Read this with the usual medical disclaimer in mind. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program blah blah. I am serious though by the way!

You’ve got 30 minutes and you NEED  a workout. Here it is. I am assuming some pretty basic equipment, all of which you could get hold of and put in your own home for under $350. Voila – a home gym!

  1. 5 minute whole body warm up – marching on the spot getting progressively faster and bringing arms more in to the movement over 1-2 minutes. Then break in to the following 4 moves for 20seconds each (use your I phone with a timer on it – I know you are hip and happening enough in this modern world to have either an Android or an I phone. If not, just judge it for yourself). Body weight squat – push up- lunge on each leg – crunch. Increase range of motion of each exercise with each circuit through. Do it 3 times and you are ready to go.
  2. I have chosen 6 exercises using upper and lower body movements (where possible) to maximise use of time and efficiency of workout! Exercise number 1. Squat overhead press (alternate) followed immediately by push up. Do these two exercises 3 times for 45 s each and then rest for 2 minutes.
  3. Lunge with bicep curl (at bottom or top of movement). Split the time in half for each leg. Pair this exercise with a simple abdominal crunch. Perform with the same time as above
  4. Finish this workout with a standing rotation using an elastic resistance band secured to a door handle and pair this a brace/hover/plank.

Do all this and you have done a whole body workout aimed at producing relative strength and a boosted metabolism. Good goals by the way. If you have any questions about this workout, just send me an email. I will have pictures for you next week to help with understanding this a little better.

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