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Dr Graeme Macdonald

I’ve been training at Best Practice Personal Training for over 10 years now. Anthony and all the trainers are highly qualified and easy to get along with. Their training focuses on my goals, with an emphasis on exercising safely. Boot camps aren’t for me, I’m over 60 now, and don’t want to get injured. The Best Practice Personal trainers have all spent time getting to know me and what I am capable of doing. They then use this knowledge to push me during training sessions.

Its a great feeling to set and achieve a goal and I find that the physical exertion gives me a self-confidence that spills over into other aspects of my life.

If you’re older and are serious about your physical well-being, then the personalised training from Anthony, Sally and Joao at Best Practice is a safe way to improve fitness and surprise yourself about what you can achieve.


Best Practice has provided me with the support to start my weight loss journey, achieve my set weight goal, and now support my fitness journey. They gave me support and welcome encouragement to come to their group training sessions and also expand the sessions I went to, including my PT sessions, challenge my body and mind to do things I wouldn’t normally have done and have so much fun and a bit of a laugh.

During that time they slowly educated me and changed my eating and drinking habits with their relentless efforts and endless information on “facts and furphy” on good food nutrition, meal plans and energy planning.

There is also the array of “mini challenges” within the “end goal challenge” they have, and hold you accountable for in a way you find yourself wanting to make those mini goals. Because of their support and personal interaction with me I understand why they have a client base of normal good friendly everyday people who have been there for longer than I have and just make their own fitness part of their weekly routine with best practice.

Craig Roberts. Builder. Business Owner.

Dr Linda Williams

"I needed a fitness coach for accountability"

t want to say thanks to Jeames , Anthony and Matt for their part in preparing me for the Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu in South Amercia that I recently undertook. The hike is a 45 km section of the original trail built by the Incas in the 15th century . It is at high altitude , remote , in rugged terrain , steep in parts and with literally thousands of steps along the way. About 5 months before , Jeames designed for me a strength programme with these conditions in mind and this along with 2/3 cardio sessions each week ensured I was prepared as possible for the challenge . 

The toughest part of the hike for me was a continual ascent for 1200 metres to a height of 4200 metres – the decrease of oxygen in the air impacted greatly – and I became pretty breathless. On the last day we had 13km of steep descent – mostly steep stairs – I never thought I would see the day when I would actually thank Jeames for making me do all those step ups, but I did on that day! Training for those months with a specific goal in mind kept me very focused and the sense of achievement after completing the walk is undescribable. Setting a physical challenge and training for it is an awesome way to keep motivated to exercise.

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