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Good news for bacon and butter lovers

One of the great things about doing what I do is that you get exposed to a lot of great information…ahead of time. And the one thing that studying 3 science type degrees showed me is that you need to keep an open mind when trying to understand various things in this world. Another point I would like to preface this blog entry today with, is that I am always suspicious where there is a lot of money being made from the heavy promotion of a product by the guys in the white jacket. Case in point this issue about saturated fat, heart disease and cholesterol medication. The boys and girls (precision nutrition, 180 nutrition, Mercola) I have been reading for sometime now have said, ‘hey things may not be what they seem when it comes to “prevailing” thought on these matters’. So it was with great interest that I saw the documentary on Catalyst. You should check this out if you are on a statin medication in particular and if you have any interest in what is ‘healthy’ when it comes to foods like margarine and butter. As usual it looks like keeping it simple is a much better health strategy but you will have to watch this to know what I am talking about.

All things sugar

This is a very informative and interesting article by Cyndi of Changing Habits fame. You will be smarter after reading this!

Another beautiful morning for a ride

Hey well done Brisbane. Over 7,500 riders got on their bike yesterday and showed their mettle by making it to the Gold Coast after a 60km or 100km pedal. Awesome work! Congratulations to Guy & Helen, Les, Michelle, Graeme, Kristy and Chappo. If I missed you let me know because getting your ‘useful fitness’ on deserves recognition. I have to admit it was pretty tough and I reminded myself again why specific training and the right refueling is critical to a good performance. I certainly could have done both of those better!

One of the most important exercises. Period.

This video on deadlift will clear up a lot of confusion around this super important move. If you haven’t heard of Gray Cook then you will be impressed after I introduce you to the creator of the Functional Movement Screen. Admittedly this video is for geeks interested in the technical aspects of the squat versus the deadlift but it is pretty interesting if simply want to understand movement better.

Always in a hurry in the morning

Most of us are! Here are some good ideas to eliminate this as an excuse for no breakfast or one that doesn’t help you achieve your goals. We are stocking the 180 Nutrition protein and it is a great ‘all natural’ product which is pretty rare these days. Let me know if you are keen to try it. I should be able to arrange a sample no problem.

Sweet Potato or Regular Potato. An expose.

The PN guys know how to really examine a subject. So if you ever wondered about the virtues and evils of the different types of ‘taitties’ then check this out!

Why runners DON’T get arthritis

Now this one surprised me a little. This is an article shared from the American College of Sports Medicine. Now these guys, in the realm of health and fitness are an AUTHORITY which in the world of bytes and bits of information of questionable value, is a breath of fresh air. I studied 4 years of psychology and the one really good thing I will say about that is that nothing is ever considered the unadulterated truth, which means we are in a continual state of learning. Whilst it is true that this may be frustrating at times, it ensures an open mind which is a prerequisite for intelligence and growth. So keep seeking the truth folks. It is the act of looking that will help you not the end point, because the truth is likely to be a little hard to pin down unless of course you know something I don’t! 🙂


Don’t believe just me about the benefits if high intensity interval training, have a look at someone else’s opinion. Check out this explanation!

BBQ reminder

Hi just a quick reminder that we are having a BBQ this Friday night, Sept 27 6pm here at the pool on the deck. 2 reasons for the barby folks. Farewell to Eoin and Katrina (if she hadn’t left on Thursday already, good luck dancing on the ceiling on the prestigious cruise liners of the US!). And second reason…A welcome to Spring and more activity for all. Clients and friends of Best Practice welcome and if you are getting this that is you! Just RSVP right here and I will make sure we have enough. Can’t promise the dancing girls anymore as previously mentioned because she will be gone and not sure Jacqui will dance on her own. But fun is still on the table! Let me know if you can make. A few cool refreshments by the lovely blue water of the Valley Pool and barbecued piece of something yummy. Sounds good?