If you are a client of Best Practice you would be well aware that we focus on the fact that you have to be able to translate what you do in your workouts into everyday life. Most people use the buzz word “functional fitness” and this is very true to what we aim to achieve here. The fact of the matter is that whether you are trying to lose kg’s or cm around your waist/thighs or whether you train for health and are in more of a maintenance mode this is going to be for you.

In a couple of weeks Anthony will be conducting a seminar on goal setting and this the exact purpose of this trek. To set you a functional fitness goal, whilst also seeing some of the best sites the world has to offer.

Details of the Trek

Register your interest below – we can only take 10

 Trust me this will really take your training to the next level, provide a lot of focus and you will see some great results! I guarantee it will be worth it… not that hanging out with us for 7 days wouldn’t be 🙂