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Can you really learn good nutrition in 8 days??

You know already that I have been seriously looking at how I can help you get your eating right. I want to help a large number with this and whilst one on one coaching is the pinnacle approach, not everyone can access that. I was looking for a resource that would help expose the rules of healthy eating, information that is NOT easily accessible due to the incredible confusion created by mass media. Well, I have found that resource. I sent an email out last week to a number of you but I am opening this up to whoever reads our stuff. This 8 day course comes from Dr John Beradi of Precision Nutrition and whilst it will never replace face to face coaching/mentoring, it is an excellent first step because it shows you the irrefutable findings of the latest research and then how to implement these tested real world strategies, in a way that you are never going to get from your Men’s Fitness or New Idea or Women’s Weekly. The course starts with three consecutive online questionnaires, which are very revealing – they get right to the point, highlighting your weaknesses and offering solutions. Even just reading the questions called attention to some of the areas I could improve upon, and I know this stuff. Each lesson offers a concise, no-nonsense message, one that beginners and experts alike will benefit from hearing. John does a great job of putting aside the fads and getting down to the point. He makes no mistake about telling you exactly what will […]

A bunch of tasty healthy recipes. Enjoy!

If you search hard enough and know where to look sometimes you come across great resources. This one will help you. That is, if eating better and getting the utmost out of your big efforts in and out of the gym is a priority for you. And I think it is!!

How’s your kitchen looking? You will find this really useful!

This is a great tool to see where you are at. It all starts in your kitchen and preparation, with the right tools of the trade,  is key! kitchen-makeover-questionnaire It comes from a website promoting nutrition called precision nutrition. For more info and great recipes from the same experts check this! By the way ‘Like us’ on facebook and you will find regular updates of what we are up to (we want you to let us know what you are doing too) and links to other useful fitness, strength & conditioning and health related information.  Bestpractice Personal Training – building a community of fitness nuts!

Professional boxing gala

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On yer bike!

A number of us here at Best Practice are going in the Brissie to Bay ride on June 24.  Enter here. It would be great to have you join us and give you a little training focus going in to Winter. I would also like to invite who ever is keen to join me personally along with another mate of mine on a kickbike (see below).  I have 6 bikes available and this invite is open to any client or member of Best Practice. I will be doing a few training runs over the coming weeks. So let me know if you would like to do this. You WILL be part of the IN crowd on a kickbike no doubt! Looks like fun doesn’t it?  

Old age and limiting factors

An interesting read from yours truly 🙂

Exercise as medicine

Personal training has come a long way but perhaps still has a ways to go before ‘practitioners’ are held in the same regard as doctors. More and more research is showing that exercise plays such a vital role in health that the day where it is ‘prescribed’ just like a pill to treat an array of ailments is not far away. If this surprises anyone I can only say, DERRRRRR! Some of us trainer types with more muscles than brains have known this one for years from just ‘doing it’. Check out this study done by the prestigous Texas University on the effects of exercise in the treatment of depression. It’s an interesting read.

Have a go ya mug!

There is something quintessentially Australian about that quaint little saying. I was reminded of it on the weekend when I participated in the annual corporate triathlon event down on the Gold Coast. It was a beautiful morning and I couldn’t help think how very cool it was to see so many people of all shapes and sizes putting in their all in the name of just ‘having a go’. This was no bunch of elite athletes – us included! Why does one get up at 4.30 in the morning and drive for 1 hour, only to then dive in to some murky water, flay your arms till your lungs hurt and then jump on a bike for some leg pumping fury and finish it off with a run/jog/lurch that heaves your chest that little bit closer to collapse? I believe it is the spirit that we all possess but only few tap in to. Sometimes when I write these blogs I wonder if my words change anything or anyone. If one person reads this and get’s sparked in to action and doing something then it has been worth it. People who push themselves live fuller lives with out a doubt because who knows how far you can go with anything unless you challenge yourself to go further than what is comfortable and experience what is beyond that? In that same vein, I ask you to join me and who ever this touches, to go in to the next event I set as a target this year for the Best Practice […]

Is it a coincidence?

You have probably heard the saying that a mechanics car is the first one to break down. The thought is that they are good at fixing other peoples cars but run out of energy for their own. I have to say that I usually have the energy to train myself but over the years I have suffered from recurring back issues and at times could be just like the aforementioned mechanic. This is probably a function of years of one sided sport and the imbalances encouraged by such pursuit and when combined with a refusal to accept any degradation in previously achieved functional ability, you get …… inappropriate loading and intensity leading to repetitive injury and backward steps. Needless to say a very frustrating journey! Perhaps some of you can relate? Well I am not sure if it is a coincidence or not and I certainly don’t want to jinx myself, but with my recent change in approach to my own personal training routine  involving a greater emphasis on progressive strength training and in particular strength of legs and lower back, my back feels stronger than it has for a long time. See a previous entry on the deadlift and you will see the type of exercises I am talking about. I was brought up on a sometimes punishing cardio training schedule with what was, in retrospect a misguided training routine in my youth. Tennis was ill defined as an aerobic sport at the time and after closer scientific scrutiny revealed the greater importance of anaerobic training [read strength, short […]