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Nutrition for your kids

This is a very emotive subject and one that is super important for the future of our society. Read this post from precision nutrition to understand the best strategies for giving your children the best chance to be the healthiest they can be. It is very poignant given the focus of the Biggest Loser this year. The bottom line is that kids will do what they see not what you tell them.

Super shakes

If you can get past any hang ups you have with a guy talking with what seems like an American accent (he’s Canadian if that helps) and using the suffix ‘dot carm‘ in a sentence, then watch this short video on how to put together a Super Shake. We use the Precision Nutrition system as our ‘go – to’ resource for nutrition information and coaching. I have looked for a long time and this approach just makes sense. So get over your suspicion of anything that might set off your ‘cheese’ alert and watch the video on how to put something super nutritious together fast. We are all rush rush rush these days but believe me this will help. Let me know what you think.

Just in case you were getting confused…

I posted last week about the Biggest Loser. The myths and misconceptions continue unabated and yeah I’m still watching….. But just so we are clear. Don’t try to trade off calories on the treadmill for the extra 20-30kgs you are wearing. You don’t have enough time to do this and you will be bored before you even burn up the proverbial drop in the ocean and or get injured in the process. So am I saying that calories don’t matter? Well Yes and No. Yes because what you think is a calorie probably isn’t and No because an excess of energy consumed WILL become stored fat. SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER THEN MR PERSONAL TRAINER!!! Don’t worry I can feel your frustration. But here it is in a nutshell- (keep in mind that these are general guidelines and may not suit your particular circumstances or need specific explanation. Consult with a professional to clarify what is right for you personally. We would be a good first contact!) Increase protein and  reduce simple carbohydrate intake. Eat healthy fats. Eat a stack of vegetables always. Start moving more in general – even 4 dedicated sessions of training each week will amount to little for some genetically challenged souls when the other 98% of time is spent sitting (on the bus to work and on the seat at work all day and then on the bus again going home). Build core strength as a first priority then progress to functional strength (i.e. useful movement). After this aim to be progressive in your strength […]

Pilates Myths

This is a great post about the funnily named ‘Pilates’ Remember we have our first course for some time starting April 18. 2 spaces left only. Check out more about it here and or book the last remaining space if you are fast!

It was a heck of a hill!

Myself and a few hardy clients made it up Mount Cootha on the weekend. It was a heck of a climb. To prove how hard it was check this short video of a graph of my heart (thanks to My Zone) wanting to jump out of my chest! Congratulations to Michelle Leversedge, Guy and Helen Maxwell and Clint Holmes. Awesome effort guys! That was no walk in the park. A few of you will know that I talk about ‘useful’ fitness and that’s what going in these type of events are all about for me. There’s no point in working your backside off in a gym if you never doing anything useful with your nicely developing fitness. Now riding up a mountain mightn’t be it for you but there are countless ‘useful’ things you can do with an active body and I want to hear about it!  

Lessons and illusions of the biggest loser

I have never really watched the biggest loser but I have started watching this season. Man is it good television! But I am not quite sure how they get away with some of the things they do and some of the things they say. I do acknowledge that there is a lot of ‘theatrics’ going on here which is not necessarily best practice training methodology but certainly part of ‘watchable television’ 101. Let’s start with what I like. Before starting their ‘weigh loss journey’ (more on this misnomer later). They got all them to jump off a 10 m cliff in to the water which was a great exercise in overcoming fear and pushing yourself to do what you think you can’t, both really good metaphorical lessons in what needs to happen when undertaking such a massive project. Just as an aside: Let me just say I have nothing but respect for these people who take this on. They have everything going against them – genetics, environment, social conditioning and usually, a massively negative attitude seriously ingrained over time. Make no mistake, getting past all these things to turn their lives around will take nothing less than olympic level dedication and determination. The only difference I see between these people and Olympic athletes is, natural talent and ability. The effort and the pain to achieve great things is no different regardless of whether you are buff or not. Now for what I don’t like. The head trainer Shannan was berating one of the members for only doing 10 minutes of […]

What you need to know about whole grains

We talk about consuming carbs only after intensive exercise, be it strength training or cardiovascular. But we are not talking about any old carbs, we are talking about healthy whole grains. Check this article out from our trusted resource in nutrition – precision nutrition to see if you know what these really are. You might be surprised.

Exercise Minimalism

If you are short on time and think that you can’t get good results from 10-15 mins per day of exercise then you need to read this article to challenge you a little. There are some critical components to this approach so make sure you pay attention to that detail!

No excuses

I may have shared this once before but big business advertisement notwithstanding, this is fantastic stuff!