A Career With Best Practice Personal Training - Best Practice Personal Training

A Career With Best Practice Personal Training


Looking for a Fitness Coaching Career? Anthony Gillespie, the owner and operator of Best Practice Personal Training is looking for a new professional trainer/coach (no rent to pay) to join and grow in the business.

This video was recorded when I was at the Valley Pool from 2005 to 2014.

The message is still the same! We are now at 49 Allison St Bowen Hills.

Let me describe you:

  • Absolutely passionate about fitness, health and wellness
  • Live it and breathe it because it is underpins your existence
  • Enthusiastic personality with a love for helping people who are far less motivated than you with the ‘fitness’ thing
  • Looking to learn and keep on learning….everything!
  • A strong desire to get rewarded for effort and understanding well, the need for investment in personal and professional development to maximise that
  • Strong credentials and experience in personal training/coaching
  • Happy to take on any available hours straight away (at least 10) and any new ones that can be allocated but also ready to network, market and bring in new clients under an incentivised arrangement.
  • Down to earth, zero ego and a bright happy people person easy to get on with.
  • Available to work with energy from 5am to around 9am and then again in the afternoon from around 4pm to 7.30pm. There is a big advantage to living nearby our studio
Let me describe myself and the business, Best Practice Personal Training:
  • In the fitness industry in varying roles since 1990! Best Practice established in 2005 in Brisbane.
  • Looking to make Best Practice the bench-mark for quality personal training now and into the future
  • Wanting to replicate the business in various locations where it makes good business sense to do so and offer that opportunity to team members.
  • 3 degrees including Sports Science, Psychology and HONS in Psychology. Professional tennis coaching background. Level 3 Fitness Professional. Formerly an accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Looking to build the existing personal training membership base to 100 people and the new small group training program to 100 members as well. This will be the maximum number serviced by 3-5 full time trainers.

Besides the hours we already have and there are about 20 already, I am willing to mentor you for free, if the incentivised part of the role is of interest to you (you will be able to earn more if you can help bring in new clients. This is not a necessary part of the role but one that will offer a win to win to both you and the business). The idea would be to help you set up networks and lead-building activities to grow our client/membership base as quickly as we can to 100 new members, for either the personal training and the new group training program, which is a big focus in 2020. I have been working on this with great success via a networking group called BNI and the local chamber of Commerce. I would like to teach you to do the same and as much as I can in this process as well. This latter part of the position will be considered a bonus from my side (and yours) but the most important part is you feel like the box that ‘describes you’ is pretty spot on.

Fill in the form below (or if you did already at SEEK no need) and email ([email protected]) or post in your CV. I can’t wait to speak with you should you fit what we are looking for.