On Friday night here at the pool, a true character and a gentleman got recognised for the legend he is. Norman Hughes, age 78 was honored with a ceremony, surrounded by friends of all ages as the new (ish) pool terrace/deck area, was officially named after him. Well done to Belgravia Leisure and the pool staff, particularly Gemma and Dylan for getting it together and helping make a great night of it. There was a very special feel amongst all who were there as great stories were shared by those who have known Norman for both short and long periods of time. He has touched many with his intelligence,  humour and obvious good nature. I interviewed Norman a few weeks back and asked him what got him to the point where exercise is a very real and structured part of his life. I will post that video once I have edited it a little. I think all of us can draw some inspiration from this man. It is clear that he has fully grasped the power of movement, routine and the social bonds that go with the healthy pursuit of life as an action sport! Well done Norman, you are a bonus to all those who know you!

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