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Numbers matter but awareness is key

As much as we like to talk about the big picture of metabolism and not getting too caught up in the minutiae of calorie intake, it does matter how much you eat and then how much you burn up. It is fully possible to get fat on healthy foods. Read and understand this article coming in to Christmas and make smart ‘big picture’ decisions. Remember that unless you are in so called  ‘maintenance’ mode and have a good handle and control of energy in, versus energy out fluctuations, you should be erring on the side of less rather than more at this time of year. Whilst the science around exact calorie calculations might be a little sketchy it is an inescapable fact that an excess is going to sit around the waist or settle on the hips with often devastating effects on your health. Understand how the body works and be aware of the negative effects of too much in and not enough out at this critical time of year. Keep moving and make smart eating decisions folks so next year will be your best ever! That’s not just a throw away line. Why wouldn’t you try and make each year better than the last no matter how ‘good’ you think you are? In my mind there is only forward or back. Which way do you want to go?

Do you have a good plan?

When we coach clients in Nutrition we are constantly evaluating results. Quite simply if the body isn’t changing then there are one of two explanations. It is either a good plan that hasn’t been applied well or a bad plan that needs adjusting. Usually it is the former. Complete honesty is needed if progress is going to be made. Most people who don’t know better jump from one plan to another before they have given the one they are on enough respect. There is a Buddhist quote which I really like. I just read it the other day on a post by renowned strength and conditioning coach, Mike Boyle – “in the beginners mind there are many choices, in the experts there are few”. He is a big fan of the KISS principle and adhering to the basics. When it comes to nutrition, unless you are adhering to the basic habits and do those ‘savagely well’ & have done for 3 months at least, don’t even think of changing the plan! And keep to one habit at a time if you are having trouble with big change. Before you know it, you will have new healthy behaviours as a normal part of your life.

Exercising over the break

A smart way to approach this time of year is to do one of two things depending on where you are at. If it has been an extremely busy and tough year, then take this time to breathe, recover and regather focus for the next one, ensuring this time, to plan your priorities. Everyone will have different priorities but  one thing should be constant for all – taking care of number 1. No matter how self less you want to be in this life, you can’t help anyone if you are in poor shape, mentally and or physically. “All I want for Christmas is greater strength, improved fitness, optimised nutrition and supreme health”. Is that too much to ask Santa? Now that would be a present worth opening!! If you have been looking after yourself this year then good for you. But now is not the time to drop the ball on this one.  Athletes around the world follow a program that is ‘cycled’. You should do the same. Treat this time of year as your ‘active recovery time’. Active recovery is about doing stuff that is fun and usually less intense. Get outdoors and hike, jump in the Valley pool and do some laps or dive in the ocean and some body surfing, or try something new in the best practice gym, or take up a sport (I tried baseball this year) or play with your kids. Reap the rewards of a year well spent and mentally prepare yourself for 2013 and more action. May be our first group […]

If you can’t work with us choose these guys!

I am a realist. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer but so many people need one. Most people have a go at exercising to lose fat but don’t focus on the most important aspect to support all that activity – nutrition. Here is a program from the guys we have been certified by. They do an online coaching program that I strongly recommend. Check it out. If however you want someone to work face to face with then we would be a good choice! All professional programs should address assessment, individualised programming based on that assessment, nutritional guidance or coaching and tracking of what has happened and then adjustment where necessary. We have a personal and a group option with that and if you live or work close the Valley then make sure you investigate us and we can see if we are a good fit to work together.

Assisted chin up


Setting goals that inspire

You might think it is too early to be setting goals for 2013. I beg to differ. Now is exactly the right time to get out your marker pen and start putting in the important stuff for next year in to a big fat calendar stuck on your bedroom wall. Christmas is literally just around the corner and there is craziness associated with. It’s true. We know it. So accept it and get the important stuff done now whilst you still can. You won’t have time for it later believe me. Planning is the key to a successful life and the more constantly viewable it is the more effective it will be. This is what I do.  About this time of year I grab a wall planner and start marking in the things that I know inspire me. Holidays for starters! I always put those in first because it is motivating to know that there WILL be guaranteed times of just chilling out and enjoying time with my family. With that done I then put in events that I want to do that will bring focus to my training because I value fitness. When I was younger it was all about the tennis tournaments and where I was meant to peak. Now that the meant-to-be glory days are gone, it is all about practicing what I preach because it simply makes sense if I am to achieve a high quality and fulfilling life.  I find the process of training much easier when I am training FOR something. Also I find […]

What do the healthiest people in the world eat for breakfast?

Modelling success is a common self development catch cry. Set aside your cynical attitude for a second and get your head around the concept that the healthiest people in the world eat a breakfast way different to what you are probably eating right now. Check out this informative article about what we and our American cousins are doing versus what the Okinawans and the Icelanders are doing. It might surprise you!

Can Jack Daniels improve your running? & No excuses!

No. I am not talking about the whiskey Jack! But I knew this would get your attention. If one of your goals for 2013 is doing something with your running like maybe something as admirable as running a marathon or even the Bridge to Brisbane,  then this extremely informative table will help you understand where you are at now and what you might need to do to hit the time are aiming for. Personally I think setting a goal to run a marathon at least once in your life is one of those classic bucket list items. Why you might ask? Well if you have to ask then may be you are lacking that little characteristic common to all great achievers, both past and present which simply compels you to shoot for something simply because you can! Reason enough?? I hope so!! Celebrate your ability. This guy did. He found no excuses!

VIP’s eating well!

It was the 2012’s Best Practice Personal Training VIP dinner and it was another great night thanks to Graeme and the good people who came along to enjoy. You can download the recipe and preparation instructions courtesy of Graeme Mac so you too might be a master chef at home!