Anthony Gillespie - owner - Best Practice Personal Training

Anthony Gillespie – owner

Anthony Gillespie

Professional Personal Training in Brisbane

Bachelor of Sports Sciences

University New South Wales

Bachelor of Science. Psych. HONS

University Southern Queensland

This business was started in 2005 at the Valley Pool, Fortitude Valley (We are now in Bowen Hills and Online) in Brisbane, by Anthony Gillespie… myself – no pretend third person appraisals here. This is me talking about me!

I have a background in professional tennis, both coaching (in London, France and Austria) and playing, but put it this way you probably didn’t see me on tv! I did win an Australian junior title, but never was able to kick on from that despite being offered a scholarship to Oklohoma State University and playing tournament tennis in France when I was 18. I have completed degrees in both Sports Science, and Psychology with Honours between 1993 and 2003 at the University of New South Wales and the University of Southern Queensland respectively, for a total of 7 years of formal study. I understand that the process of learning never ends though, as research and practical experience teaches us new and improved ways to do things all the time. Before University degrees, the journey started with something known as a Fitness Leader course (modern day equivalent of Certificate 3 and 4) and work experience in cardiac rehabilitation and sports performance for surfing, all the way back in 1990. I know it’s hard to believe because I look so young 🙂 Okay it’s an old photo!

I have experience in many aspects of life including extensive world travel, running a family business, called Gillespie’s Medical with my brother, started by my dad, which is still going strong after 54 years. I have perhaps more importantly, experienced some serious work and play time on boats. Life is an adventure meant to be lived! I owned an old 1930’s “Gentleman’s Cruiser” for 14 years, which taught me a lot of things including the idea that it probably smarter to let someone else buy the boat and you just go on it!

Best Practice Personal Training however is not about just one person and what I have done. It is about an intention to encourage good quality coaching and good quality living, in both members and team members alike. At Best Practice we have an intense desire to keep learning, deliver results and have fun doing it!

Please check out our Purpose and Core Values. These aren’t some trendy baseless words, they actually are the reason for doing what we do, the real driving force. We also want the right people along for the journey. Who are the right people? -those who have got to the point of being REALLY ready to change and be committed to the process. If this is you, we are looking forward to meeting you and let’s get you where you want to be. Life can be short!

This is a lifestyle change and there are definitely no quick fixes. It is going to take considerable effort but no success is ever a straight line. Life can be messy. The most important thing is that you are determined to make your life better knowing that some effort put in now, will reap rewards for the long term. We are more than ready to help you on your journey.

Fun times ahead!