It is amazing how much we Aussies rely on alcohol for a good time. Recruiting for an alcohol free month was like asking someone (devout!) to change their religion. Reactions varying from indignant to riotous laughter were the order of the day. Now seriously, if wanting a drink becomes this intense then I would suggest there is a problem. And hey February is the shortest month so…. it is not too late to join us. So what if you had a few already, start now and roll till the end of the month. And for those of you who started with good intentions and hit a hurdle, get back on the wagon. This little exercise is about self discipline, delaying gratification and interupting a potentially damaging habit. There a good things a foot from this. I was chatting with a client who is committed to the challenge, even to the point of not putting beer on the onions for his weekend barby. Our weekly measures revealed 1 cm off the waist and 1.5 kg of weight down. The body sometimes needs a little jolt of something different. Don’t get stale. Mix it up and questions that voice inside that seems to command and not consider the consquences of being on ‘autopilot’.