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Have you ever tuned out when you have heard stuff like, ‘if you think you can’t you are right, if you think you can you are right again’? It is easy to get cynical with these sayings but as most of you know I have a psych background so it should come as no surprise that I will harp on about the importance of what you say to your self on a daily basis. Our brain has great plasticity which means you can mould it to pretty much what you want. More and more amazing research of brain injury victims is showing this under the gaze of some serious scientific technology like the functional MRI machine.

I am not going to go in to this too much. But this week I just want you to tune in to that innervoice we all have and have a listen, a real listen. You have certainly heard of the saying that you are what you eat, well triple the truth of that when it comes to, you are what you think. You MUST train the mind to do what you know will help. It would be crazy to think you could grow up and instantaneously become a world expert in tennis, golf, music or dance. These skills must be trained and honed to perfection as is the voice that turns these skills in to second nature. It makes sense then to know that the  same goes for how you decide to think about things. We all have a default mode we go back to under pressure. What is yours? Do you, as a habit, judge situations that didn’t work for you as ‘typical of my inability….etc’ or do you reinterpret the experience as something to learn from.

Fake it till you make it, see nothing as failure but ‘one less option’ as Thomas Edison did when he kept on trying to find out how to invent the light bulb.  Remember the power of the mind to create a world that is fun to live in and a person who is just fantastic to be around because an enquiring mind and an upbeat attitude. It is a life skill that once developed will change your life. It is worth pursuing.

Go to this link to feed the mind some good stuff beyond my platitudes! 🙂

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