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Psycho cybernetics

Interesting name for a book don’t you think? The power of the mind has always fascinated me. I might have mentioned this book once before but I was reading it again on the weekend and it got me thinking. The author was talking how its so important to ‘blow off steam’ for mental health. It happens in nature in many ways and it something we absolutely need to do to keep on an even keel. But how many of us do it? The author referred to different strategies to achieve a calming effect from metaphorically going to your happy place in your mind. I think this is a great tactic but something that is often forgotten about is the therapeutic nature of blowing of steam, through exercise. A client was mentioning the other day a study that was showing how beneficial strength training was for dementia. I can guarantee you that there so many other ailments, especially depression that will be relieved or even prevented by good old fashioned sweating it out, that if more people did it, pharmaceuticals wouldn’t be the mega profitable business that it is. I know exercise has made a huge difference to my temperament throughout my life, I encourage you to dip your toe in the water to see how it helps you manage stress. The ‘side effects’ of this wonder drug may just end up making your doctor and your chemist redundant.

I love understanding the body better…

Some of you will know I have been doing some running this year. It was interesting using My Zone (our new heart rate tracking and automatic exercise journaling tool) to observe my changing physiology, which is an obvious advantage in using it. Only last week though the true nature of where I had been at was revealed. I was having a hard time getting improvements in my performance as I got closer to the recent Bridge to Brisbane run, which probably shouldn’t have been a surprise after having run over 130km in that one week in August helping my mate  Damo on a relatively small segment of his epic run from Brisbane to Sydney. I didn’t feel overtrained but the first signs were right there in my heart rate data. I couldn’t get a very high maximum heart rate (compared to what I had seen before) and I couldn’t maintain a very high heart rate when doing  time trials. Well just last week after 2 weeks off from cardio training, my higher maximum heart rate returned as did my ability to hold a higher heart rate in interval work I was doing on computrainer. I also felt much better doing that level of intensity. The post I put out there on recovery couple of weeks back was pesonally relevant indeed and this article from Asics (no pushing of product!) is pretty interesting if you want to acquaint yourself a bit more with how the body works in terms of adaptation. If you want to keep up with what is happening […]

Gut health is critical

There are some US sources I really like when it comes to reliable information in the health and fitness field. I  really like Tom Venuto of burn the fat, feed the muscle (cheesy photos and US style marketing notwithstanding!). I like John Beradi and Precision Nutrition because he is so well balanced between science and real world results and I also like Jon Gabriel of the Gabriel Method. The article below is from him. It is an interesting read. I figure it is pretty smart to listen to someone who has successfully lost over 70kg and has made researching the body his life’s mission. For the past year, at least half my research has been devoted to the role of digestion and digestive health in relation to weight gain and obesity. Intuitively, I’ve always known that digestion played a crucial role in weight management, and today, I’m excited by the cutting-edge research that now proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. A recent study reported in the medical journal, SCIENCE, reported the following: “Researchers gathered human twins in which one was obese and the other lean. They transferred gut bacteria from these twins into the guts of mice and watched what happened. The mice with bacteria from the overweight twin grew fat; those that got bacteria from lean twin stayed lean.” Here’s what this means…   *Good digestive bacteria is associated with weight loss/ healthy weight   *Bad digestive bacteria is associated with weight gain and obesity For some people, their digestion is impaired due to years of poor […]

Invest in your greatest asset

No I am not talking money but if you want to Fitzy’s would be a good first stop. Here is an article I recently wrote in their newsletter. They wisely understand the link between your health and your finances.

Barbecue 27th of September

Seriously I know I need my head read at times. Not once but twice did I get this wrong. But today I am on it. We are having a barbecue here at the pool on Friday, September 27. 6pm – 8pm. Two reasons. One is to say goodbye to Eoin who has been a great employee for 3 years. And two is to celebrate Spring and the warmer weather. I think I promised dancing girls last time. Check on that still. Light refreshments and some grilled stuff. Should be fun. Clients (those who are on a hiatus currently too) and their friends all invited. Please confirm by dropping you details on this form Thanks yawl.

Useful fitness time….again!

Okay, Bridge to Brisbane done. The ‘what’s next’ is here! I want a stack of Best Practicians in this one. COME ON! (nothing like shouty CAPS LOCK!) Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride I know 100k’s can sound scary but it is not believe. You can do this! I have tentative confirmation from at least 8 of you. 20 would be awesome. Send me a text or email when you are booked. You will enjoy it for sure!

Exercise. Once again a valid ‘treatment’ option

It amazes me how much time, effort and money people will spend looking for the pill that fixes their woes. Exercise is the simple answer. I cannot see a future where it will not be routine for doctors to ‘prescribe’ exercise as if it was some magic drug. It IS in fact one of the best natural drugs there is, fixing so many things that I don’t have space to list them. Add to the list – Inflammation. It seems as if this is the root cause of a bunch of problems. Check out this article for the physiological reasons that exercise reduces the markers of disease. You see it isn’t all about looking beautiful. If you care what is happening inside your body then read this interesting piece from our mates at Precision Nutrition.

The clock got stuck!

Some of you may have read that I set myself a goal this year to ‘turn the clock back 20 years’ and run a sub 4min km pace for the Bridge to Brisbane. When I was 27, I ran the City to Surf in Sydney in better than 4min per k pace. The Bridge to Brissie is a far easier run and so I thought I was not biting off more than I could chew when I made that bold target. Well as it turns out the clock got kind of stuck! The good news is that firstly I managed to do the run, which looked highly unlikely on Wednesday when I strained a calf muscle (thanks to Body Perceptions Physio, Aspro and some serious taping for getting me to the start line). The second bit of good news was that I did end doing my best time for this particular run AND I didn’t have a heart attack. Two guys went down in Perth on their equivalent run on Saturday so definitely good news from that perspective! I am in the right age bracket for that sort of thing but yeah probably a lower risk thankfully due to my job! So I ended up 2 mins 28s short of the goal. Do I view that as failure? In one sense yes I guess, but in another definitely not.  The true purpose of these sort of targets is the ability to drive action and from that perspective it was a massive win. I know there were a number of you who went […]

Goals and engagement

“We are goal seeking mechanisms. It is how we are made. Don’t fight it. Use it to your advantage”. I am reading a classic early days psych book called Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. He was a plastic surgeon who made some great insights to human nature from the work he did in reconstructing people’s faces. The crux of the book is that we can create pretty much any reality from our habits of thinking and that we can get the best out of ourselves when we recognize our goal driven nature and use it to build engagement in a process and achieve fantastic things. It’s a good read. Check it out. It’s a seminal piece on self development and highly recommended.