies. Dr Paul Cribb, Metabolic Precision. If you want to really understand this fully and believe me when you do, your motivation for eating better will be increased dramatically. Then read this ! I+I+Special+report+1

Relaxation with yoga pilates

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Inspirational story. 54 year old woman achieves some great things

Check this one out from the files of metabolic precision success stories.

The deadlift and rehab?

I really loved this post I found regarding the importance of the deadlift and rehabilitation of a back injury. It touches at the very heart of how I am shaping what we do here at Best Practice. Most of you know I have been studying Metabolic Precision which is a process and structure for transforming bodies and living an extremely healthy existence. It encompasses a very strategic way to eat combined with a scientifically prescribed training program to get the utmost return for effort put in, which is absoultely fantastic. But what about the person who has an old injury to deal with? How do you get to the big exercises that stimulate the most growth? Important moves like the squat, deadlift, a rowing action and or a bench press. when there may be compromised movement patterns in place? It will always be about firstly identifying issues, getting appropriate musculo skeletal treatment when necessary and then not being afraid to push for real and continual progression to improve  integrity so more challenges can be met, for both daily living and other goals such as muscle growth or at least maintenance – remember that most of us lose muscle as we age which seems to be strongly associated with everything we label ‘as getting old’. Way to avoid? Lift progressively heavier weights and vary the movements as the body adapts. Read this post because it is intelligent and makes sense. p.s you can probably pass on the videos unless you are as geeky and as interested as I am in the […]

Muscle matters….big time!

Forget this, “I don’t want to bulk up” line. If you are the average person, unless you actually strive to get stronger you won’t not only not stay the same you WILL get weaker because of the old   “If you don’t use it you lose it”  principle. You see as we get older we seem to get more efficient at conserving energy with our movement, which physiologically means we recruit less muscle fibre, which in turn leads to muscle wastage, which is unfortunately pretty much a certainty of aging. What you may be able to control with a concerted effort however, is to reduce the amount and speed of that loss and with a science based strength program you may in fact be able to still build muscle in to your 90’s. Now, how much quality of life do you think you will have if your muscles can still help you move the way you want to do the things you want to do in your life as you get older? More than the person who doesn’t address this issue and ends up not being able to get out of that chair I can tell you! If you are a client of best practice expect to pick up a scientific review of why muscle matters so much from the studio or gym this coming week. It will give you all the evidence you need to start knowing why you absolutely have to starting lifting weights and I am not talking little ones! The intensity of training is another variable that […]

I don’t want to age!

“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child in to old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm”. Wise words from Mr Aldous Huxley apparently. But I can tell you enthusiasm is a lot easier to muster when you are able to…. get out of the chair.  A client told me she read some where credible that the main reason people had to go to a nursing home was because they could simply not get themselves out of a chair anymore due to muscle wastage. Now there’s a vote for strength training if ever there was one. So you just have to lift weights. Agreed? But  I can hear blokes screaming. “I don’t want to be Arnold Swarzanegger or anything you know!!” or the  ladies who cry  in disgust, “I don’t want to bulk up”, as if this was an easy thing to do. I am here to tell you that just hanging on to what you already have is going to take a pretty major effort in itself and if you want to build some, then get ready for some real work! There is no doubt having some muscle makes the human body look better but it make go way deeper than that. Read this article on the ‘fountain of youth; and tell me if you would like to spend more time on the treadmill or are you ready to start lifting some weights?

Calories aint calories

New information coming to light raises question marks over what has been the generally accepted thought about calories. Food has calories which we consume and our bodies burn calories which we expend. I don’t think there is any argument about that. It is just the measurement of these that has come under scrutiny. Read this interesting article and let me know what you think.

The perfect training program? No really, this time!

I have said before that the best training program in the world is…. the one you actually do. I still strongly believe this,  because doing something will always be better than doing nothing and you will be better off than 90% of the population. But how about answering the question for those who already are in a habit and are not getting the results they want? What about you? Well in my pursuit of trying to do this job better I have learned some great things about nutrition lately as you may have already read in recent blogs. But I have also found out some interesting things about program design that will improve the way I do things when I train and also the way I will program others for strength and cardio training and it is good news. Put your hand up if you like spending hours in a gym on a treadmill or a bike pounding it out trying to eke out more calories, to ‘pay’ for that beer or that cake you had on the weekend? There may be some relaxation value in that (and certainly some evidence of determingation) but not much else. Sure, again better than doing nothing but most of us exercise for a reason and it is usually to have some good looking muscle or ‘tone’ and to be functionally useful, both from a strength and a cardio perspective. Check this out now –  The ultimate way to train!, it makes sense on a lot of levels, the least of which is the […]