There is a new app that was brought to my attention by one time employee and still good mate, Jimmy Gillett. Look out for him this year for a big one with the Mayne Tigers but I digress! Any way back to the news at hand.

As I understand it, this new app allows you to scan your food whilst shopping and the food label is assessed for how healthy the food is. If it is a red light you are given other choices  that are considered healthier. My fist reaction to this was, ‘if it has a label, chances are it is no good anyway’. Remember the closer you can eat to nature the better. So until they put bar codes on trees you should be right to make good decisions yourself with out an app. But I live in the real world like you and sometimes foods we eat, do in fact come out of a pack so this is a pretty good innovation.

Anyway check out this link to find out more information.

Also apologies for last week’s link. It should work now.