Our Story

Our focus is you.

We focus on Safe, High-Quality Fitness Training delivered by University Qualified Coaches, in a Holistic Way to Maximise your Results.

Best Practice Personal Training has been operating since 2005. This fact alone stands out as the average personal trainer lasts about 9 months in the industry after becoming ‘qualified’. Also, most personal training studios, in fact over 90%, do not make it to 10 years. Not trying to be cocky, but I guess we are doing something right!

Our Approach

It's all about safe training & feeling better.

This is a lifestyle change and there are definitely no quick fixes. It is going to take considerable effort but no success is ever a straight line. Life can be messy.

The most important thing is that you are determined to make your life better knowing that some effort put in now, will reap rewards for the long term. We are more than ready to help you on your journey.

Our Trainers (Coaches)

Meet Anthony, Sally & Jaoa

Founder & Head Trainer

Educational Background: Fitness Leader Certificate (1990). Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (UNSW 1995), Bachelor of Science Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification
Future Ambitions: Create a business that out lives me and provides the missing link for those who really want to get the habit of exercise started and…continued for life?
Hobbies: Running, surfing, golf, reading.
Travels: I coached tennis in Austria and London. I played tennis in France. We travelled to the US as a family and I went to Vietnam, Bali and Thailand at various times.
Favourite Food: Thai without a doubt.
Favourite Book: The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham

Personal Trainer & Supercoach

Educational Background: Certificate III in Fitness, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (JCU), Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification
Future Ambitions: Sports and Exercise Science & Nutrition Coaching. Furthering my knowledge in both fields and working with clients in rehabilitation, personal training and with sporting teams.
Hobbies: Running, hiking and hanging out with friends and family
Travels: I have travelled to the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Indonesia and of course Australia. I hope to visit many more places in my lifetime.
Favourite Food: Ahhh everything!….Well I do love a good thai curry.
Favourite Book: Series of Unfortunate Events

Exercise Scientist


Education Background: Spinning Instructor, Pilates Classic, Degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Triathlon Coach Level 1 (Federação Portuguesa de Triatlo)

Future Ambitions: Increase my knowledge inside the Exercise and Heath field; Take a diploma in Osteopathy; Get a triathlon Coach certification Level 2 (Triathlon Australia)

Travels: Europe, New York, Dominican Republic, China and Australia

Hobbies: Cycling, Triathlon, Golf, Hiking and Cooking (and eating)

Favourite Food: Every Portuguese traditional food

Favourite Sports: Motorsports, Triathlon and Cycling.

How We Can Help You

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There is a million reasons our clients love training with us.

Join a community of like-minded people all striving to be better, train safer and work smarter.

Join our private facebook group where we are building our community with existing clients, previous clients and prospective clients. Lots of great info and connection found here!

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