Hey folks, bit of reverse this time. Only for the truly dedicated to read my stuff here at the end.  So If any of you get to this section after the others I am truly flattered and surprised. We are just so busy busy busy  these days. I feel rushed even writing that. I need to slow down and and and and just…..breathe.

Perhaps you do too? Here’s a suggestion. Why not try to be less efficient this week?

What??? I hear you scream. What are you saying??? What do you mean??? Are you crazy???? Time is running out we have to hurry hurry HURRY!

I know it sounds mad in this world of time management, time chunking and go hard, but sometimes, the slow way is the fast way. If you find yourself answering emails, whilst you have someone on hold on your mobile and MSN messenger is pinging an alert of an incoming message and your boss is giving you the hurry-on to the next seemingly endless meeting then perhaps you are hearing what I am saying.

Why not try doing just one thing well and completing it, then take a deep breath and SLOOOOOW down and pat yourself on the back. Smell the roses and remember that sometimes the step back and the taking in of the big view can reveal vital things you have been missing all along.

P.S. Please stay patient on the log on website portal. It is coming. I think the guys I am dealing with have read my slow down mantra above. Just gotta breathe I guess. When we have it we will put on an education night on how and why you should use it.

Spend some time with your family and smile some more this week. It’ll be good for ya and for them!

Cheers AG