Are we really the fattest nation in the world?

It is hard to believe the recent findings of health researchers that Australia has overtaken the US in  obesity numbers, in the race that no one wants to win. It is especially hard to believe when you see the record crowds turning out for events like the upcoming Great Brisbane Bike Ride. Perhaps it was the wake-up call we needed and people are finally taking heed of the dire warnings issued about the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

As is often the case, the coming of Spring sparked the movement and action missing, in what was a pretty cold Winter by Queensland standards. As the owner of a fitness, health and performance enhancement business it is not unusual to see a spike in interest in getting help, as the warmer weather kicks back in. The converse is true, as Winter approaches now. People tend to hibernate which is a pretty strange concept as we have some of the most temperate and generally agreed upon, ‘best’ winter weather on the planet. Our advice, as we move out of the hotter months is ‘use’ it to enjoy moving outdoors in optimal exercising weather.

Whatever your motivator, it is wise to use it while you can because the hardest part is overcoming the grinding inertia of an extended period of inactivity. The trick is to traverse the path of behaviour-change leading to the point where exercise is as indispensable to your daily ritual, as is cleaning your teeth. It is only when you get to this point that you will be in control and doing your bit to help us lose the title we don’t want. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be known not only for our world beating athletes but also for the fitness level of the average active Aussie?

Anthony Gillespie

Bp Sp Sc, B Sc Psych (HONS)