Someone said to me that a gym is not in keeping with best practice philosophy. This one will be! The mission of our gym is to be one that people join, use and stay joined. We want the best practice gym, which will be appropriately known as, ‘Sweat’ (because we think it is part of any healthy life) is to be an exclusive gym where all members know how to get in, get a great whole body workout done and get out. After all, even though the outlook might be nice, the idea is to get the job done so you can be outdoors and use your cardio fitness and your functional strength for some really worthwhile stuff.

To existing clients, don’t be scared small group training will still be happening, just smaller and more focussed and that includes Pilates, boxing and group strength. Sweat will add to your ability to confidently utilise gyms where ever you go as part of your working life. Part of the deal will be weekly lessons on how to do a 20 minute whole body workout. Remember the best work out program in the world… the one you do!

More information will be forthcoming (via mail) regarding this because I know you will have many questions. In the mean time, if you like the idea of a best practice gym  log on to facebook and tell us so.