The odometer on the old body recently clicked over another year. It is times like these that you tend to reappraise and cast your eye over the year that was and as a guy, ALL the years gone to this date. “Am I where I thought I would be at age 47?” “Have I done what I thought I would do?” And perhaps a little desperately…”How much time do I have left to fit the rest in?” I guess all this get’s put under the microscope a little more when you get a letter in the post (almost on the day of my birthday) saying quite jauntily that “since you are now in the 45-49 year old age bracket, you have been selected for a regular health check (lucky me!) as things start to go bung at this time” I made up the last bit but that was definitely the implication when I spoke to the nurse today.

Well I had that check up and all seems okay at the moment thankfully but it get’s you thinking. Life is this precious resource and there is just so much to do. If you are 40+ guy, what are you doing to ensure the second half of your life goes well? It’s no surprise that I would be suggesting regular exercise as part of that preventative plan. Or, do you wait for an issue and ask for a prescription from your doc to ‘fix’ it. My goal is to be listing vitamins I take rather than medications when I get to my 70’s health check – regular strength training, cardiovascular work and flexibility exercises are part of that strategy.

If you want to get the most out of this life then I encourage you to invest a little in yourself on on a daily basis and ensure your body continues to work like a well oiled machine instead of one that is slowly grinding to a halt. If you don’t use it, you lose it guys. My joints always remind me of that if I ever take any more than a couple of weeks away from the program!

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