I am now tapped in to an awesome resource. I want to share this with you. This is, information you can trust. Let’s face it, that is more than half the battle these days with this amazing thing we call the internet! Regards, Anthony –  See below:

MP Advisory Board Member and resident antioxidant expert, Dr Matt Cooke is back home in Australia after a six year stint at Baylor University in the United States.

Matt is a walking encyclopedia on antioxidant research. I was keen to catch up with him to get the latest on what can be a controversial topic. So I dropped by his new laboratory at Melbourne’s Victoria University, to say hi to an old mate and “chew the antioxidant fat”.

You can get the latest research on antioxidants and recovery from exercise, here. (this one is quite heavy but interesting for the science minded person!)

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Dr. Paul Cribb

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