It’s amazing how words can influence. The can I ate for lunch said confidently, “SOURCE OF OMEGA 3’S!” Sounded impressive, but was it really? At closer inspection, and I do mean closer inspection. –I had to put my glasses on which my wife had got me from a saturday market stall because I have been living in denial. At age 45 my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I can tell you that not being able to read a map in the car at nightime has become very annoying and made me think two things. 1. I should have a GPS thingy in the car and 2. I need glasses! Okay back to the salmon……0.9 grams in the can. Is that significant? It is actually. Healthy adults are recommended to have at least 220 mg per day. 0.9 sounded like a joke but as if turned out it was a pretty good food choice. It was low in sugar, less than 3 g (a teaspoon is 4g). It wasn’t exactly low in sodium having about 20% of the total amount I should aim for per say (492 mg) but it wasn’t bad when compared to a big mac (1000+). It was 106 calories in total and when put on some whole grain crackers with some fresh tomato and a sprinkle of fresh basil, pretty darn tasty actually.

I guess the sentiment behind this entry is, just be  careful of the words you respond to when it comes to advertising. It reminds me of a dodgy friend of mine when I was about 18. He was selling his car and put in the ad, ‘rust free’. I said “mate, that car is a bucket of rust”. He said, ‘yeah I know, the rust is free. I haven’t charged for it in my asking price!’ Yep, words can be used to deceive.