Happy new year to you all! I am guessing it is back to work for many and most likely a post holiday let down but here is what I do to combat that.

I grab a big calendar and first mark all holidays on it. There is nothing better than putting the thought of the next holiday adventure right to the forefront of your mind before any potential let down takes hold. Next I put in all major community fitness events we as a business (and myself as an individual)  are going in because being active (obviously!) is something important to us (and me). I may have mentioned these to you already but here’s a reminder.Let me know if you are going to join us this year in any of these.

After this I write down some outcome goals at the bottom of the calendar. These are things I would like to achieve by years end but knowing that it will be the successful application of certain behaviours that are going to give me the chance to get there. One big goal I have decided on for this year and it is one I would love you to be involved in too, is to aim for something that reminds you of yourself 20 years ago. My big hairy audacious goal is to run sub 4 min k’s for the 10 km Bridge to Brisbane in September of this year. When I was 27 (20 years ago now) I ran the City to Surf in Sydney in better than 4 min per km pace. This is not something I really need to do again but hitting this pace for the much friendlier Bridge to Brisbane course would make me feel like I am not going backwards too fast ( I do accept ageing…I think). Last year I ran a little slower than my age in minutes, this year I am shooting for something a bit more challenging. I am also committing to getting better at dancing ( I know it is a bit vague but it is a start to keep my wife happy and yes I was probably pretty bad at it 20 years ago too!) and I will be hitting a few tennis balls again – I was definitely doing that when I was 27. What about you?

What were you like 20 years ago? Is it a dress size you want to get to? Is it a waist measurement you would like to see? It could be something a little more general, like achieving a level of activity that you used to be a part of your life 20 years ago. What ever it is, make sure it inspires you and it is something you can measure. I like body composition goals marked by photographic change each month. We can help you with this.

But drop me a line and let me know what is going to drive you this year to achieve something great. New beginnings and all that!

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