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Anthony Gillespie


Keep it fun!

A lot of you receiving this won’t be able to take advantage of the offer I made to clients and members to come a long for a go on our famous kickbikes this Saturday morning but there still is a message here for you. When I started the business back in 2005 here at the Valley Pool I was keen to offer stuff that was different and fun whilst keeping to solid scientific principles of training. The kickbikes fit the bill for different and fun. Check out this video to see a relaxed ride from some colleagues of mine from the Australian institute of Fitness last week. Good way to tour Brisbane! This Saturday morning at 630am leaving from New Farm Park I am taking them out for a run and at last count there were 3 spots left. This is a no cost offer to try a kickbike and yes something different. If you are nearby to us here at the pool let me know and you might get a spot still! The moral to this post though is find something that you like doing when it comes to fitness because if you like it, you will do it! The best fitness program of all is the one you actually do. It doesn’t have to be boring folks.

Do you cram?

I will be honest. I was a really bad crammer when I was at school and at uni. There was something about the pressure which made me ‘get it done’. This same approach doesn’t work so well when it comes to preparing for a physical challenge. I was reminded of this fact last year when I attempted to ‘cram’ my training for the Nissan corporate triathlon on the Gold Coast. Whilst it is not an extremely arduous event it is still around 50 minutes of sustained effort. Any way long story short, I did some cramping damage to my calves in the week leading in to the event and went in woefully underprepared swim wise. My results on the day reflected this, so this year I have decided that things will be different. I am not the greatest swimmer in the world but have the fortunate situation of having a pool right on my door step, so no excuses huh? Well there are 7 ish weeks to go and I have two swims under my belt and already quite a few runs. The goal is to do at least 20 swims before the event and another 14-18 runs. So what about you? What is on your agenda? I have spoken about committing to various events throughout the year as they bring focus. The first step is to pick one, then enter it. Once you have done this, start planning your training and then more importantly start ‘doing’. I think about ‘process focus’, meaning don’t worry about the outcome just concentrate […]

Are we ruled by fate?

This is a great post about genetic testing and where things are at right now in terms of what the testing can tell you. We had a gene test available to us a few years back here at Best Practice but the company went out of business. The information we got was still very useful but things have moved forward since then and there are still a ways to go before what we find out is a full on summary of what your code means in completely (& perhaps scary) accurate detail!

Is it better to be fit, flexible, fast or strong?

My answer? It’s better to be a Jack of all trades! I believe that an extreme of anything is unhealthy and that when it comes to heroes I like mine to be versatile. Decathletes are the real deal in my opinion. So when you are considering how you should train there is a definite hierarchy on how to build it and also an ‘end game’ approach, to then maintain this thing for life. First things first. You need to have a good base (and then maintain that because you will find that you can’t really store any of this unfortunately. There is no resting on your laurels Jack!) and Pilates or Yoga is a good place to start. After this you need to consider two things, building strength on your Pilates base which prepares you for power and then building a fitness base in way that prepares you for being fast. Here is a great article that talks about the three different energy systems that need to be trained in some way to achieve this. The good news? Training will NEVER be boring. If it currently is, then you need to mix it up and include something from each system. Pretend you are training for a decathlon! It will help you in ways that you may not yet be aware. Learn about the ATP-PC system that will help you sprint to make the bus in the morning, find out more about the GLYCOLYTIC system that will enable you to run hard to the  florist which is 400-600 metres away from where […]

A Strong Core is Vital!

This photo captures the importance of core strength when it comes to excellence in performance. Imagine how hard it is to sprint at maximum speed across a tennis court and then slow down in time to set the legs and the rest of the body and importantly the head, to then swing a racquet and make perfect contact. That is a strong core in action. Check out this article for a great description of exactly what the core is, how to train it and importantly, why training it is vital for some many things in life including dealing with back pain.

Interval training

I don’t want to sound repetitive but sometimes you have to be in order to cut through. If I see another person reading a book whilst ‘working out’ on a bike or casually watching TV with make up perfect and not a drop of sweat in sight……. Read this to understand how interval training works and should be done, from world expert Mike Boyle. You might not like it I can tell you (Jack Nicholson may have been right in a ‘Few good men’) but believe me, it is better you know than waste years of going no where on a slow treadmill, whilst watching re-runs of ‘Friends’ on the plasma at your local gym.

Ditch the cereal!

Here is a great breakfast eating option alternative to our  cultural favourite – highly refined rubbish with athletes on the packet  (yes it does taste good, sweet always does and those athletes do look inspiring!).  There are some other great recipe ideas for other meal times from these guys too. Check it out!

Eyes wide open

It is funny how we can see what we want to see or even forget critical elements of a particular set of events or even our own behaviour. It is well known in nutrition research that an individual’s memory is a very poor and unreliable reporting mechanism for calories consumed in a day. Now I don’t think we necessarily lie to ourselves on purpose but there is something in our brains that shuts out potentially relevant ‘bits’ of data. Police prosecutors see this phenomena in action from the incredible discrepancies between eye witness accounts of the same crime. I think we all have blind spots or ‘ways of thinking’ that create shortcuts, that ease the burden of processing every little thing in our world. We often then bend and twist things to fit nicely in to our own pre existing perceptions.  Needless to say, the way we see the world is not always the way it is. It is merely a ‘version’ and the sooner we realise that, the sooner we have a chance to make progress on things we thought we couldn’t. I think this tendency to under analyse ties in with Einsteins view that we only use a small percentage of our brains and therefore have a lot of untapped potential. Well this weeks post is about opening our eyes and seeing things for how they are, not as we would like them to be. As coaches we aim to help people change and over come barriers. The only way for us to do this is to look […]

I have a dream

Sometimes I have a dream. I am up on a pulpit preaching health and fitness to the masses….. fist coming down for emphasis and spirits soaring amongst the crowd as they soak in and own every word I utter, as if from God him (or her) self, I know, I know typical personal trainer type with a God complex! What I dream next is a world of active people…. happy, strong, flexible and fit people. No I am not talking some ‘Globo gym’ utopia of lycra and latte’s. I am talking about down to earth people who every day make activity a simple part of their life and look & feel immensely better for it. As you know we are personal trainers and our job is to help make this more of reality for more and more people. You know how they say that you can give a person a fish and they will eat for a day? Well the analogy is the same. We are teaching people how to ‘fish’ so they can be active for life. This is the answer. It needs to be a part of your life and not just something you go and do separately in a square boxed room filled with plasmas and pumping music (although this can and should indeed be part of it – because it is hard to do the non-negotiable progressive strength training anywhere else). So my dream is that this Monday morning you are reflecting back on a perhaps adventured filled but certainly fun (because movement is a celebration) […]