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Cycling is the new golf!

Look, you don’t have to spray on the lycra to be a cyclist. In fact I am happy to see you with a basket on the front, bread stick poking out and whirly gigs on the wheels! I would just like you to join us in the Brissie to Bay ride on June 23. One of my goals last year was to get more participants from Best Practice on a bike and cycling those amazing legs for 10, 25, 50 or even 100k. Join our team here and make somebody proud! Remember, there’s no point in looking all buff and beautiful in the gym if you don’t get out and show it off. Put on your lycra if you have to….. or not. Just saddle up and do something cool on a Sunday morning. I look forward to seeing you there.

Hey tiger, not so fast with the fork!

We live a crazy fast paced life. Whilst this can be fun, it also can be problematic. Check out this article from the Precision Nutrition boys on why shovelling it down is not the way we should be eating! Remember the yanks are pretty similar to us when it comes to unhealthy behaviours so lots of lessons can be learned from research done there.

Tribute to mums

I hope all the fantastic mums of Best Practice had a great day on Sunday. What a job you do. I know it was my mum who set the scene for me as a child, to a lead a healthy and happy life. Thanks ma! I know a lot of you out there feel the same. I trust you spoiled your mum on Sunday. And if it was you who was spoiled. You deserve it. It can be a thankless task sometimes but know that what you do shapes the future trajectory of lives and there is no job more important than that. Thank goodness for mums around the world.

Useful fitness?

You have heard me rant about doing something useful with your burgeoning fitness levels. Last weekend was goal 2 for the year for me personally and a definite achievement for more than 2000 corporate participants in the annual BRW Supersprint triathlon on the Gold Coast. Congratulations to everyone who put their bodies and minds to the test. Whilst this was not a hugely long affair everyone in it still had to train up for it over the preceding weeks and then haul themselves through water, on bikes and finally putting one foot in front of the other for a significant period of time. This ‘training for something’ thing is a great tactic. I recommend it because, whilst it is nice to think we are motivated by health and being good to our body, sometimes the basic desire to do a thing ‘better than last time’ or ‘do something for the first time’ is a great impetus for action. I had my good mate of close to 40 years come up from Sydney and play the role of two people and do it twice! Talking of useful fitness this bloke is running from Brisbane to Sydney in early August to raise (the goal is $100K) for Cambodian Vision to help restore sight for hundreds of people unlucky enough to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Check out his inspirational story at facebook if you would like to know more.

What is this intermittent fasting thing?

There is a buzz around intermittent fasting if you haven’t already noticed. This video is a first in the series explain the science behind this controversial subject. I would be interested in your thoughts. At first it sounds all wrong but check this out.

Changing habits, changing lives.

I attended a ‘weight loss’ conference last Friday. There were some industry experts there including the author of a fantastic book on nutrition of this blog’s title, Cyndi O’Meara. More on this amazing book in a minute. This conference was super interesting as professionals from psychology, naturopathy, chiropractic, personal training, nutrition, exercise physiology and life coaching from around Australia got together to tackle the issue of how we as a nation are going to stem the rising tide of the obesity epidemic. No one can argue with the appropriateness of this term ‘epidemic’ with 62% of all Australians either overweight or obese. It is said by 2020 that it is likely this number will increase to 80%! If you don’t think this is going to impact every aspect of how we live then you would be very mistaken. Think budget costs for health care exploding as we deal with more and more lifestyle related diseases, think remodeling the design of planes, buses etc with bigger seats, think drug company profits, think depression and the effect on families….. think catastrophe. Anyway this article is not about the conference (that is another blog entry) but about the book, Changing habits, changing lives. You really need to read this book. I only just got it on Friday and I am close to finishing it. Once caveat is this though, the concepts will challenge you and if you aren’t open minded there is a danger of throwing up your arms and saying, this is just too hard. I really hope you don’t do that […]

Grass roots change

I attended the Business Summit for Fitness industry professionals in Sydney last week at what is known as the Filex Convention.  There were some great speakers about various aspects of the industry and the future of fitness in Australia. Some numbers were mentioned. Under 15% of people in Australia currently exercise regularly and over 60% of Australians are now considered overweight or obese meaning there are A LOT of people heading in the wrong direction. One of our industry leaders Greg Oliver spoke about the lobbying efforts of our peak body, Network Fitness to the Australian Government to encourage politicians to look at tax reform to incentivise people to start moving more. As crude as it may seem, the hip pocket motivates. Just look at what the baby bonus did for population growth and ….plasma TV sales. I am a little cynical I know but the Government needs to be trying some serious tactics to turn this thing around. There were two factors identified as a good starting point from a Government policy perspective. The first is FBT for businesses for any fitness/health initiatives for employees. What message is it sending to tax businesses for helping their staff get healthier? The second one is the common sense proposal of making personal investment in anything health/fitness related tax deductible and or contributing towards reducing health insurance premiums for individuals smart enough to be investing in their own health. The sooner the government realises (and resolves to implement some serious strategies to address) that the cost of being  overweight, obese and or  […]

Brain body connection

This is a subject I love which is why I studied both sports science and psychology. If you have any interest in the importance of how the healthy functioning of your brain is directly connected to your physical actions then read this article about a recent presentation by world renowned neuroscientist, Paul Taylor. He talks specifically about the top 5 tips for CEO’s in creating and sustaining peak performance. He has some interesting things to say as well how the daily rituals we have in terms of what we eat, how much we move and how we manage stress can have a profound affect on the likelihood of suffering Alzeimers disease and the generally quality and level of performance we achieve in our lives. It is very interesting stuff.    

Another year….

The odometer on the old body recently clicked over another year. It is times like these that you tend to reappraise and cast your eye over the year that was and as a guy, ALL the years gone to this date. “Am I where I thought I would be at age 47?” “Have I done what I thought I would do?” And perhaps a little desperately…”How much time do I have left to fit the rest in?” I guess all this get’s put under the microscope a little more when you get a letter in the post (almost on the day of my birthday) saying quite jauntily that “since you are now in the 45-49 year old age bracket, you have been selected for a regular health check (lucky me!) as things start to go bung at this time” I made up the last bit but that was definitely the implication when I spoke to the nurse today. Well I had that check up and all seems okay at the moment thankfully but it get’s you thinking. Life is this precious resource and there is just so much to do. If you are 40+ guy, what are you doing to ensure the second half of your life goes well? It’s no surprise that I would be suggesting regular exercise as part of that preventative plan. Or, do you wait for an issue and ask for a prescription from your doc to ‘fix’ it. My goal is to be listing vitamins I take rather than medications when I get to my […]