Are you up for a challenge?

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In the fitness industry there is a method to fire up the troops and it falls under the general heading of the ‘Challenge’.

Now I am a big fan of anything that inspires action. After all, nothing happens with out it, but one needs to go in with eyes open and at least some thoughts about what comes after, from the very beginning of it. The danger with the ‘Challenge’, is the focussed or even any effort, that can all but disappear one day after the celebrations of the great things achieved in the 21 day or 6 week or 8 week festivities.

The other thing to consider when taking part in a challenge is the tendency for participants to go in with ridiculously unrealistic goals. The purpose of any challenge as far as we are concerned is to help get everyone in to the habit of exercise or put some fun variation in to an already good habit. Sure it is great to fast track results and see things happen quickly, but it is not so important where you are at in 6 weeks in regards to exercise and body composition but more so where you are at in 6 years or even 60 years (depending on how old you might be). Just on this point, even if you are 40, the latter question is still relevant because who doesn’t want to make it 100 and have a good quality of life until then?

You may or may not have recently seen the surge of the special challenges at various gyms and locations around Australia that are invariably 6 week challenges where you are promised of losing 6 kg in 6 weeks for ‘free’!! Again, I have no problem with suggesting a weight loss goal (except it really should be stated as ‘body fat loss goal’ rather than weight per se, but yeah most people get that), it is just the tricky ‘free’ bit….because it isn’t really free and the OTT promises, that grate on me a little. I get that outlandish results and glitzy images can pull you in and yes if it gets you to take action, then yes that really is fantastic. However, there is really no long term benefit to getting on the ‘challenge’ merry go round where you make great gains, only to regress for the next 12 months or longer and then go again (maybe) when you have finally had the painful memory of the last challenge recede from your poor damaged muscles and sometimes, shattered psyche – the group ra ra can get pretty intense.

That is why we want you to know upfront with our Challenge, that whilst you may lose 8kg (or more) in 8 weeks, this is just the beginning. The myriad of benefits of regular cardiovascular training, mobility and recovery work and functional strength training  will go way beyond the short time we are together for this if you really ‘get’ the exercise gig.

Bottom line, beyond any challenge, you should be stealing yourself for a life time of body and mind nourishing movement powered by a healthy approach to nutrition. Best Practice Personal Training, arguably the best personal trainers in Brisbane are going to use education you can trust, sensible coaching methods that match you as an individual (e.g. you won’t be doing kettle bell swings if you broke your back last year!) and the power of a community to make this an enjoyable program. But keep in mind, whilst we are not going to hard sell you to stay training with us on Dec 12 when it finishes but we will be asking the question about what happens next for you!

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