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Strength and conditioning

Why Oh Why?

Quick video this week about your ‘why’. It is all good to be looking at what exercises to do, how to them etc. and your eating routine” but unless you get a strong emotional connection with your reason for wanting to change or improve your health and fitness habits, then it will be very short lived indeed. Perhaps you have experienced this.

Fitness Tips

Move better in your world!

But today I want to talk about putting together a strength training program that really makes sense. Now I didn’t come up with the various movements that make what are known as the “Primal Movement Patterns’. I didn’t come up with the name either! The specific names and description come from fitness and wellness industry giant, Paul Chek. Check him out if you want to read some very interesting angles on health and fitness, including mind, body and spirit.

Fitness Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice?

The keys to success with strength training, once you respect the principle of never hurting yourself, can be found in two major guiding principles. Progressive overload and consistency. You need to gradually but surely increase the challenge or your body will have nothing to adapt to and obviously if you aren’t consistent, then the results won’t be there either. Unfortunate factoid: You can’t store either fitness or strength. Hence the advice above. Don’t stop, once you start.

Strength and conditioning

Look Good Naked?

We talk a lot about functional strength, useful fitness, diabetes defeating cardio training, osteoporosis crushing (actually the opposite of that!) strength training here at ‘Best Practice Personal Training’.

But let’s not forget that even though we know its more about how you feel, there is an element, even if it is a little hidden, that responds to this kind of archetypal fitness industry headline, right?

Strength and conditioning

A Full Body Workout Video

Quick fact: If you don’t do regular strength training (progressive overload), you WILL lose muscle mass as you age. What is the fastest way to lose independence? Become less functional. What makes you less functional? You guessed it. Less active tissue in the body, i.e. muscle. Lifting weights is a necessary evil folks 🙂